Seeing Stripes: Sunny Striped DIY Nails


Seeing Stripes: Sunny Striped DIY Nails

It’s been over 90 degrees here for the last couple of days and as much as I want to stay inside in the air conditioning to keep from melting into a puddle, sometimes you just have to go out in the sun and embrace the heat. As insanely hot as it may be.

So, we spent some time outside and came up with anew  striped nail DIY, perfect for hot summer days. Click through for the step by step tutorial.

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Play It By Ear: 11 Super Chic + Unique Statement Earrings for Summer


11 Chic + Unique Earrings for Summer

I’ve had my ears pierced since second grade, but a five or six years ago, I went through a phase of not wanting to wear earrings at all. And eventually, my ear holes closed up. It wasn’t a big deal when I had no interest in wearing earrings. BUT now I’m reconsidering the whole no earring thing.

And if there’s anything that can convince me that a re-piercing is in order, it’s these 11 (completely drool-worthy) pairs of earrings that are super chic and all kinds of unique…

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My Summer Bar Cart Essentials + Tips for Styling your Own Bar Cart at Home


Summer Bar Cart Essentials + Tips for Styling your Own Bar Cart at Home

I’m a big fan of repurposing items you already have for new things, especially as of late. So, when Wayfair asked me to style up a bar cart for summer celebrating, I knew I wanted to use something a little unexpected. And that’s exactly what I found!

I fell in love with this shelving system and it was screaming ‘I totally want to be a bar cart’. So, it came home with me (well, actually it arrived at my doorstep – even better), along with some of it’s cool little friends. And I put together stylish bar cart that can easily go indoors or out (just add wheels if you want to take this show on the road).

Tips for Styling your Own Bar Cart at Home

Click through for my summer bar cart essentials and tips for styling your own bar cart at home…

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Plaster Pusher: How to Color Plaster with This Secret Ingredient + DIY Plaster Mini Planters


Peachy goodness. Make these DIY mini planters from scratch using pigmented plaster that you can make at home.

I used to work with plaster pretty frequently, but more recently switched to concrete for projects I would have previously made with plaster. It’s the same exact process and I love the look of concrete, so it made sense. BUT a while back, I got to thinking about how I might be able to add color to plaster for some teeny tiny planters I wanted to make. I did some research online, but couldn’t find a solution anywhere. Probably because the powder consistency of plaster is pretty important to it setting up properly, etc. So it’s not just a matter of tossing in some acrylic paint and calling it a day.

And yes, it’s true that I could just paint them after they’re set, which I’ve done before, but I wanted the color to be a part of the material, not an afterthought. The texture is different, etc, etc. So, after some experimenting, I landed on something that actually works! It will tint plaster nearly any color you want without changing the consistency of the plaster. And now that I’ve figured it out, I… 1) wanted to share it with you, in case you want to try this on your own. And 2) I will be using this technique way more than necessary. Haha.

Click through for the ‘secret ingredient’ that makes this process possible AND my simple tutorial for making tiny pastel planters for cacti and succulents.

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Swept Away: DIY Side Swept Braid and Wave Hair


Swept Away: DIY Side Swept Braid and Wave Hair

I love mixing and matching when it comes to clothing, accessories, and even home decor related design. So, why not take that approach for a new hair tutorial, right?

This side swept braid and wave is a little bit sweet mixed with a tiny bit of edge (it’s the slicked back side that does it, I think). And I’m kind of loving how they work together. What do you think?

Swept Away: DIY Side Swept Braid and Wave Hair

Click through for this mix and match hair tutorial…

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Eat More Cake (Ice Cream): A Birthday Cake Ice Cream Recipe


A homemade birthday cake ice cream recipe

Today’s post is a day late and a dollar waffle cone short, but better late than never right?

So here we are… The day after National Ice Cream Day with a new ice cream recipe that I’d be cool with eating any day of the year. I mean, it involves cake, so that’s kind of a given. Birthday cake to be specific. Yum!

Click through for the recipe for this homemade birthday cake ice cream.

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6 DIYs to Try This Weekend


6 DIYs to Try This Weekend

This morning I’m working from home for a bit, then heading into the studio to start a painting project (details on that soon). Before I get to deep into my own projects though, I wanted to share some of my fave DIYs to try this weekend. I really want to make time for project #1. What about you?

Here are 6 DIYs to try this weekend…

1. DIY roving knots for wall weavings from A Beautiful Mess
2. DIY painted pattern gift bags
3. two-toned DIY leather tassels from Damask Love
4. DIY shift dress without a pattern
5. DIY cake piping technique inspired by woven wall hangings
6. DIY yahtzee game from Lovely Indeed

Hope you have a happy weekend.


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