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3 DIY Ways to Package Gifts for Father's Day

In case you haven't been keeping track, Father's Day is just a few days away (this Sunday). So, I teamed up with Fossil to create the ultimate Father's Day gift guide to help you find the perfect gift(s) for dear ol' Dad.

To make things super easy, I broke the gift guide down into 3 separate parts, based on interests. So, whether your dad is a fancy pants who loves a good tie, a traveler who is always up for jetsetting, or the sporty / outdoorsy type who loves to hike, I've got you covered. Bonus! There's a DIY Father's Day packaging idea for each type of dad too. 

Sound good? Let's get to it...

The Big Father's Day Gift Guide // What to buy for the Dad who likes to travel

The 'Casual Traveler' Dad

This gift guide is for the dad that loves to travel, whether it's flying to Europe or road-tripping it through the dessert. It doesn't matter to him, as long as he's exploring. Always up for a new adventure kind of dad.

He'll love these gifts...

Atlanta felt pennant // Globe (vintage) // Shark print shave kit // Estate casual leather backpack // Moment telephoto lens for iPhone // Travel postcards (vintage) // Passport case in navy // Chronograph leather watch in brown // Field notes journals // San Diego map iPhone case // European map (vintage)

The Big Father's Day Gift Guide

3 DIY Ways to Package Gifts for Father's Day

DIY Wrapping Paper Idea for 'Casual Traveler' Dad

Find an old map and paint a special message right onto the paper. Let it dry and then wrap your gift. Try to keep the entire map intact while wrapping. Then it can be reused as a piece of art after the present has been unwrapped.

The Big Father's Day Gift Guide // What to buy for the 'fancy' Dad

Fancy Pants Dady'O

This gift guide is for the dad that likes to keep things fancy...but is still pretty hip. He might own a briefcase and sport a bow tie every now again, but he still loves to listen to old albums and dance the night away.

He'll love these gifts...

Air plant // Field notes // Giant jack paperweight // Gold and wood dice (vintage) // Gold barware // Dillon double zip workbag in brown // Albums with fancy covers // Scarf // Gold metal monogram (old ornaments from West Elm) // Grant chronograph watch in brown // Evan key fob // Fossil 1954 fragrance for men // Truman travel wallet // Wood semicircle container (vintage) // Manly candle

The Big Father's Day Gift Guide

3 DIY Ways to Package Gifts for Father's Day

DIY Wrapping Paper Idea for 'Fancy Pants' Dad

Wrap Dad's gift in a gift! Find a cool scarf, blanket, etc that your dad will love and wrap his present with the textile. Add a leather strap and a felt tag and you're good to go. I also added a gold metal monogram, for extra fanciness.

The Big Father's Day Gift Guide // What to buy for the sporty outdoorsy Dad

The Sporty Outdoorsmen Dad

This gift guide is for the dad that still has his old baseball glove from college and smiles from ear to ear at the thought of white water rafting. He's sporty and outdoorsy. The best of both worlds.

He'll love these gifts...

Wool camp hat // Pendleton blanket // Handmade hair comb // Pool ball (vintage) // Forest keychain // Life notebook // Double zip shave kit in red // Estate e/w messenger in navy // Conner keyhole sunglasses // Illustrated sport soap // Truman flip bifold in navy // Harmonica // The Outsiders book

The Big Father's Day Gift Guide

3 DIY Ways to Package Gifts for Father's Day

3 DIY Ways to Package Gifts for Father's Day

DIY Wrapping Paper Idea for 'Sporty Outdoorsmen' Dad

Use a 1 inch hole punch to create palm frond polka dots for present packaging, as a nod to the outdoors. I used newspaper as my wrapping paper (try the sports section to appeal to his sporty side), then applied the leaf polka dots with glue dots. So simple. *These palm frond polka dots double as natural confetti, if you really want to get your party on too.

Well, that's going to do it for the big list of Father's Day gifts and DIY packaging projects for Dad. I'm totally curious to know which one is your favorite of the three? Have any special plans for Dad this Father's Day?

Concept, photography and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff
Assisted by Linda Jednaszewski


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Fun Pop Art DIY for Father's Day

I am all for celebrating holidays in unique ways, and although Father's Day is usually one of the most difficult holidays to be creative (for me anyway), I managed to come up with one idea that will add a little color to your home (and hopefully a smile to any dad's face).

For this project, I partnered with The Paper Mill Store again to use some of their awesome papers to make something that I think any hip (and handy) Dad will enjoy: colorful pop art featuring the hand tools that pretty much any dad will have in his tool box: a wrench, a mallet, a hand saw, a screw driver, etc. It's pop art for your pops!

You won't need any drawing skills for these art pieces either, because you can trace the tools directly onto paper to get the silhouettes, then fill in a few small details to make each piece feel a little more dimensional. Here's how to make your own art pieces for Father's Day...

Supplies // Pop Art Father's Day DIY


  • hand tools (for tracing purposes)
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brushes
  • pencil
  • heavyweight paper that will hold paint - this is the one that I recommend from The Paper Mill Store OR if you want to try this technique on larger paper, go with this one


1. Lightly center a hand tool onto paper and trace it with a pencil.

2. Then, using two contrasting colors, paint the object and background.

3. Let the paint dry completely, then outline the tool to give it more definition and add any details that you feel comfortable drawing.

4. Add handwritten notes to the background of a couple of the art pieces, to add a more personal touch. This can be a simple letter letting your Dad know how much you care, or something like a favorite childhood memory that you want to remind him of. Almost like a non-traditional greeting card.

5. Frame and hang or keep it simple and hang them frameless, using  washi tape or Command strips.

How To Make DIY Pop Art for Father's Day

If you want to be extra clever and sneaky, you could hide these art pieces around the house where you know he'll eventually see them (like a junk drawer that he is always tossing stuff into or the kitchen cabinet where his favorite coffee mug always is) to surprise him.

OR send him on a scavenger hunt, like I did a while back for me and Jeff's anniversary, searching for clues to a special prize or present.

DIY Father's Day Scavenger Hunt with Clues Throughout the House

DIY Father's Day Idea // Pop Art for Pops

Hand Tool Silhouettes as DIY Father's Day Artwork

P.S. If your dad doesn't live nearby, you could always mail these to him, similar to the mailable Mother's Day DIY I did last month.

And if you're not sure that artwork is the way you want to go with this DIY, try it on a smaller scale, and make a colorful Father's Day card for Dad instead.

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff


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Father's Day DIY // Hand Painted Tie

I hope you had a nice weekend. This morning, I wanted to share a Father's Day DIY that I recently created for Momtastic. It's for a DIY hand painted tie. That one that see peeking out above, from behind that book.

Father's Day is one of the toughest holidays for me to come up with gift ideas. Dads are tough to DIY for, but I'm happy with how this one turned out. And I have one more DIY for Dad later this week, that will add a pop of color to your home. So stay tuned for that...should be going up on Wednesday.

You can check out the full tutorial and more photos for this DIY Father' Day gift on Momtastic. And on an unrelated note, that Pictorial Webster's Dictionary is pretty cool (and it's available on Amazon if you're interested). 

DIY // Hand Painted Tie for Father's Day

 Photos, concept, and photography by Brittni Mehlhoff

P.S. I had Jeff pose for the photos. Can you tell he doesn't like having his picture taken? It's so different (and a little weird) to use a guy as a model, but for Father's Day it's kind of the only option.

Do you have any plans to make something for Father's Day, this year? Or did you buy the perfect gift that you know he'll love? Always curious to hear how other people tackle this holiday.