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We have been lucky to have some amazing weather here in Southern California lately. But it has been like summertime in November, with temperatures up into the 90s. Although I certainly don’t want stormy skies, a little cloud cover and cooling off is due. So today’s look at interior decor centers around lovely, relaxed grey. Grey is a special color. It can be warm, with hints of yellow and green, or cool, with a base of blue or purple. It is never harsh, like either black or white, although it is created from both. It can be light, almost white, or such a dark charcoal that you know it’s not black, but just don’t know why.

Grey is a laid-back color. It works with almost every bright, and is stunning and sophisticated when used in a setting with natural materials in a range of tones. It can be a single wall, or an entire room. Paint, stone, concrete or metal, each gives its own flavor to the range of greys available. And unlike some of the brighter colors, mixing greys is fairly simple, and you can even mix cool and warm greys as well. Be sure to include some visual texture to enhance the differentiation of your accessories, like a shiny lacquer with a knitted throw, or a distressed metal with a solid painted wall. Grey is quiet, but a pop of bright color against the muted background can make your whole space come alive.

Poured-in-place concrete

Knit spread and plaster wall

Warm grey with white trim + Bed wall

Kitchen wall + Grey bricks

Dark grey planes

Time for you to weigh in…what do you think? Yea or nay on grey accents?

Amy wrote this post. She is the designer and owner of FormFire Glassworks, where she creates modern lampwork glass beads and jewelry, and by day designs custom homes for a small firm in Southern California. You can follow her twitter @formfireglass.


I have a couple of last minute Thanksgiving-related projects I’m trying to finish up before next week and as I get them done, I’ll share ‘em here in case you want to recreate one on your own. The first of the projects will only take 5 minutes (not including drying time). So let’s start with that one…

I found these really cool salad servers at Target (from The Curiosity Shoppe – only $10 online) and immediately put them in my cart. I’m not a big salad tong kind of girl, but for some reason I felt like I had to have these. Plus, we’re having a couple of people over our house this year for Turkey Day, so why not do it up? 

I painted each arrow’s fletching (or ‘feather’) for a pop of color amongst the sea of browns and tans with turkey, potatoes, and stuffing galore on Thanksgiving. Here’s how I did it…

Supplies: paint brush, acrylic paint, acrylic sealant or matte medium, sand paper

How-To: Very lightly sand the area so your paint has something to stick to. Wipe away debris and go straight into painting. You can use a primer if you want to, but it’s not really necessary in this case. I painted three layers for each color and used a sporadic color pattern. Seal the paint with an acrylic sealer or matte medium and you are ready to use. Hand wash only.

Do you have any Thanksgiving-related projects you are working on right now? I’d love to know what you have cooking for the 22nd.

Concept, styling and photography by Brittni Mehlhoff for papernstitch.


I usually go for light and bright when it comes to interiors, but there is something to be said for darker, rich interiors too. The vibe is a lot like living inside an Anthropologie catalog. And I think I could be cool with that. What about you?

So here’s an ode to those moody interiors with a handful of handmade + vintage items to recreate the look…

Live here:

Inside an Anthro catalog (image found via Brittany)

Decorate with these:

Brass Desk Lamp from Raymond Barberousse // Concrete Vessel from Obelisk // Faceted Magnets from Pigeon Toe Ceramics // Hairpin Plant Stand from Gallivanting Girls // Concrete Pendant Light from obelisk // Scribble Tea Towels from Knife in the Water

Is this a style you could mimic in your home?


Nothing warms me up on a chilly fall day quite like a steaming cup of coffee. So as an ode to my favorite beverage, I’ve created a little round up of handmade and vintage goodies in honor of this creamy smooth concoction. Café au lait anyone?

01// giclee print $25 via  eloise renouf 02// infinity scarf $29 via scarf obsession 03// dog bowl $99 via made by me me me 04// ballet flats $110 via elf 05// table lamp via gallivanting girls $89  06// cushion $85 via megan ferguson-smith  07// clutch $84 via scout and catalogue 08// tea towel $24 via leah duncan 09// pocket necklace $33 via last prize 10// hardwood bowl $40 via nicole porter design

Christina is the writer behind the design blog, Down and Out Chic. She’s a budget-friendly design huntress that’s passionate about art and the handmade movement. She adores all things striped and polka dotted and would spend most of her afternoons vintage shopping if her closet were big enough. Find her on Twitter or at D&OC.


I am counting down the days until our things arrive from Seattle (we are currently sitting on two lonely folding chairs in an empty apartment right now). 5 days left to go! But when our furniture and the rest of our things do arrive, they might be competing for space with these home DIYs I want to try over the weekend. Which one should I tackle first? Any thoughts?

1. DIY leather planter hanger from Design Sponge (by Steven Soria)

2. geometric mobile how-to from Hope Helms

3. painted votive holders from Ruffled (by Gather Events)

4. barnyard candleholders DIY from Country Living (adapted from The Sweetest Occasion)

5. how to make a modern geometric mousepad from Curbly (by Capree)

6. image transfer salt and pepper shakers from Say Yes to Hoboken (by Rachael)

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Have a great weekend!