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In an attempt to organize my thoughts and of course, my odds and ends, I created this bulletin board using recycled and vintage materials, that has a special pocket too. Its cork, so you can stick things right to it quick and easy. And you can do it too...

What do I need for this project? Materials: Recycled Frame, Cardboard or other hard-backing, fabric (or recycled hankies, which I used), cork, staple gun, craft glue, paint and brush

How do I make this? Steps: 1. Clean recycled frame, so it is ready for paint. Cut cardboard to fit inside frame.

2. Take cut cardboard and begin gluing thin pieces of cork to surface. Covering the entire piece.

3. While waiting for glue to dry, begin painting the frame with several layers of paint. I like to use leftover house paint because it dries flat and is very durable.

4. While waiting for paint to dry, begin wrapping fabric around the front of cork-covered cardboard and pull around to back to secure with staple gun. I used a vintage handkerchief instead of fabric for the larger fabric piece.

5. To create a pocket for the "bottom" of the bulletin board, I added an inexpensive linen separate from the larger piece. I folded the linen in half and ironed it to create a finished edge. And then overlapped the linen on top of the large navy piece by two inches and secured it in the back with a staple gun, but left the front open, creating the pocket.

6. Once that is done and the paint is dry on the frame, pop the finished cardboard/fabric piece into the frame and secure in the back. Now, its ready to hang or lean up against your dresser.

Side note: I actually had a different tutorial planned for today. One that is more Valentine's inspired. But I unfortunately couldn't finish it in time. So, check back tomorrow...fingers crossed, I might just have that tutorial ready for tomorrow. Until then, visit the tutorials page to create more than 25 fun projects.


Tropical Storm Faye made her way through Florida late last week, which meant I was off from work for a few days with little to do. Since it was difficult to leave the house much because of the rain, I thought I would be resourceful and come up with something I could make to occupy my time using things I already had around the house. I found a piece of cardboard and a roll of woodgrain contact paper and I was ready to go.

I decided to make a quick and easy bulletin board, so I could display some of my old family photographs until I am able to get them framed. And I was pretty happy with the results. The whole thing took about 30 minutes from start to finish and cost all of $9 in materials (but I already had everything I needed- so really I wasn't out any cash at all). Here's how to make your own:

Materials: 1. Cardboard (any size) $0.00   2. Faux Bois Contact Paper (about 2 feet depending on the size) about $2.00   3. White Simple Picture Frame $7.00 (variable- if you get a frame from the thrift store it would be even cheaper obviously)   4. Scissors   5. Xacto Knife (optional)

How To:

Step One- Cut cardboard to desired size. Then remove one corner of the contact paper backing and start at a corresponding corner of the cardboard. While smoothing the contact paper to adhere to the cardboard and get rid of any bubbles, continue pulling the backing away from the contact paper and smooth as you go. You can use whatever method you prefer here, but I thought this was the easiest way to do it.

Step Two- Once I finished applying the first layer of contact paper, I realized I wanted it to have a little added interest. So, I cut strip several strips of leftover contact paper into various widths and applied them in the opposite direction. I was surprised at how well it all blended together.

Step Three- Cut off any excess and then pop it into your frame. Simple!

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