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How to Create a Freeform Floral Centerpiece Without a Flower Frog

At this point, browsing beautiful flower arrangements on Pinterest has turned into a sad little hobby of mine. Sad only because I don’t think I can count Pinterest as a hobby. Can I? 

But after all of that browsing, I’ve realized that there aren’t many tutorials to show how to make the type of arrangement that I am particularly partial to. The kind of arrangement that feels a little more wild, organic, and freeform. Not rigid. Or ball-shaped. You know the type, right?

Sooo…I thought I’d create a tutorial today on how to make those free spirited, imperfect arrangements that I’m so fond of. Without a flower frog. That way, you can use a transparent vase or vessel. And bonus – you don’t need any extra gadgets.

This small arrangement is perfect for an impromptu dinner party, or resting on a side table in your living room. Want to make your own?

DIY Freeform Floral Centerpiece (without a flower frog)

Let's a make a freeform floral centerpiece

Here’s how…

Flowers + Greenery Needed: white/green ranunculus, delphinium, thistle, stock, ivory hypericum berry, queen anne’s lace, freesia, pittosporum

Additional Supplies: short open mouth vase (I used a $2 wine glass from West Elm), scissors or floral shears

Flower Power: How to Create a Freeform Floral Centerpiece Without a Flower Frog

How To:

This how-to is probably a little easier to describe via photos, as opposed to words, but just in case, I have both.

1. First, add at least one inch of water to a short, wide vase (in this case a wine glass). Set aside.

2. Next, you’ll want to prepare the flowers and greenery, by removing the bottom layers of leaves and blooms. You don’t want any leaves or flowers touching the water line, so keep that in mind.

3. You’ll also want to cut the stems down to relatively the same length (its important for some stems to be longer than others, but you’ll want the stem lengths to all be within 2 inches of each other – give or take). I’d recommend cutting a stem down for the greenery, testing it out to make sure it’s a good length, and then going from there. Instead of cutting all the stems down at once, without testing.

4. Now, it’s time to start putting the centerpiece together. Start with the pittosporum. I added 3-5 small stems total to give the arrangement a good, hearty base. By intersecting the stems (meaning that stems are different angles), it creates a loose grid of sorts to support the flowers that are added next.

5. Then, just let some of the flowers do the talking for you. Not in a hippie kind of way (though that may work too). If you see that a stem naturally leans to the right, for example, arrange that stem on the right-hand side to let the arrangement naturally veer out to the right. And then find a stem that leans left to balance things out on the opposite side. Fill in holes with smaller blooms and, if possible, vary the sizes and colors throughout, for a more organic look.

Note: Generally, I like to start with adding the largest, statement flowers first and then work my way down to the smaller sizes to fill in holes, etc. But there’s no exact science here. It’s flower arranging! It’s supposed to be fun. So feel free to carve your own path.

Delphinium, Ranunculus, and Queen Anne's Lace Arrangement

Anatomy of a Freeform Bouquet / Centerpiece

All in all, the flowers in this arrangement cost me less than $20 in flowers to make (and those are flower shop stem prices, not wholesale), and took about 10 minutes to make.

Ranunculus, Delphinium, and Queen Anne's Lace Arrangement

DIY // Arranging a freeform floral centerpiece

Flower DIY // Delphinium, Ranunculus, Queen Anne's Lace, and Freesia

Not too difficult, right? And you don’t need anything special to recreate this look, either. Which is what I like about it.

Think you’ll give this DIY arrangement a try for your next dinner party?

Photography Sarah Eddy // Concept and styling Brittni Mehlhoff

Looking for more DIY flower projects to try? Check out the flowers tag for more project ideas.


Ten Minute Wedding DIYs to Try

Since it is wedding season at the moment, I thought I would put together a few super quick and easy DIY wedding ideas today. My friend’s bridal shower is later this month, so I think weddings and wedding-related events are just kind of on my brain at the moment.

