How to Hack Your Way to an Easy Updo in 10 Minutes: A Valentine’s Day Hair Tutorial


How to Hack Your Way to an Easy Updo in 10 Minutes

If you’re looking for an insanely easy updo hair hack for Valentine’s Day (or any other day you want to look a little fancy), this hair tutorial is for you! It takes 10 minutes to recreate (if that), but it looks way more complicated than it really is. Pinkie promise, even a beginner can tackle this one!

Click through to see how to hack your way to this easy updo in 10 minutes or less..

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Interior Obsessions: Moving to a New Place


Vintage mid-century credenza in the entryway

After much debate back and forth, and some input from you on the subject (thank you!), Jeff and I have decided to move to a new place that will help us reach some of our other goals for the year (mainly traveling a lot more and relieving Luna’s doggie arthritis as much as possible – no more stairs). It’s going to be really hard to say goodbye to what has been our home  for the last 2 years / the only place we’ve lived in Atlanta thus far. BUT I think in the end it’s the right choice. And it’s in the same neighborhood we live in now, so it won’t be a drastic change.

One thing that will be a pretty drastic change though is moving into a semi-generic apartment that is also half the size of our current one. It’s a pretty big bag of mixed emotions.

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Loaded French Fry Nachos Super Bowl Recipe


These loaded french fry nachos are the perfect Super Bowl recipe.

If french fry nachos are wrong, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be right. And with the Super Bowl being the day after tomorrow, I couldn’t let it squeak by again without sharing the crazy loaded french fry nacho recipe that I’ve been experimenting with lately. It kind of screams Super Bowl recipe, don’t you think?!

I may not be the world’s largest football fan, but I do live in Atlanta – so I kind of feel like Atlantans would kick me out of the city if I didn’t jump onboard with the Falcons this year. Why risk it, right? 🙂 Which leads me to this loaded french fry nacho recipe and a virtual potluck, in partnership with the folks at Shipt, an app-based grocery delivery company that will bring groceries right to your door. Want the recipe?

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6 DIYs to Try This Weekend


6 cool weekend projects to try

After last weekend’s trip, I’m looking forward to taking it easy this weekend and catching up on a few things before we head out again in a couple of weeks for New Mexico. What are you up to this weekend? Any projects you’re thinking about over the next couple of days?

If so, I have a handful of DIYs for you to try. Here are my favorites from the week…

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The Cool Girls Travel Guide to Charleston


Brittni Mehlhoff shares her Cool Girls Travel Guide to Charleston on Paper & Stitch

Occasionally, when we’re feeling especially bored, Jeff and I will plan a last-minute trip the very same day we plan to leave. And this Charleston trip was one of those times.

We still hadn’t made a decision on where to go for our first official 12 trips in 12 months project on the morning that we were planning to leave! If this sounds crazy to you, you’re probably right. But honestly, we kind of like it that way.

Soooo…Saturday morning we woke up, narrowed down our options to 3 places we wanted to visit (that were drivable), basically did a rock paper scissors for the answer, packed our bags, and jumped in the car. With a figurative ‘Charleston here we come’ banner hanging out the car window.

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Weave Theive: DIY Wall Art Weaving Hack


DIY wall art weaving hack

Back when I made the DIY floor rug, one of the most frequently asked questions I received was how to make it colorful. And today’s DIY started out as a solution to that… and then turned into an entirely new DIY. I made a hanging piece of wall art that mimics a weaving, in a fraction of the time and without any special weaving equipment. So, I’m calling this one a wall art weaving hack.

Bonus! I’m giving away $200 worth of supplies so you can make your own too. Click through for the details.

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Totally Trippin’: 12 Trips in 12 Months


Grenada trip - 12 trips in 12 months

When this year started, I took some time out of that first week or so to really think about what I wanted to accomplish in the next 12 months. And one of the things that kept popping up was a (huge) desire to travel more in the upcoming year – with Jeff, with friends, etc.

After our trip to Europe last year, I finally realized that my need for travel is more than just a desire to get away to regroup, recharge, etc. Although that’s cool too. The real reason why travel has become so important to me comes down to one word: inspiration!

So…long story short, I’ve decided that this year I’ll be hopping on a plane…

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