Pastel vibes

See that key right there? That's the key to my new studio! I signed the lease a couple of weeks ago, but didn't want to jinx anything by spilling the beans before I moved in. Although, if you follow me on Snapchat (brittnimehlhoff), I actually did mention it there on the day that I signed the lease.

Anyway, now that I'm officially moved in, I thought I'd share a few photos. It's really just a teaser though for what's to come because I just moved in a few days ago and there is not one room that is ready for a photo op at this point. Unless you like pictures of moving boxes and a very lonely table with mismatched chairs.

I'll be sharing all of the interior 'before' shots soon, I promise. But for now, a little more info on my new studio digs... It's 1600(ish) square feet, so there is PLENTY of room for props and supplies. I've already dubbed the extra room off the kitchen the dedicated prop room. There's also a full kitchen (which was something I really wanted) and two bathrooms. Which, when it's all typed out like that may sound a little fancy, but I can assure you that there is a LOT of elbow grease that is going to need to go into this space to get it where I want it to be. Probably more than I had initially anticipated, actually.

Creative studio space in Atlanta

I have big plans for the space - including redoing the kitchen and at least one of the bathrooms, smoothing the floors, putting up drywall over the wall that are currently painted cinderblock, blah, blah, blah. SO, I think its pretty safe to say that there will be a lot of projects to look forward to around here. Some big, some small. Whatever the scale, I'll be sharing all of the before and after progress here on the blog.

Aaaaand that will be a whole lot easier for me to do now (documenting the progress) because I also hired two amazingly talented woman to help out around here with photography, craft production, and the editorial side of things. And an awesome intern to round things out. I'll be introducing Amelia, Rachel, and Anissa in an upcoming post, but chances are you've already seen some of their work around here.

That rounds out the team to four! And while I'm a little nervous about these new responsibilities, I'm mainly just excited to see where this crazy road takes us and share the journey with you guys.


Colorful mural in Atlanta

Creative studio space in Atlanta

Photography by Amelia Tatnall

P.S. The exterior of the studio is pretty fun too... The colorful mural in the photos is on the side of the building. And the cactus is right outside my front door (inside a claw foot tub, but that's a whole other story). Can't wait to show more!


7 (Delicious) Popcorn Toppings to Sweeten up Your Snacks

Popcorn for breakfast? Don't mind if I do.

After my mini popcorn party from last month, I got a ton of suggestions for crazy good popcorn combinations (which you can see here) from you guys. Thank you! So, I thought I would share a few of those popcorn 'recipes' today to kick off the week. Because Mondays are hard. But popcorn plus candy will make everything better...Or at least more tolerable.

White Chocolate Popcorn with Sprinkles

1. White chocolate sprinkle popcorn. Yes, yes, yes. This was a crowd favorite when we were taste testing. Just melt white chocolate or almond bark in the microwave (or on the stove), drizzle over popcorn, and add sprinkles.

7 (Delicious) Popcorn Toppings to Sweeten up Your Snacks

2. Lucky Charms marshmallow popcorn. I'm pretty convinced that dehydrated marshmallows taste good with everything! I mean, I used them in a fudge recipe. Enough said. If you don't want to spend hours plucking out the marshmallows from a cereal box, buy this big bag of presorted marshmallows instead.

Popcorn + Reese's Pieces

3. Reese's Pieces Popcorn. Yum! I love RPs, so this combo gets a big thumbs up. Toss the Reese's in when the popcorn is still hot and they'll melt in. It's a little messy, but it's worth it.

7 (Delicious) Popcorn Toppings to Sweeten up Your Snacks

4. Fruit gummies popcorn. This combo is a little bit more out there. But it's still good. I especially like watermelon or peach rings for this.

7 (Delicious) Popcorn Toppings to Sweeten up Your Snacks

5. Chocolate Lover Popcorn. This one is Reese's Pieces, mixed with Buncha Crunch. Its a pretty good combo, especially if you're a chocolate lover.

7 (Delicious) Popcorn Toppings to Sweeten up Your Snacks

6. Smarties popcorn! This is a fun one. And probably one of my favorites. Partially because of the pretty pastel colors and partially because Smarties are sort of the underdog of candies. I don't know anyone that buys an actual bag of this kind of candy, BUT I also don't know anyone who won't eat a roll of Smarties if its in front of them Underrated? Yes. Delicious? Yes.

7 (Delicious) Popcorn Toppings to Sweeten up Your Snacks

7. Kitchen Sink Popcorn. This one pretty much consists of dumping ALL of the ingredients from the above into one big bowl of popcorn. It's sort of like popcorn trail mix, only there aren't any pesky nuts or cranberries to skip over and sort through.

This would be a great way to make use of all that extra Halloween candy laying around, after October 31st. So be sure to bookmark these popcorn recipes for later.

What topping do you like to toss in with your popcorn? Did I miss one of your favorites? I still have a few bags of popcorn leftover, so I'd love to hear your suggestions.


Photography by Rachel Brewer
Styling by Brittni Mehlhoff


6 DIYs to Try This Weekend

No exaggeration, this week has been a TOTAL blur. I'll explain why next week (how's that for a cliffhanger?), but for now, let's just jump straight into DIY mode.

Keepin' it short and sweet. Here are 6 DIYs to try this weekend...

1. easy reverse crown braid tutorial
2. an amazing vanilla bean cake from Fork to Belly
3. DIY jewelry box from The Crafted Life
4. minimalist backpack DIY from Design Sponge
5. hand lettered DIY clutch in 5 minutes
6. the cutest Pantone Halloween costume from Sugar & Cloth

Hope you have a great weekend!