If you’ve ever planned a wedding (or are currently planning a wedding), you know how stressful it can be to add DIY projects to your list of wedding to-dos. But if you’re a DIYer at heart, chances are you can’t be stopped from making a least a couple of small things for the big day. So…I partnered with the folks at Tic Tac to come up with 3 extremely easy (and quick) DIYs that will take you almost no time at all, but will satisfy your DIY wedding craving.

AND if you’re already married or single, you can just as easily use these ideas for a party instead. No wedding necessary. Okay! Let’s jump in…

Ten Minute Wedding DIYs // cake toppers

A tiny cake with heart toppers

1. Simple Paper Cake Toppers

Create these super simple cake toppers using decorative paper, wallpaper samples, or sheets of card stock that you’ve painted with your own design. Just draw or trace a shape onto paper, cut it out, glue it to a bamboo skewer and poke the topper into a cake or cupcake.

These are especially cute on small individual cakes, like the one pictured. You could even customize each topper with a monogram or the guest’s names. And they’re great for dinner parties too. Everyone loves getting their own individual little cake.

DIY // Striped Bouquet of Flowers

DIY Striped Bouquet

2. ‘Will you be my bridesmaid’ Bouquets

You guys know I couldn’t resist throwing a flower DIY in here for good measure. I made this bouquet just like this one, only I used decorative wrapping paper, instead of kraft paper. The wrapping paper is from Rifle, in case you were wondering – it’s Happy StripeOnce the bouquet is wrapped, tie it with string and add a card or leave a secret message inside the paper wrapping, like I did with this DIY.

This would be a cool hostess gift too, if you don’t have a wedding coming up. Or even a birthday gift for a friend.

The exact recipe for this bouquet: 3 stems of Solidago, 3 stems of Snapdragons (1 white and 2 pink or peach), and 1 stem of White Phlox

DIY Wrapped Wedding + Party Favors

Wrapped Favors using Decorative Papers

DIY Wrapped Party Favors

3. Easy Wedding or Party Favors

Trace and cut a piece of paper large enough to wrap all the way around your favorite Tic Tac packs. I like Strawberry Fields, Freshmints, and Wintergreen. There are quite a few Tic Tac flavors, so you’re bound to find one that fits the color scheme of your wedding (or party).

Use the piece of paper you just cut as a template to trace and cut decorative papers and/or wallpaper samples to the correct size. Then wrap the paper around the container, tape or glue the ends, and add string or twine to finish it in a bow or knot. Wedding favors done. Or party favors.

Have any other quick DIY ideas for weddings and parties? 

This post is in partnership with Tic Tac. All opinions and ideas are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.


Pink Peonies + DIY Mirrored Glass Mini Vases

Yesterday completely got a way from me. Like completely!

I was running around all day trying to find items for a styled shoot (one of my freelance gigs) and then came back, styled it and started taking photos. Almost immediately after I started shooting, a storm rolled in. Which meant that natural light was basically non-existent – it was nearly dark outside.

I took photos anyway. They were horrible, but there wasn’t really anything I could do about it.

After I finished editing all the photos (again, still awful), I took a break and noticed that it was suddenly sunny on that side of the house again. So, I decided to start fresh and reshoot all of the photos. Mission accomplished. The photos were much better the second time around. But when I finished editing and writing that article, it was after midnight.

Which means…I didn’t have time to put together the post I had planned for today because I was working so late on that other project. The crazed life of a DIY blogger. Not complaining though. I swear.

All is not lost, though, because this give me a chance to share some outtakes from a recent DIY that I created for Project Wedding. Bonus! It involves peonies…

DIY Mirrored Glass Mini Vases

Peonies + DIY Mirrored Glass Mini Vases

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

They’re mirrored glass mini vases made out of votive candle holders.  And I made the small flower arrangements with peonies (blogland’s favorite flower), tulips, wax flowers, calla lilies, and pink dianthus.

See the tutorial breakdown and more photos on Project Wedding.