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Sooooo, I'm not sure I've mentioned this before, but the studio is dangerously close to a wholesale flower shop. As in three buildings down close. As in my wallet is currently going into mini seizures close.

Which means I've been finding pretty much any excuse to buy flowers lately. And today, that's in the form of a DIY floral centerpiece. The dahlias were just too good to pass up when I went over there last. AND then I found the secret ingredient (not dahlias) and I was like, okay I have to make a holiday bouquet now.

Want to make your own?

The Secret Ingredient to The Prettiest Holiday Centerpiece

Here are the flowers and fillers you'll need to make your own...

Flower List:

- 10 stems of Dahlias
- 1 large stem of Pepperberry
- 5 Peonies
- 3 stems of Rosemary

The secret 'ingredient' to this DIY holiday centerpiece is the Pepperberry. They scream holiday vibes, without being overbearing. So, be sure to find that one (or at least something similar).

How To:

Once you've rounded up your flowers, find a medium to tall vase, properly prep your flowers ahead of time (remove excess leaves) and start arranging. I held the bouquet in my hand to get the basic arranging down and the varying heights, using a criss crossed stem method. And then moved everything to the vase once I cut the stems across the bottom (at an angle) to the same level, while still holding the flowers in place how I wanted them to sit in the vase.

The Secret Ingredient to The Prettiest Holiday Centerpiece (and Tutorial)

You can always readjust everything once its in the vase and add more flowers if its's not feeling full enough. Once you're done, it will look something like this...

How to make the prettiest holiday centerpiece

Peonies and Dahlias for Holiday Bouquets

The Secret Ingredient to The Prettiest Holiday Centerpiece (and Tutorial)

Photography Amelia Tatnall
Styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

Curious to know... What would you do if you have a flower shop just a few doors down from you? Would you (and your wallet) be going into mini seizures with me or do you have self restraint in this department?


These colors!

This week, I've been gravitating towards rich, natural colors. Teals, blues, browns... all of that. So, I put some of my favorites into a little roundup of things I'm loving at the moment. Heart eyes all around for these twelve things (but especially 2, 6, and 11)...

1. (above) this color palette via Gozde Eker

Cacti love

2. some serious cacti via K. Boggs

Mini Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches

3. stroopwafel ice cream sandwiches

Dahlias for July 4th

4. a dahlia-filled centerpiece via designlovefest

This space!

5. grayish blue floors via Archello

PB & J ice cream cups

6. chocolate peanut butter and jam ice cream cups via The Artful Desperado

Jeans and sandals

7. jeans and sandals via Melissa Chanel

Bacon cheddar waffles with maple bacon syrup

8. bacon and cheddar waffles with bacon and maple syrup via The House That Lars Built

Ceramics studio of Iggy & Lou Lou

9. the ceramics studio of Iggy & Lou Lou via The Design Files

Malted chocolate fudge stuffed cupcakes

10. malted chocolate fudge stuffed cupcakes via Girl Versus Dough

This space

11. a cool game night for adults via Almost Makes Perfect

DIY palm frond confetti

12. natural DIY confetti from palm fronds

What kind of things have you been into lately? Would love to hear what you're loving as of late.


Flower Types: Hyacinth and Star of Bethlehem

I always like to have a few DIY gift ideas in my back pocket that only take a few minutes to whip up. You never know when something might pop up that you need a little gift for. And sometimes it's hard to come up with something last minute. Right? It's like my brain locks up under pressure or something.

Which is exactly why I try to come up with DIY ideas ahead of time that are my go-tos on such an occasion. This budget-friendly $10 bouquet is one of them.

To make your own, you'll just need two kind of flowers and a little ribbon. Bonus points if you have a label maker on hand.

Fresh cuttings from a bouquet

For this particular bouquet, I used Hyacinth and Star of Bethlehem. Both are super inexpensive by the stem...I think I picked up 4 stems of Hyacinth for 6 bucks ($1.50 a stem) and some Star of Bethlehem flowers for $4. Which brought the total to a whopping $10. Add some ribbon and a little message with a label maker and you are good to go.

For more detailed photos and explanations, visit my post on Project Wedding

Flower DIY: The $10 Bouquet

Such an easy gift idea and super affordable too, which I love. Plus, if you're going with the label maker ribbon message, you can customize it for any occasion...birthdays, housewarmings, thank yous, etc.

Flower DIY: The $10 Bouquet

Photography and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

Think you'll give this budget bouquet a try? I'd love to hear what other flower suggestions you might have that would still fit into the $10 cap.


For more DIY flower ideas like this, visit the flower projects page.