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Recipe // The Best (Sugar Glazed) Candied Blood Oranges

It’s finally blood orange season, which you may have caught me blabbering about on Instagram recently.

And next month is Valentine’s Day, so I whipped up these candied blood orange treats to get a head start on the February sweets. I also made some with kara kara oranges (the ones that are pink in the inside). So…yum!

To make these candies citrus treats even more unusual, I dipped them in a glaze (the same one that I used for these donuts) and sprinkled them with colorful sugar sprinkles. Just for fun.

Here’s how to make your own…

Recipe // The Best (Sugar Glazed) Candied Blood Oranges


  • 2 blood oranges and 1 kara kara orange
  • 2 cups of granulated sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups of confectioner sugar
  • 1-2 tablespoons of half and half or cream
  • water


1. Start by thoroughly washing each orange, then slicing up the oranges into 1/4 inch thick pieces. Discard the end slices of each orange.

2. Next, blanch the orange slices in a medium or large skillet, by adding the slices into a pan full of water and bring it to a boil for 3 minutes. Then, drain the oranges and repeat this process one more time, before putting the orange slices into an ice bath to stop the cooking process. Blanching the oranges this way will remove some of the bitterness.

3. Next, pour out any excess water from the pan. Then, on medium heat, add one cup of water and 1 1/2 cups of sugar and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Once dissolved, stop stirring. Add oranges slices once it begin to bubble.

4. Leave the oranges to simmer for 45-60 minutes. You know they’re done when the edges are slightly translucent. 

5. Remove the orange slices from the pot and place on a cooling rack for 4 hours.

6. Pour the remaining 1/2 cup of granulated sugar into a small bowl. Dip orange slices into the sugar. Then set aside.

Candied Blood Oranges

***You can stop there, if you don’t want to add the glaze and you’ll have a perfectly respectable candied orange. But if you’re a fan of sweets to the degree that I am, you’re going to want to continue on to steps 7-9.

7. Next, mix powdered sugar and cream in a bowl and whisk until a smooth glaze is created.

8. Dip each orange slice into the glaze. Then place on a cooling rack.

9. Add sprinkles over top the glaze and let the glaze harden for several hours. Enjoy!

The process is not exactly a quick one, BUT it is really easy, which makes up for it. And the oranges taste delicious.

Candied Blood Oranges Recipe

The Best Candied Blood Oranges

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff // Assisted by Linda Jednaszewski

Have you ever made candied oranges before? Curious to know if you’ll give these blood orange ones a try.


How to Host the Coziest Holiday Party for Friends

In my book, the best party to host during the holidays is one with close friends.

Why? With friends, you don’t have to put on a show or pretend you know how to cook a glazed ham to perfection—there’s no big production necessary—which means hosting a fantastic holiday party will be a cinch, even if you’ve never hosted a get-together before.

All you really need to remember for hosting a holiday party with friends is this one basic rule: keep it casual. Aim for creating a casual, cozy, and completely comfortable environment, and you’re golden. Pretty easy, right?

How to Host the Coziest Holiday Party for Friends

And speaking of easy, here are 3 tips for helping you achieve that casual vibe for the perfect laid back holiday party…

1. Set the tone.

I love doing something unexpected for a casual party, like low seating, for example.

Pull up a large coffee table for everyone to gather around or make your own using stacks of books and plywood. Then add comfy pillows and blankets and invite everyone to kick their shoes off and get comfy on the floor. Bonus points if you can situate the table in front of a fireplace.

2. Delicious Treats.

You’re not going to want to slave away in the kitchen while guests are in another room entertaining themselves. And they don’t want you to, either. So, make things easy in the food department and go heavy on the appetizers instead of a big feast. Try this pear + goat cheese crostini recipe or any of these holiday appetizers if you’re feeling stuck. You can make everything ahead of time and keep each app warm in the oven for guests as they arrive.

Don’t forget something sweet. After guests have had their fill of appetizers, be sure to have some sweets for them to nibble on for dessert. Lindt LINDOR’s Peppermint White Chocolate Truffles are a great option. If you’ve ever had these truffles before, you know their melting centers are irresistible – making them a super simple, indulgent dessert.

3. Keep it light.

Plan something fun and lighthearted for everyone to participate in after the meal, to keep the party going. Card games and/or board games would be perfect for something like this. I found an awesome set of Bingo cards from J Crew and a backgammon game from Paper Source if you’re looking for suggestions.

How to Host the Coziest Holiday Party for Friends

How to Host the Coziest Holiday Party for Friends

How to Host the Coziest Holiday Party for Friends

And that’s it. With these quick tips, you’ll be a holiday party pro in no time.

