I found this long roll of thin(ish) kraft paper at a paint store a couple of months ago and started using it to write little notes, along with my weekly to-do list. But since graduation is coming up (and Father’s Day), I thought I would turn the paper into long message scrolls for any occasion.

As you can probably guess, they’re beyond easy to make and more unexpected than a traditional greeting card. Plus, if you had a lot to say, you could make a SUPER lengthy scroll for someone special, which I’m thinking would be pretty fun. I know I’d like receiving a scroll like that, anyway.

Here’s how you can make your own paper scrolls in about five minutes…

How to make a paper scroll

Materials: roll of kraft paper (you can find it right here on Amazon or at a local paint supply store), pastel crayons or white charcoal pencil, string or ribbon

How-To: Measure and cut (or rip for a more organic look) a long piece of kraft banner paper that ranges from 2-4 feet long. Grab a crayon, pencil, or marker and pour your heart out. It is a scroll after all, so don’t be afraid to get longwinded on this one. Wrap it up and tie a ribbon or string around it to keep it tight. Give to recipient, along with a small gift, and you are good to go. Create scrolls for any occasion you can think of – graduation, birthdays, Father’s day, etc. I made a scroll for Mother’s Day too, but didn’t get it posted in time. Whoops.

Easy gift ideas to go with these scrolls for graduation might include a nice journal or notebook or money rolled up inside the scroll. For Father’s Day, one of these scrolls would fit perfectly inside a tool box for Dad or nestled next to a nice set of hand tools. And for birthdays, you could attach a scroll to a few round helium balloons.






Another idea…It would be cool to write several different scrolls for a friend who needs a pick me up, along the lines of the DIY mailable messages I sent, only scrolls instead of greeting cards. And if you don’t have a special occasion coming up, you could make super inexpensive artwork, by writing out some of your favorite inspirational quotes. Hang them on the wall with a little bit of washi tape and you’re all set.

P.S. I’m doing my best Vanna White impression in the photo above. Can you tell?

Photography by Sarah Eddy // Concept and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff


Beach Trip Travel Essentials

This morning, Jeff and I are hopping on a plane and heading to sunny St. Thomas for the week. I’m really excited to get some sand between my toes and explore the islands, but before we head out, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the things I packed for our trip.

We challenged ourselves to pack everything in one suitcase, that would include everything that both Jeff and I would need for the whole week, because…well..why not? So, I tried to pack light and just bring essentials that I can wear the majority of the trip.

This isn’t everything I’m bringing, but here are a handful of my favorites…

Madwell Sandals + Instax

Beach Trip Travel Essentials

Instax Mini // Falcon Wright Clutch // Bossypants by Tina Fey (have been reading this off an on for way to long – it’s funny if you’re looking for a laugh) // Coveted Things Blanket Scarf // Oliver Peoples Sunglasses (Jacey in Pecan Pie with Umber Gradient) // Loquita Travel Tote // Madewell Sandals

Vest from Madewell in Army Green

Travel Essentials // Casual Beach Trip

Floppy Hat // Chambray Button Down (Similar) // Madewell Safari Vest // Rachel Comey Sandals // Emily Green Necklace

Madewell Vest for the Beach

Colorful Travel Tote + Sunnies

Rachel Comey Sandals for the Beach

Of course, I forget to include a few things I would have liked to share…like my bathing suit, my new beach towel, and this awesome Clare Vivier tote that Jeff got me for my birthday (dang, he has good taste).

But hey, I included most of my other favorites. And I’m sure I’ll be posting a bunch of stuff to Instagram over the next week too. Which reminds me…Follow me on Insta to follow along on my trip.

Photography by Sarah Eddy // Styling by Brittni Mehlhoff


sequin apple from ban.do

Let’s be real – not all pinks are created equal.

There are some real granny looking shades of this color out there. But there are also plenty of awesome, modern shades, tones, and saturations of pink that make this color way cooler than my fifth grade self could have ever expected. And I’ve been noticing them popping up more and more on my pinboards lately.

So, I figured it would be fun to round up some of my fave pinks to start the week off on a cheerful note…

1. (above) sequin candy apple from Ban.do

Pink Wall at Blogshop

2. pink photo party from Designlovefest

Pink Candies from Studio DIY

3. a pink sugar fix from Studio DIY

3 feet tall DIY pink heart

4. giant pink heart DIY photo prop from Paper & Stitch

Pink Wall / Say Yes

5. pink walls + popsicles from Say Yes

Young Frankk necklace + pink blouse

6. awesome jewelry + a pretty pink blouse from Young Frankk

Even grumpy cat likes pink

7. even grumpy cat likes pink (sort of) from Times

P.S. I’ve only started liking pink within the last year or two. I’ve never been much of a girlie girl, so I kind of thought that this color just wasn’t for me. But I am loving that this color has been made modern, cool, and even a minimal neutral in a strange way.

What would your vote be for pink – yay or nay?