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DIY // cork board cloud project

Back to school is right around the corner, and although I don’t have kids of my own, it’s still on my mind.

So, I have a DIY for you that is back to school themed: a cute little cloud cork board to keep organized this school year. Bonus! If you don’t have kids, you can totally still make one of these…It’s perfect for a home office or in the entryway as a landing pad area for pinning up love notes, bills, etc. Hey, I managed to get the words love notes and bills in the same sentence – I think I deserve a small cookie or something.


DIY // cloud cork board


As you can probably guess, it’s pretty easy to make, but the step by instructions are right here if you need ‘em. I would love to make a giant one of these for my (maybe one day) studio, to post to-dos and inspiration. We’ll see.

So, what do you think? Would you make one of these for yourself or is it better reserved for the kiddos?

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It is time to start saving those wine corks and maybe even grab a roll of cork from the craft store (hint you can also pick some up on Amazon) because today’s roundup is going to get you in the mood to DIY.

Here are my top 13 picks for cork craft projects to get you through the weekend…

1. Polaroid Cork DIY from  Christy Schuler (above image)

2. Uncanny Cork Vases DIY (from papernstitch- that’s me!)

3. Fruit-shaped Cork Coasters from Real Simple

 4. Cork Trivet Idea from Whole Living

5. Wine Cork Coasters Craft Poject from Mayi at Heartmade

6. Wine Cork Keychains How-To from Cleverly Inspired

7. Woven Cork Tray from Design Sponge

8. Make a Cork Clutch from What I Wore (hard to believe this is DIY, but it is!)

9. Halligan’s American Travel Map from Design Sponge

10. Cute Custom Coasters from Fellow Fellow

11. Cork Stamps from The Sweet Spot

12. Wine Cork Chandelier DIY from Mox and Fodder

13. Painted Cork Tile Pinboard from The Happy Home

That’s it for me! Have a great weekend.


Almost two years ago, I bookmarked a wonderful tutorial from Design Sponge for a cork lamp. I just loved the idea and wanted to translate it in another way. But for some reason, I kind of forgot about it as time went on, and then this weekend when I was rinsing out some cans to put into the recycling bin, I remembered. I had also just bought some beautiful tulips, and immediately knew exactly what to make. A cork vase to hold notes, photographs, and of course flowers.

But these vases can also be used as organizational containers for your extra pens and even succulents too. And could also double as party/ wedding favor place cards.

Materials: Soup/ Vegetable Cans, Spray paint (any color), roll of cork (you can find it at many local craft stores or order online here), heavy duty craft glue, scissors, ruler, extra pins or clothespins to clamp cork while drying

How Do I Make This?

1. Grab some cans (soup, vegetable, etc) from the recycling bin and make sure they are washed out thoroughly. Peel off labels and clean off an sticky areas. Allow to dry fully.

2. Spray paint the inside of each can, as well as the outside rim. This may take multiple coats. Let dry fully again.

3. Roll out your cork, and place the bottom of your can at the end of the roll. Mark off the width of the can with a pencil and use a ruler to create a long straight line. I recommend cutting the length twice as long as you need. Then you can wrap the cork around twice to make it thicker for sticking pins in, etc.

4. At the end of the cut roll of cork, run a thick bead of heavy duty craft glue. Attach to can and begin rolling, adding more glue as you go.

5. At the end of your roll, add another thick bead of glue and then pin or clamp down with clothespins until dry.

6. Once dry, you are ready to add flowers, pencils, plants, or anything you can dream up. If you are using your containers as vases, I would recommend putting a glass that is slightly smaller inside the container to avoid leaks. That’s what I did, and it works great.

Here are the results… (click each image for a larger view)

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I have been itching for the next DIY project to come around and I was finally able to take some decent style shots. It’s been cloudy lately and the photos I took before were not the best. Anyway, now I am ready to post it up. This tutorial pulls double duty: it’s a modular bulletin board + coasters. Sounds like a strange combination, I’ll admit; but it makes a lot of sense if you think about it. 

Many of us are not very fond of clutter, especially in a workspace. I personally find it almost impossible to work at my desk if there is a lot of stuff on it. So, I thought I would make another bulletin board to tack up all my notes and inspirations. But, I wanted to take that idea a step further, so I began thinking of other things that I need or would use a lot in an office space.

We recently invested in a Case Study desk, and have been religiously using coasters to protect our new purchase. So, why not make a bulletin board that could also be used as coasters? The whole thing will cost less than $4.00 to make!

Here’s what you need…

Materials: 1. Cork (I picked up a 6 pack of cork coasters from a craft store for less than $2, but you could use a roll of cork and cut to size if you prefer.) 2. Ribbon or Fabric (Something I seem to have a never ending supply of- Choose ribbon that is small to medium width) 3. Scissors 4. Your favorite heavy duty glue (I like to use quickset super glue) 5. Velcro

How To: 1. Wrap ribbon around your cork square vertically until desired affect is achieved. Make sure to pull the ribbon as tight as possible. Cut off excess ribbon and glue both ends of the ribbon to the back. 

2. Repeat the process of wrapping ribbon around the same cork square, but this time wrap the ribbon around horizontally. Then cut off excess ribbon and glue both ends of the ribbon to the back.

3. Cut a small piece of velcro to attach to the back of each piece. Try to keep the cuts small and even from square so when you take them down, it will still look nice.

4. Attach all cork squares to the wall in your preferred pattern. Now you can hold notes and photos in the interwoven wrapped ribbon and pin up anything that is too big to fit otherwise. Once they are all hung up, it’s time for a drink. Pull one down and use it as a coaster, re-arrange your modular bulletin board and you are ready to start all over again. Fun and organized! Here’s what it looks like:

Note: If you would prefer to just use these as coasters (or they will be getting heavy use), I would recommend putting a sealant/ top coat over the finished cork squares so the fabric does not get ruined. For more Paper N Stitch DIY projects, click here.

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