DIY // Wood Burned Food Trays

Do you ever impulse-buy a DIY supply item that you never thought you needed…And then you take it home and try it out and you wonder how you went so long without it? That’s how I feel about wood burning tools.

Have you ever used one? ‘Cause they’re kind of awesome. Especially when you spring for the alphabet hot stamps to go with it.

DIY // Wood Burned Food Trays

DIY // Wood Burned Food Trays

After playing around and getting used to how the tool works, I immediately jumped into DIY projects, including this one I created for wood burned message trays. They’re great for picnics and parties and really easy to customize on your own. Catch my full tutorial on Project Wedding.

DIY // Wood Burned Food Trays

DIY // Wood Burned Food Trays

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

What craft tools or supplies are you loving at the moment?



Okay, so this may seem a little random. And, in a way, it kind of is. But, random or not, I’m moving. At the end of this month.


We move in less than two weeks and I couldn’t be more excited for a new city to explore.

For anyone that’s been following along, Jeff and I moved back to Jax two years ago, after spending a year in Seattle. And while we love the place where we bought our first home, all those years ago, it’s time to move on and explore some other options. So, Atlanta, here we come!

I think ATL is going to be a great place for us to be. And while I’m slightly nervous about moving to a new city, I’m pretty confident that it will be a good match career-wise as well… I already have my first ATL event lined up, so it looks like I’ll be hitting the ground running when I get there. Sharing all the details on that event later this week, for anyone who is interested.

For now, though, I’m just excited to be able to share this little bit of news that I’ve been keeping quiet about for the last couple of weeks. By the way, I’m kind of high-fiving myself (in my head) for not accidentally sharing the news before now. Honestly, it’s been hard to keep tight lipped, but I wanted to be 100% certain, no turning back, that we were FOR SURE moving before I said anything.

So, yeah. Now that the cat is out of the bag, I would love your help with something, if you happen to have a minute or two…I’ve visited Atlanta a handful of times in the past, but I’m still not all that familiar with the different neighborhoods, restaurants, shopping, etc. So, if you have any suggestions for me – cool shops, interesting things to do, the best place to get an ice cream cone, etc – I’d love for you to share.

And if you live in Atlanta, it’d be great to meet up. Bonus points if you are a photographer who likes working with bloggers…I’m looking for a local photographer that would be interested in working with me on some upcoming projects (paid, of course) and beyond.



You guys know I love flowers, right? Like really, really love them.

And right about now,  I could totally use a big ol’ bouquet of these beauties to kind of hit the reset button. And get Monday off on the right foot.

So let’s kick off the week with a virtual bouquet or two. Here are 16 reasons to fall for fresh flowers..

1. (above) A ‘make your day’ bouquet


2. floral sprinkles and cocktails


3. geometric (fresh) flower bracelet


4. flower cone


5. 60 second bouquet


6. the prettiest portrait


7. a gorgeous floral tablescape


8. flower blocked bouquet DIY


9. flower bomb car idea


10. geometric floating flower wreath


11. a peachy bouquet



12. a hanging floral door wreath


13. cake + flowers (the best combo)


14. a green and purple freeform centerpiece


15. a DIY flower ring


16. and a DIY flower mirror

What do you love most about fresh flowers?