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Flower Types: Hyacinth and Star of Bethlehem

I always like to have a few DIY gift ideas in my back pocket that only take a few minutes to whip up. You never know when something might pop up that you need a little gift for. And sometimes it's hard to come up with something last minute. Right? It's like my brain locks up under pressure or something.

Which is exactly why I try to come up with DIY ideas ahead of time that are my go-tos on such an occasion. This budget-friendly $10 bouquet is one of them.

To make your own, you'll just need two kind of flowers and a little ribbon. Bonus points if you have a label maker on hand.

Fresh cuttings from a bouquet

For this particular bouquet, I used Hyacinth and Star of Bethlehem. Both are super inexpensive by the stem...I think I picked up 4 stems of Hyacinth for 6 bucks ($1.50 a stem) and some Star of Bethlehem flowers for $4. Which brought the total to a whopping $10. Add some ribbon and a little message with a label maker and you are good to go.

For more detailed photos and explanations, visit my post on Project Wedding

Flower DIY: The $10 Bouquet

Such an easy gift idea and super affordable too, which I love. Plus, if you're going with the label maker ribbon message, you can customize it for any occasion...birthdays, housewarmings, thank yous, etc.

Flower DIY: The $10 Bouquet

Photography and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

Think you'll give this budget bouquet a try? I'd love to hear what other flower suggestions you might have that would still fit into the $10 cap.


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It's no secret that I love DIYs, but did you know that I am also kind of a flower freak? It's true. I am obsessed with flowers. Always have been, really. For some reason though, I haven't shared any floral DIYs here on Paper & Stitch, only on Project Wedding. But all of that is going to change today...

Since spring is right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to make some colorful, mini bouquets for the upcoming season. These are so easy to make, but the best part is the price! I bought about $15 worth of flowers and had enough to easily make 5 mini arrangements, so the total cost of one bouquet was around $3! I don't think it gets any cheaper than that...I mean there are ranunculus in this bouquet.

Supplies: Small blooms (I used Ranunculus, Acacia, Stock, and Spider Mums)  // Scissors // Washi Tape

Step by Step Instructions: This how-to is easier to understand through photos, as opposed to written instructions. I do have a couple of tips before you get started though... 1) It's easy to over do it. The charm of this arrangement is mainly in it's size. So, you really don't need many stems for this  floral DIY. 2) While constructing your bouquet, try not to touch the flowers themselves with your fingers (certain delicate blooms are sensitive to the skin's oils and can turn the petals brown). 3) Keeping tip number 2 in mind, as you add more stems to your mini bouquet, move your hand further up (closer to the top, where the blooms start) to help keep everything in place.


Additional ideas: I love giving flowers as gifts, and if  you do too, you'll just need to add a gift tag and you're good to go. Deliver a few bundles to friends and family to say thanks for being so awesome. And if you want to make it extra special you could wrap each tiny bouquet in kraft or newspaper. OR include a miniature vase with your floral gift as an added bonus.


 Concept, styling, and photography by Brittni Mehlhoff for Paper & Stitch