6 DIYs To Try This Weekend


6 DIYs to Try This Weekend

Well, this first week back has felt a lot like getting a tooth pulled – you know you have to do it, but does anyone really want to go in and get it done?! Probably not.

The exception to that though has been the announcement I made earlier in the week, which I’m actually really excited about – I’ve gotten so much energy out of reading your supportive responses and suggestions. So thank you SO much for that!

On the bright side of still feeling a bit unprepared to be back to work, I’m trying to be kinder to myself in the new year and realizing it’s okay not to be fully ready for something. So, as much as I’m sure I could read into the ‘deeper meaning’ of why I’m not fully prepped mentally to be back at the studio each day, I’m not going to bother. It doesn’t have to mean anything in particular. I’m probably just bummed that I have to get out of bed at a normal time and leave the house while wearing ‘real people’ clothes. Not exactly something I need to agonize over.

Sooo, short story long, I imagine some of you are feeling the same way I’ve been feeling this week and looking for some kind of inspiration to get things going again. And I figured the simplest way to ease into next week with a positive attitude is with a handful of creative projects to get you (and me) excited about the new year. You with me? If so, here we go…here are 6 (fun) DIYs to try this weekend.

1. hanging leather strap planters from A Beautiful Mess 
2. DIY watercolor stationery
3. marble pitcher project from The Sweetest Occasion
4. honey yogurt fig pops
5. DIY hanging organizer from The Lovely Drawer
6. apple stamp table runner DIY from Design Sponge

P.S. If you’re in the market for a really cool calendar, be sure to enter to win the giant 2017 Stendig calendar that I’m giving away on Instagram. I’ll be choosing a winner over the weekend, so be sure to enter soon.

Hope you have a happy weekend!


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The Procrastinators Guide to 2017 Calendars and Planners + Giveaway of My Fave Calendar


The Procrastinators Guide to 2017 Calendars and Planners

If you’re on top of things in the new year, you’ve already gone through the cool 2017 calendars and planners out there to map out all of your goals, hopes, dreams, and (of course) deadlines. Kudos to you! For everyone else, there’s today’s roundup of 2017 calendars and planners.

It’s okay to procrastinate. You’ll get there eventually. :) Click through for the full procrastinators guide to 2017 calendars and planners. There’s a whole lot of good ones, including my the huge calendar that I use (and get asked about year after year).

P.S. I’m also giving away my all time favorite calendar to one lucky person (it’s #1 on the list and it’s HUGE – 4 feet wide). Want one? Click through to enter.

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One of the (Many) Benefits to Making the Rules


The year of realizing stuff...

Okay, technically 2016 was the year of realizing stuff (just ask Kylie), but I’m a slow learner, so 2017 is my year for it. It’s about to get all kinds of real in here…

Sometimes I get so stuck in my piled-up list of to dos that I forget that I can change things at work that don’t feel right. One of the (many) benefits to making the rules! So, this year I’m making a change that I’m equal parts excited and proud to kick off…donating a portion of my profits from this blog to charity in 2017.

Here’s the backstory… Last year, I was feeling so caught up in my own world that I started to feel a little icky towards the end because I wasn’t doing anything to give back or make a difference, and it all just started to feel a little pointless, if I’m being honest. Don’t get me wrong, I am utterly grateful to be doing what I’m doing, and with the exception of the very crazed holiday season I really enjoy doing it, but I’m not exactly saving lives over here…or planting trees…or giving back to the community with my glue gun in hand. And it really started to wear on me.

Couple that with the fact that I literally felt like I was losing my mind in November and December trying to get all of my work with sponsored content taken care of (which allows me to do what I do here – so I am of course very grateful for it – but it was still very, very stressful), AND being down a person for some of that time because my dear Amelia, who has worked with me at Paper & Stitch for over a year has moved on to bigger and better things in New York (miss you girl), and well… it was all starting to feel like a ‘what the hell am I doing with my life?!’ kind of moment.

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Oh My, It’s Chai: A Winter White Hot Chocolate Recipe with Chai


White chai hot chocolate recipe for winter

Happy new year! It’s day two of the 2017 and if I’m being honest, I’m struggling to get back into the swing of things. Especially since it’s cold outside…the chilly weather makes me want to just curl up under a blanket.

BUT I’m doing my best to move past any possible slumps in the new year, with a hot chocolate recipe that will get (pretty much) anyone out of bed in the morning… white chai hot chocolate! Click through for the recipe.

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Pop the Cork: A Champagne Poptails Recipe for New Year’s Eve


Champagne poptails recipe for New Year's Eve

Now that Christmas is over, I’m full speed ahead on New Year’s Eve! Happy holidays to everyone by the way, hope it’s been the most merry of days no matter how you celebrate.

And I’m popping in this morning to share a champagne mimosa popsicle recipe perfect for ringing in the new year. It’s really easy and delicious. Bonus! Once they’re made, you can pop them into a glass of champagne to keep your drink chilled, without watering it down.

Click through for the recipe.

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Color Blocked (Christmas) Vibes: How to Make DIY Velvet Ornaments


Color Blocked (Christmas) Vibes: How to Make DIY Velvet Ornaments

I had so many holiday DIYs to share this year, I’m somehow still posting them days before Christmas. Ha! But this is the last one. So, I figured I should go out on the holiday DIY train with a color blocked send off. It only seemed right, with the hashtag and everything.

So, here are some color blocked velvet ornaments that can be sewn in just a few minutes. They were made the same way as the DIY color blocked pillows I shared recently, with one small difference. Other than the size of course, a small velvet loop was added to the fabric as it was being sewn together so that it can be easily hung on the tree. Easy and can be.

Here’s what that step by step process looks like…

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Ho Ho Holiday Shopping: Last Minute Gifts from a Surprising Source


Last minute holiday gift ideas

If I can somehow avoid the craziness of mall shopping a couple of days before Christmas, I am totally game. So, I’m happy to think outside the box when it comes to last minute holiday shopping, especially if it’s super convenient. And that’s where today’s post comes into play.

I’ve put together a last minute gift guide of items you can pick up from a surprising source. Bet you never would have guessed that every single one of these last minute gift ideas came from….wait for it… Cracker Barrel! I’ve teamed up with Cracker Barrel Old Country Store to share these last minute gift ideas and EVERY single one of them came from one of their local stores, right outside of Atlanta!

Last minute holiday gift ideas

If you’re scratching your head thinking, ‘Well great, I don’t live anywhere near Atlanta’, no worries. Because the items I’m featuring are available at Cracker Barrels across the country. AND since Cracker Barrel’s are typically located right off the interstate, it’s actually a pretty clever spot to pick up last minute gifts on the way to see family, etc. Which really resonates with me, since I…ummm…tend to be a last minute shopper, no matter how hard I try to get it all done ahead of time. You can also get most of these items on Cracker Barrel’s website, too!

Click through for all of my gift ideas, including pressies for the beauty lover, the music lover, and the cook.

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