Yay or Nay: The Plywood Trend


Talking about the plywood trend in interiors

The plywood trend just keeps on poppin’ and for good reason – it looks cool, it’s affordable, and it’s totally DIYable. Like any trend though, its not for everyone. So I’m curious to know where you stand on this one – yay or nay?

If you’re on the fence, maybe this roundup will sway you one way or the other. Here are 8 ways the plywood trend is still going strong…

1. (above) Plywood accents in the kitchen. Via Tribe Studio.

Plywood and mint green

2. Love the pop of color with these plywood walls. Via Interior Design.

Talking about the plywood trend in interiors

3. DIY plywood shelving and seating (with instructions)

Plywood in the bathroom

4. Plywood in the bathroom. Via Nordic Design.

Talking about the plywood trend in interiors

5. A plywood-centric residence. Via Dezeen.

Plywood in the kitchen

6. Love this kitchen. Via The Design Files.

Talking about the plywood trend in interiors

7. Plywood counters AND cabinets. Via The Style Files.

Plywood kitchen cabinets and copper handles

8. Claire’s kitchen is a dream! Love the plywood cabinets and copper pulls. Via Claire Zinnecker Design.

Plywood accent wall

9. A plywood accent wall. Via Bolig Magazine.

So what do you think of the plywood trend? Here to stay or on it’s way (out)?

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Prop Shop: 7 Things I Bought this Week



One of my favorite, FAVORITE pastimes is searching for new props. I don’t know what it is about this act that does it for me, but it really, really does.

Even when I was in Paris and Amsterdam, walking around the city, I was most excited and inspired by the shops that I went into – the little cafes that sold cool books I had never heard of, the endless amounts of amazing housewares stores, etc, etc.

So, I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I’ve purchased lately and give you a little insight into my personal prop shop. Together, these pieces may seem a little random, but individually they’re the perfect addition to my ever-growing collection. Here are 7 things I bought this week…

Red handle paint brush

1. The paint brush was $5 from a little antique store outside of Atlanta. The man behind the counter confessed that when they bought it, they thought it was African, but as it turns out, it totally wasn’t. I just liked the shape of it, so at that price, provenance wasn’t high on my list of needs.

Mini coil basket set

2. A set of two coil nesting baskets (the little one was $1.50 and the big one was $2). I like this coil basket even more, but it’s a bit more pricey.

Dollar sign stencil + arch cutting board

3. The dollar sign stencil was $3 – bought it from the same place as the paint brush.

4. The cutting board! I confess…I didn’t actually buy this item recently. I bought it in Amsterdam a couple months back, but I really, really like it. And I thought you might too. It’s made by one of my fave brands, HAY.

Black enamel pitcher + ceramic creamer

5. A black enamel vintage pitcher. There’s a little rust near the mouth, but it was $6, so I’m pretty sure I can deal with it.

6. The Dansk creamer was $8. No idea what I’ll use it for, but a suspect something with coffee. :) Found the same exact one on Etsy for a bit more money, if you like what you see. It even has a lid.

Alligator piñata

7. And finally…an alligator piñata, which you can find on Amazon. I like this one too, because it’s weird looking.

I haven’t been much of a pinata kind of girl over the years, BUT you’d be amazed by what I can be convinced of once I slap some googly eyes on something. And that’s exactly what I did, so now I’m pretty fond of this guy. His name is Larry.

Which item is your favorite? What kinds of pieces do you love shopping for most? I’d love to hear!

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Gimmee Pizza: BBQ Chicken + Pineapple Pizza Recipe (with homemade BBQ sauce)


Recipe for a semi-homemade BBQ chicken and pineapple pizza (with homemade BBQ sauce)

Let’s talk pizza! My absolute favorite kind of pizza is BBQ chicken with pineapple. And since I’ve been working on trying to throw more savory recipes into the equation around here, I thought I’d give my fave pizza a whirl and tackle a semi-homemade version at home.

It was actually a lot easier to put together than I thought it would be (the pre-made pizza dough really helps) and is so, so good…especially the homemade bbq sauce. You can find the recipe (video tutorial) over on the Darby app.

