They See Me Rollin’: A DIY Rollup Organizer for Back to School (in 15 minutes)


DIY Rollup Organizer for Back to School (in 15 minutes)

I’ve been working on getting the studio organized (and ‘finished’ to the point of sharing an official studio tour) this last month and a half. And it’s led me to some organizational project stuff that I’ve been wanting to share. Some projects are large (can’t wait to show you what I’m talking about – very soon) and some are small. Today happens to be on the small side…

It’s a 15 minute project that is almost too easy (and functional) not to take the time to make, for a DIY rollup organizer. All you need is a tea towel and a sewing machine (and thread). That’s it!

We made a couple and I’ve been using them to keep small items like pencils, scissors, paint brushes, etc handy at the studio. But it also totally works for back to school, if you have any little ones. Click through for the step by step instructions.

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Don’t Get it Twisted: A Casual Summer French Twist in 60 Seconds or Less


 A Casual Summer French Twist in 60 Seconds. Click through for the (easy-as-can-be) hair tutorial.

On super hot days (like today and pretty much every other day for the last two months), I can’t get my hair up fast enough in the morning. Whatever it takes to get it out my face…as long as it doesn’t take more than a minute or two to complete.

Apparently, I don’t have much patience when its hot outside. SO, any hair style I can throw together with a quickness is on my list right now. And this one fits the bill.

In fact, I’d compare this casual summer french twist to a ‘set it and forget it’ moment, not completely unlike a George Foreman Grill. Yes, I just compared today’s hair tutorial to a George Foreman.

Want to see how to recreate this DIY  ‘do in 60 seconds flat? Click through for the step by step instructions.

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Tiki Time: A Coconut Creamsicle Cocktail Recipe


Coconut Creamsicle Cocktail Recipe

Feeling those tropical beach vibes hard this morning, with a coconut creamsicle cocktail recipe.

These are a studio favorite right now…but then again, a splash of coconut ice cream mixed with alcohol tends to make that happen. And the fact that it also includes the kitchen sink of tropical garnishes, with an orchid, toasted coconut, starfish, dragonfruit, etc, doesn’t hurt either.

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6 DIYs to Try This Weekend


6 DIYs to Try This Weekend

Another Friday, another weekend DIYs to try! Favorite day of the week. My plans the next couple of days are mainly work related. I’m really trying to get ahead on things before heading to the Caribbean in a week and a half (not counting down the days or anything).

What are your plans this weekend?! If you have some time for DIYs, I have some suggestions for you. Here are 6 DIYs to try this weekend…

1. hanging clay planter DIY from Curbly
2. pink pearl eraser back to school piñata from Handmade Charlotte
3. DIY placemat bag from The Lovely Drawer 
4. painted wooden vases DIY from Damask Love
5. DIY summer shift dress (from a tablecloth)
6. iced sugar cookie cut outs (recipe)

Hope you have a happy weekend.


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Style Files: My August Style Guide


Googly eyes

After the success of last month’s style guide, I thought I would share what I’ve got going on inspiration boards wise this month too. If you get sick of these, let me know. But many of you mentioned that you really loved seeing them. So, if want me to keep ’em coming, you can let me know that too.

This month, I’m still feeling those summer vibes, but also trying to be more aware of the fact that fall will be here before we know it. So, I’ve started bringing in a couple of fall inspiration photos to the mix too. Can you see them sprinkled in there?

You R The Tits

About the ribbon (because I know someone is going to ask)…

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10 Minute Ikea Hack: House-Shaped + Geometric DIY Cutting Boards


DIY Cutting Boards. Click through for the step by step instructions for this 10 minute DIY idea.

When we were in London, we stayed in an amazing home that is owned by a designer, who has cool little DIYable items all around her home. And one of those items inspired today’s project for geometric (and house-shaped) cutting boards that also happen to be an easy Ikea hack, which you know I love.

The London home owner had a set of house-shaped cutting boards that we used for cutting bread, etc while we were there. And I looked them up while we were there to try to track them down. They’re no longer available, so I took a (very bad iPhone) photo and made a note to make my own when we got back home.

And I finally got around to it! So I wanted to share the tutorial and Ikea hack for anyone looking to add some personality to their kitchen accessories: DIY cutting boards in geometric shapes.

DIY Cutting Boards. Click through for the step by step instructions for this 10 minute DIY idea.

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Behind the Scenes: Fruit Stacks, Dirt Spills, Breakfast Tacos, and a Cat Named Hopper


Alphabet fruit

I’ve been doing a less than stellar job lately sharing behind the scenes on Snapchat and IG Stories…which may have something to do with the fact that I am suddenly feeling a bit overwhelmed by having to juggle another social media thing. BUT that doesn’t mean I haven’t been documenting the behind the scenes stuff. It just hasn’t involved my phone much.

So, today I’m sharing all the photos that I should have shared on social, but for one reason or another never got around to it.

Planting succulents in tiny, pastel containers

Bright colors and stacks of books

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