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I've always been a fan of silver "“ I think it stems from my interest in the black-white-grey color palette. When I got older, the metal shifted to platinum, but the palette was essentially the same. But lately, I've been struck by some of the golden beauties I've seen around, especially those placed in modern interiors. These aren't the creepy brass fixtures and ornate frames I remember seeing in my youth (although you can see below that one of the spaces uses just that,) but these interiors use a touch of gold in just the right way.

The reason these spaces are so successful is that the amount of gold used is just right "“ enough to make a strong impact, yet not so much as to look ostentatious. And the neutral backgrounds that house these gilt treasures keep them from getting out of control. Try bringing a few golden pieces into your decor. They can be true accessories, like a trinket placed on a shelf or table, or can be a single major piece. I'm particularly taken with the contrast of the matte black against the gold-leaf finish in the first shot. It really lets the gold have a modern edge.

Oversize gold-leaf lamp

Golden sink + Gold-leafed wall surface

Ornate frame

Cabinet interior + Stove

Oversize Gilt A

Amy wrote this post. She is the designer and owner of FormFire Glassworks, where she creates modern lampwork glass beads and jewelry, and by day designs custom homes for a small firm in Southern California. You can follow her twitter @formfireglass.