Have your own tips to share for throwing a holiday party with friends? I’d love to hear how you make the holidays cozy and fun for your friends.

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Tips for Giving Awesome Gifts During the Holidays

Holiday gift giving really isn’t as hard as it may seem. But I totally understand that it can be stressful to find the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list.

So I partnered with Lindt to share my tips for perfect holiday gift giving and have some specific gift ideas to share, as well, for anyone who may be especially stuck.

So let’s jump into my four tips for giving the perfect gift…

1. Remember Who You’re Buying For: This sounds like a silly one, but you’d be surprised by the number of people who forget this. Example: We all have our own personal style. Right? But, your style is not necessarily everyone else’s style.

SO, when you’re buying a gift for someone that practically lives in pink flowy bohemian skirts and dresses, you probably shouldn’t get her a black t-shirt with biker studs running down the sides. Sure, you may like it, but she may not.

2. Think Hobbies + Interests: Does your mom love to cook? Is your husband obsessed with brewing his own beer? These hobbies and interest will lead you to a perfect gift idea. Just make sure to think back to number one, remembering the particular style that the giftee gravitates toward as well, and you’re golden.

3. Listen Up: You know that notoriously hard to buy for person on your list? Well, they’re probably not as difficult to buy for as you think. You just have to listen. Pretty much everyone mentions things that they want to buy or things they’ve really been liking lately at some point or another. You just have to pay attention when you hear them speak of an idea that would be gift-worthy. I learned this one from my mom. Thanks Mom!

And if said person legitimately never talks about that kind of thing, you can easily work it into the conversation casually. “Have you seen XYZ that just came out? Man, I want one… Have you seen anything cool lately that I should check out?”

4. Go Undercover: When I’m searching for gifts for friends and even some of my family members, I troll their Pinterest boards to see items that they’ve most recently pinned. I did that recently with a friend of mine and it turned out great. The giftee gets exactly what he or she wants, and is completely surprised at the same time. Win-win!

You can do this with wish lists on sites like Amazon and Giftry as well, if Pinterest isn’t your thing.

And if those 4 tips don’t get your gift-giving juices flowing, here are 6 specific + thoughtful gift ideas to get you started…

Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas for the Cook

1. Gift for the Cook: Know someone that likes to cook? Put together a little care package with cool kitchen items they’ll love, like a giant handmade spoon or a colorful mini strainer.

Awesome Gift Ideas for your Neighbor

Awesome Gift Ideas for your Neighbor

2. Gift for your Neighbor: Not sure what to gift your neighbor this year? How about a box of premium chocolates, like a box of Lindt LINDOR truffles. Chocolates are always a hit! And when they’re packaged with a cool wrapping paper, like this shibori print gift wrap, it makes it all the more special.

Add a holiday ornament gift topper for a two in one gift idea.

Awesome Gift Ideas for the Crafter

3. Gift for the Creative: Creative people can always use another notebook. Sure, they have plenty of notepads stacked up already, but a new one is always better, right?

Add a few other supplies, like decorative washi tape, tiny transparent envelopes, and a fun pair of scissors, and you have a really great gift package to give.

Awesome Gift Ideas for your Hip Friend

Awesome Gift Ideas for your Hip Friend

4. Gift for your Hip Friend: Plants never go out of style, especially succulents, air plants, and cacti. They’re pretty affordable, so you won’t break the bank with this gift idea. Just make sure to snag an interesting vessel, and you’re good to go.

I bought this planter separately from the succulents and then arranged them myself in the new container to make the gift a little more special.

Awesome Gift Ideas for your Neighbor

5. Gift for the Coffee Lover: A bag of coffee may seem like a pretty typical gift. But what if it’s a bag of coffee from the recipient’s hometown or a city that they love? Now, that’s thoughtful!

I checked a few specialty shops in my area before finding a coffee made in Savannah, for my friend who went to SCAD and misses Savannah now that she’s moved to Michigan.

Feel like that’s not enough? Include a cool coffee mug that suits the personality of whomever you’re giving the gift to, and you’re in business.

Holiday Bouquet Idea with Pink Ranunculus

DIY Hostess Gift // Tea Towel Wrapped Holiday Bouquet

6. Gift for the Cool Hostess: If you’re headed to any holiday parties this year, be sure to try this DIY gift idea. A small bouquet of flowers, like ranunculus mixed with evergreen branches, looks great and is pretty inexpensive. Plus, you can make it yourself, which adds more thought and care to the gift.

Wrap the finished bouquet in a uniquely printed tea towel and this gift pulls double-duty as two gifts in one.

This post is sponsored by Lindt and originally appeared on Momtastic. Be sure to check out Lindt Chocolate on Facebook  and for more amazing holiday gifts.