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Nelson Bench

Okay. Okay. No one has ever actually called me a bench wench. But hey, it makes for a snappy title. And envisioning what an actual bench wench might be like, brings a smile to my face.

Can you picture it? She (or he) attempts to hoard full-size benches under her (or his) coat, whenever one tickles her (or his) fancy. Now, that’s dedication!

And while I’m not so into these four-legged pieces of furniture that I’d attempt hoarding one, coat-style, I’m still definitely a fan… There won’t be a wall in my next house dedicated to benches. That’s just for chairs. Remember? But I love them enough to dedicate a whole post to it. Which counts for something, in my book.

So here’s a little bench inspiration for this week’s Interior Obsessions post…

1. (above) Closeup of the Nelson bench in my workspace, right now.

Awesome Built-In Bench

2. The most amazing built-in bench.

Super long, wood bench in the bedroom

3. A super long wood bench in the bedroom? Sure! Why not.

DIY wood plank and cinderblock bench

4. A DIY wood plank and cinderblock bench.

Y leg bench

5. This Y leg bench is pretty great.

Wool + Wood Bench

6. An awesome DIY wood and wool bench that I’d love to make.

Nelson Bench

7. One more from my workspace.

Amazing Bench

8. Pretty sure that this bench is what my dreams are made of! It may be considered a lounge, but for our purposes, it’s a bench. A very awesome bench.

What’s your current interior obsession? 



Said in my best RuPaul voice.

It’s been a while since I rounded up workspaces and I feel like I need a little inspiration in that department today. So instead of making this post super wordy, let’s just jump right in.

Here are a handful of spaces I’m loving right now…

(above) A fall-inspired desk with an awesome pink chair. (via Paper Collective)


A workspace that I would love to create in. (via sfgirlbybay)

The office (1 av 1)

A minimal office space. (via Daniella Witte)


The perfect inspiration wall. (via The Design Files)


I’ve never loved deep green as much I do in this photo. Great place to do some computer work. (via 79 Ideas)


And the window in this studio! Yes, please. (via The Design Files)

What does your ideal workspace look like? Any particular must-haves to keep you inspired?


Easiest DIY Indoor Herb Garden

Today, I’m working on a handful of projects behind the scenes to get ready for two marathon shoots this Friday and Monday. It’s going to be like a DIY relay race up in here for a few days, with all of the projects I’m trying to get photographed. But it will be fun, I’m sure.

Sooo…While I’m finishing this stuff up, I thought I’d share a DIY I recently created for Momtastic. It involves some indoor gardening. Can you tell I’m never going to let summer go? I repurposed some old party supplies (paper cups and plastic condiment cups) to create a little DIY potted plant project.

DIY // Easiest Indoor Herb Garden

It would be a great DIY way to create a small indoor herb garden or a way to grow tiny seedlings, until they’re ready for repotting. Right now, I have rosemary, lavender, basil, and a couple of others. And I also potted a few plants that aren’t herbs, just for fun.

More photos and the full tutorial can be found on Momtastic.

Easiest Indoor Herb Garden DIY Idea

Concept, styling, and photography by Brittni Mehlhoff

Have you ever had an indoor herb garden? This is the first time I’m trying and I’ve been loving it so far.