DIY Easter Roundup //

So…the day after tomorrow is Easter. Which is kind of crazy. I swear EVERY holiday sneaks up on me. BUT the good news is, there are still two days to get some DIYs crammed in for this egg-hunting holiday. And I have rounded up a whole bunch of them for you to make things a little easier…

1. Portrait Artist Easter Eggs DIY

2. Fresh Flower DIY Polka Dot Easter Eggs

3. Handmade Easter Carrot Cupcake Toppers

4. Bejeweled Easter Egg DIY

5. Teeny Tiny DIY Easter Bouquets

6. Thumb Tack Polka Dot Easter Eggs DIY

7. Easy Easter Cake Topper from a Recycled Cereal Box

Easter DIY Roundup // 8-13

8. DIY Bouquet Bombing Surprise

9. Painterly Easter Eggs DIY

10. Graffiti Inspired Easter Egg DIY

11. DIY Sharpie Easter Egg

12. Tiny Easter DIY Baskets

13. Faceted Easter Egg Planters DIY

P.S. Those abstract expressionist portrait Easter eggs (#1 on this roundup) are in the running for Martha Stewart’s Good Egg contest. I’d love for you to vote for me in the best use of color category, if you feel so inclined.

Hope you have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!



Make This: DIY Flower Easter Eggs

Easter is just three days away and I have one last egg project to share before it’s too late. Naturally, it’s super easy…and may even involve flowers. Hint: It does!

As a last minute way to decorate eggs, I picked out some baby’s breath and a hydrangea from a bouquet I already had and made these flowery polka dot eggs (along with some striped options).

If you’re looking for something simple and pretty, versus campy and kiddish, this is the way to go. They’d look great as decoration for an Easter dinner party as well – as a centerpiece or nestled into each napkin as a pretty treat for guests at the table.

Supplies for Flower Easter Eggs

Here’s how to make your own…

Materials: Hardboiled Eggs // Craft Glue // Baby’s Breath + Hydrangeas (Aster and Button Poms also pictured above, but not used in the tutorial)

How To: Cut small flowers off the stem and glue them onto hardboiled eggs in a random pattern. That’s it! It’s really that simple. If you’re really in a hurry, you can use a hot glue gun instead of regular craft glue, as well.

Decorate Eggs with Fresh Flowers

Baby's Breath Easter Egg DIY

DIY // Baby's Breath Easter Egg

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

Admittedly, I’m not typically a big fan of baby’s breath or hydrangeas. BUT in this case, the small blooms work well for the eggs, scale-wise, and the fact that they each have a flat back makes them easier to attach with glue.

So, what do you think? Will you try making these polka dot flower eggs for Easter?

For more DIY Easter ideas, visit the Easter project page.


Easter DIY to Try // Carrot Cupcake Toppers

After yesterday’s super easy Easter egg project, I thought I would make another simple DIY for the upcoming holiday. But admittedly, I’m egg-ed out at the moment. At least for today. SO I went in another direction…carrots.

These colorful DIY carrots would make cute cupcake toppers for the kid’s table at Easter dinner. But they could work for the adults too. I think? Here’s how to make your own…

Make These Carrot Cupcake Toppers for Easter


thin cardboard // scissors // craft paint // paint brush // pencil // black marker


This is so easy! I freehanded some simple carrot silhouettes on cardboard. Then, I cut them out and painted them. I added a black outline all the way around each carrot and added a couple of detail lines as well. Then, I added small bamboo skewers to the carrots with glue and stuck them into cupcakes after the glue was dry.

Here’s the step by step process in photos…

How To Make a Carrot Cupcake Topper for Easter

And here’s the finished project…

Easy Easter Cupcake Toppers for Kids

Easter DIY // Carrot Cupcake Topper

Easter DIY // Carrot Cupcake Toppers

 Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

And if you’re not a fan of carrots, you could easily create little bunny silhouettes, Easter baskets, or eggs this same way.

P.S. Does that carrot, in the photo above, look like it’s smiling at us? Or is it just me?


DIY to Try // Easter Egg Sharpie Doodles

So, it seems like nearly anything and everything you can possibly imagine has already been done to Easter eggs this year. Or last year, for that matter.

BUT there’s still a little room to make it your own, right? So I grabbed a permanent marker and went to town on some plain hard boiled eggs. Kind of in the same vein as the DIY metallic Easter eggs I did last year…

I created random designs and little doodles – gems, triangles, hatch marks, lines, and curly q’s. Basically anything that came to my head. It was fun to just let go and treat each egg as a paper napkin that I’d doodle on at a restaurant.

Super Easy Easter Egg DIY with Sharpies

I also made a few nameplate eggs that would be great for an Easter dinner party. If I made them again, I wouldn’t add those random lines underneath each name, but oh well. I don’t hate ‘em.

You can go the brown egg route, which I always love because they kind of have a dyed feel to them without having to do anything….

DIY Nameplate Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Drawings + Doodles DIY

Or you can go the extreme minimalist route (which is my favorite option) and use regular white eggs, still hard boiled of course…

Easter Egg Sharpie Drawings + Doodles

Easter Egg Project // Marker Drawings + Doodles

Easter DIY Sharpie Drawings + Doodles

DIY Marker Drawings + Doodles on Easter Eggs Project

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

If you had a carton of eggs to doodle on, what would you draw? Random geometric shapes? A few portraits? Patterns? I’d love to know.

And for even more Easter DIY ideas, visit the Easter project page.


Teeny Tiny Tulip Bouquet for Spring

This weekend was pretty packed for me. Still playing catch up, actually. BUT I do have a DIY to try this morning…

I made these spring boutonnieres for Project Wedding recently and I was thinking they would be perfect as tiny bouquets for Easter and Mother’s Day as well. What do you think? You could use them for the surprise bouquet bombing idea too to say happy spring to a neighbor or friend.

The full tutorial is right here, but here’s a couple of photos to give you the gist of it…

How To // Tiny Spring Bouquet DIY with Tulips

Yellow, pink, and green scream spring to me. What about you?

Tiny Tulip Bouquet for Spring

Tiny Tulip Bouquet for Spring, Easter, and Mother's Day

Photography, concept, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff