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I am not going to question it, but the weather has been non-stop beautiful since Friday! And it had just put me in such a great mood. This is one of the things we did over the weekend (you can see what a nice day it was too). Then we hung out at home, after a little shopping. And I put the finishing touches on the new exhibition (which just went up this morning).

One of many new shops in this totally new exhibition is Lil3birdy, which is run by artist Clare Shields. Her work is really fun and sort of captures the spirit of our weekend, so I wanted to share a few of my favorites from her Etsy shop with you to round out the day...Love the way she plays with repetition...

1. (above) owls notebook

2. insects and bugs postcards (love, love, love these)

3. patterns and birds gift tags

For more from Lil3birdy, visit Clare's shop on Etsy.

I'll be back bright and early tomorrow morning to share Tiffany's part II article on pricing. The last one was super juicy (over 250 shares combined on Facebook + Twitter), so be sure to pop in tomorrow to read her second installment.


I am so busy this morning, I don't have time to list the individual links for today's daily favorites. But you can click here to visit and then click on any product you'd like to know more about.

Wanna know why I am so busy? I'll let you know later today.


I have been dying to share today's shop of the day since the new pns exhibition started last week...

It's Artocrat from Pragya K, an artwork and illustration shop. My favorite series in her shop is the one of a kind 3D series: 2D illustrations embellished with 3D elements-paper bunting, etc. A perfect example of art meets craft in my mind.

Super cool and friendly for all ages. Great for a kids room but also looks great in a trendy home office or studio.

Visit Artocrat on etsy to view more from artist Pragya K.