6 DIYs to Try This Weekend


6 Weekend DIYs to Try

Greetings from New Mexico! Well, technically, I’m on a plane rn, headed to El Paso, but then we’re driving straight to New Mexico. And I’m so pumped to spend the weekend celebrating with our dear friends, Ashley and Jared, for their wedding. Follow my NM adventures on Instagram.

Anyway, that’s what I’m up to for the next few days. What about you? If you have time for some DIYs, I’ve got you covered. Here we go…

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Bead It, Just Bead It: A (Beaded) Monogram Place Setting DIY for Dinner Parties


Try this unique place setting DIY with some wire and painted pastel beads.

I think enough time has finally passed from the craziness of Thanksgiving and Christmas (yes, I needed multiple months to recover apparently) to share some entertaining and hosting ideas again, starting with this one for a DIY beaded monogram place setting because why the hell not. Amiright?

It’s true that place settings at small(ish) dinner parties are by all accounts pointless BUT they are a nice touch for guests and something like this will make them feel special. So I say, roll with it. You in? Let’s do this…

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Just the Tip: Evaluating Your Work


Brittni Mehlhoff talks about objectively evaluating past work to get out of a rut, on Paper & Stitch.

‘Just the Tip’ is a new series that will feature just one tip on a new subject each month (or so) that I’ve found useful – topics will range from blogging to business to life in general. Hope you like it.

Toward the end of last year (right around the time I made the space-saving Christmas tree), I had a bunch of old projects printed and sent to the studio.

Which seems a little weird, now that I say it out loud. But I felt like I was starting to get into a rut and I wanted to be able to evaluate the work that I had done from that year in a more objective way. The idea was to have something physical I could pick up, look at up close, line up in a long row – to get a better understanding of what had already been done, what could use improvement, and what I should keep pushing.

Once everything arrived at the studio though, the photos just sat in a pile on my desk. For months. It is February after all and I’m just now writing this post.

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Pillow Talk: 12 Pillows to Cheer up your Couch


Pillow Talk: 12 Cool Pillows to Cheer Up Your Couch

Pillow time! We have a ton of pillows at the house, that somehow migrated over from the studio at one point or another. And now that we’re moving, we’re bringing everything back to the studio that we can, before moving day. Which gave me a chance to take a little inventory of the pillows that I already have…and a handful more that I don’t have, but would love to!

I put them all into a little roundup to kick off the week. Here are 12 cool pillows to cheer up your couch…

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8 DIYs to Try This Weekend


8 Weekend Projects to Try

This weekend, Jeff and I are planning to start packing around the house (because we’re moving) and maybe even bringing a few things over to the studio that are most definitely not going to fit in our new place. We still have a couple weeks to go, so we’re trying to get ahead if we can. Fun stuff over here.

But if you’ve got a little more time on your hands…say…enough time to DIY a thing or two, I’ve got you covered! This week’s DIYs to try is a good one. Click through for all 6 ideas!

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Take Note: DIY Notebooks in 5 Minutes


DIY Notebooks in 5 Minutes on Paper & Stitch

I’ve made DIY notebooks here and it’s resulted in what felt like an infinite number of places to jot down notes or sketch out ideas. But for some reason no matter how many I make (or buy for that matter), I can never find a notebook when I need it. WTF?!

So, I figured I would make a new set of DIY notebooks to stash around the house, the studio, my purse, etc so I have some again. And I wanted to make them really special. If I really love them, maybe I won’t loose them this time?!  So, I made them with wallpaper, but not just any wallpaper… the wallpaper dreams are made of!

Want to make a set of your own? Here’s how to make your own wallpaper notebooks in about 5 minutes.

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21 Valentine’s Day DIYs That Don’t Suck


21 Valentine's Day DIY Ideas That Don't Suck

Well, I’ve been sucking pretty hard on the Valentine’s Day DIY front this year and it’s not because I didn’t feel like doing anything. It’s just because this year has kind of gotten away from me so far and I honestly don’t know how we’re almost to the middle of February already. Ugh.

Luckily though, the rest of blog land is totally on it – with Valentine’s Day DIY ideas oozing out of the figurative pores of the internet. SO, I put together a list of my absolute favorite ideas that you might want to try before February 14th hits us all in the face. All of these projects would be good for Galantine’s Day too, if that’s more your speed.

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