BBQ chicken and pineapple pizza (with homemade BBQ sauce)

Recipe for a semi-homemade BBQ chicken and pineapple pizza

Recipe for a semi-homemade BBQ chicken and pineapple pizza (with homemade BBQ sauce)

Photography Amelia Tatnall Lawrence
Styling Brittni Mehlhoff

Visit the Darby app for this recipe and others like it.

P.S. Have you ever seen the remixed version of Gimmee Pizza on Youtube? It’s seriously one of the most random/ funny things I’ve seen. Spoiler alert…someone took the time to slow down a very old Olsen Twins song from when they were little (which was already pretty weird) and EVERY time I eat pizza, I think of that song now.

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8 DIYs to Try This Weekend


8 Weekend DIYs to Try

Today, I’m working on some Halloween projects to get ready for October (how is it already time to think about Halloween?!), but this weekend, I have non-holiday related DIYs on the brain.

Here are some of my fave projects from the week, in case you’re looking for some DIYs to try…

1. churro ice cream made from scratch
2. watercolor blanket DIY from Sugar & Cloth
3. homemade mixed berry pop tarts
4. DIY no-sew wire headband from Sarah Hearts
5. geometric mirror DIY from Sinnen Rausch
6. art deco DIY party garland from Oh Happy Day
7. DIY wooden doormat from Shades of Blue Interiors
8. typography light box DIY from Oh Joy


P.S. A little birdie told me that Curbly is hosting a styling / photography workshop with Gab Cabrera, who is honestly one of the best stylists I know, in October! If you’re in Minnesota, you should totally look into this one. It’s going to be good.

That’s it for me. Hope you have a happy weekend.


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11 Ways I’m Falling for (Fall-Inspired) Interiors


11 Ways I'm Falling for (Fall-Inspired) Interiors

Today is the first official day of fall! And I am bound and determine to embrace this season with all that I have. Whether it’s DIY projects, home inspiration, fashion, etc – I’m going for it! The chips are all in on this one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really, really going to miss summer and all, but it seems about time for some weather that doesn’t feel like I’m literally cooking from the inside out. :)

That said, I put together a big ol’ list of fall interiors inspiration to get us all (not just me, hopefully) inspired by the new season and in a celebratory state of mind for cooler temperatures and a new seasonal color palette. Let’s do this!

1. (above) Fall feels in that burnt orange velvet chair from Alexander Van Berge.

Fall inspired interiors

2. This chair is SO autumn from Becki Owens.

The perfect fall color palette

3. All the colors! This is kind of my ideal fall color pletter from Vtwonen.

Fall inspired interiors

4. A fall(ish) workspace from Jelanie.

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Oh My! It’s Made of Ply(Wood): Modern Plywood Shelving Organization for Props


Weekend DIY Idea: How to Create Modern Plywood Shelving Organization

The other week, I shared one of my favorite studio projects to date, for the custom DIY built-ins upstairs and today I’m sharing the other half of that custom build, which is where I keep all 272 (I’m guessing – I didn’t actually count) of my props organized and in one spot.

This part of the build was a little different than the rest because I wanted this side to be more utilitarian – a place where I could see everything at a glance, that doesn’t have the added pressure of feeling like it needs to be styled. Because styling your props while they’re sitting on a shelf unused is some next level crazy. Not saying I actually avoided it…I have to admit I did (semi) style everything in the photos a little bit. But it’s a sickness folks. I couldn’t help myself.

Here’s what this side of the space looked like before, as a reminder…

Before the built-in (Paper & Stitch studio)

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Pony Up: A Half Up Pony Braid Hair Tutorial


Pony Up: A Half Up Pony Braid Hair Tutorial

I love a good half up half down hairdo. And this one is one of my faves right now…it’s a simple half up pony braid that looks effortless but still chic. For all of those times when you want your hair down but also need it out of your face, so it’s not annoying you every five seconds, there’s this two minute hair tutorial.

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