Mini Message Blueberry Hand Pies Recipe

Now that fall is officially starting, I thought it was about time for a pie DIY. I had some extra blueberries leftover from this popsicle project, so I was able to use the rest of them in this super easy mini message hand pie project.

These pies are really easy to make and only have a handful of ingredients (5 to be exact). Perfect for stress-free fall entertaining.

Want to make your own batch? Here’s how…

Recipe // Mini Message Blueberry Hand Pies

Ingredients: pre-made pie dough (or make your own if you prefer) // 3 cups of blueberries // 2 tablespoons of honey // 1/2 cup of sugar (less if you prefer the filling more tart) // 1-2 tablespoons of butter (optional)

Materials Needed: large spoon // knife // fork // alphabet cookie cutters (like these) // baking sheet

How To:

1. Start by smashing roughly 1/2 of the blueberries roughly with a flat spoon or mortar and pestle. Add them to a bowl and mix in the remainder of the blueberries, sugar, and honey. Stir. You’ll notice that there isn’t any flour or lemon in this recipe. I wanted to make something super easy, without a ton of ingredients. So after a little experimenting, this is what I came up with. It’s a little lighter than a typical pie filling, which I love.

2. Next, roll out your pie dough, and cut the dough into various shapes and sizes, freehand. These will become your hand pies, so make sure for every shape you create, you have another one to match it. So you have a top and bottom piece.

3. Next, using cookie cutters, create your message.

4. Add pie filling in the center of the bottom piece of pie dough. Then add your top piece of sought, that has the cookie cutter message on it.

5. Pinch all of the sides together, then use a fork to create a decorative border all the way around each hand pie and create a more secure seal. Add a small amount of butter to the top of each hand pie and place onto a baking sheet.

6. Bake for 9-12 minutes at 350 or until golden brown. Let cool and enjoy.

Mini Blueberry Hand Pies (Limited Ingredient Recipe)

5 Ingredient Blueberry Hand Pies

Recipe // 5 Ingredient Blueberry Hand Pies for Fall

5 Ingredient Blueberry Hand Pies with Message Cut Outs

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

When the holidays roll around, I suspect I’ll be making a whole lot of these little guys. Just switch out the fruit and you’re good to go.

Think you’ll whip up a batch of these blueberry hand pies for fall?


7 DIYs to Try This Weekend

This morning, I’m starting on a few fall projects and a couple of Halloween DIYs, to share in the coming weeks. How is it already time to start thinking about Halloween?! This year is flying by. 

But before I grab my scissors and get to work, I have 7 DIYs for you to try this weekend…

1. make these DIY faux granite rings from Fall for DIY

2. the best blueberry popsicles recipe (it involves colorful stripes)

3. an awesome emoji balloon DIY from Studio DIY

4. how to create a messy fishtail braid from Once Wed

5. DIY shredded distressed denim from I Spy DIY

6. make a DIY bar necklace from The Lovely Drawer

7. and whip up some toasted marshmallow waffle sandwiches

Hope you have a great weekend!



Color Crazed Interiors

Maybe it’s the fact that summer is coming to an end, but right now I’m hooked on bright colors. As evidenced by my striped blueberry punch popsicles and watercolor lunch bags from earlier in the week.

But I like my color does in small, more minimal amounts. So, I’ve rounded up some of the most cheerful interiors I could find this week – each infused with bright / bold accent colors, without overpowering the space.

1. (above) Pops of yellow + chartreuse from Inside Out

(Minimally) Color Crazed

2. Powder blue + orange from Dwell

Color Crazed Interiors

3. Sunshine yellow and deep blue from Inside Out

Color Crazed Interiors

4. All of the amazing colorful chairs and couches at Fig House from Emily Henderson

Color Crazed Interiors

5. Colorful shelf accents from BHG

Color Crazed Interiors

6. Yellow art work + that blue bowl from Inside Out

Color Crazed Interiors

7. Primary colors from Femina

What accent colors are you most drawn to in interiors?