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Wearable DIYs to Try

As much as I hate to admit it, I could really use an update to my wardrobe right about now. Especially with fall right around the corner. Anyone else been feeling this lately? Yikes. So this week, I’m wrapping things up with some fashion-related DIYs to try.

1. studded denim DIY from A Beautiful Mess

2. printed jeans DIY from Emerja Design

3. button earrings DIY from 52 Weeks Project

4. magazine clutch DIY from A Beautiful Mess

5. ear cuff DIY from Always Rooney

6. bee cuff enamel bracelet DIY from Henry Happened

Hope you have a great weekend.




Father’s Day is a little over a week away (coming up fast, isn’t it?), so I thought it was about time for a little DIY Father’s Day roundup. I threw a couple of printables in the mix as well, so all your bases are covered…

1. felt iPhone holder tutorial

2. shrinky dink Father’s Day tie tack

3. make a bowtie from scratch

4. Father’s Day printable cards

5. ‘For You Dad’ Labels + Gift Tag Printables

6. make a manly man apron for Dad

7. hand stamped handkerchief DIY for Dad

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Have a great weekend!




If you have time for a tutorial (or two) this weekend, these are a handful of my recommendations. There are so many awesome DIYs floating around internet land right now, I couldn’t resist sharing a few more than usual.

Here are 13 DIYs to try this weekend…

1. graphic painted tablecloth DIY

2. colorful painted chargers tutorial

3. succulent planter box

4. polka dot glasses project

5. wallpaper cake toppers DIY

6. DIY acrylic frame clutch

7. glittered clothespins DIY


8. globe lamp DIY

9. giant cork letter DIY

10. painterly iPhone case DIY

11. personalized wall mural project

12. sew a striped maxi dress

13. cloud-stenciled walls

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Hope you have a great weekend!