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A guest post by artist and maker Mayi Carles.

I remember the first time I ordered from an artist on Etsy. I bought a wedding cake topper from The Small Object shop (now on sale on Sarah Neuburger's new shop Together Forever). It was beautifully package + a party to my eyes + it felt like my birthday or Christmas Eve. And, I remember thinking: "Now, that's a gorgeous package!"

And this got me thinking"¦

The way we present + package our products says a lot about us as creative entrepreneurs + about our business. Our packaging is also a great opportunity to dazzle our customers + stand out from the big factory stores + promote our business + increase our chances for repeat customers.

And with the holidays fast approaching, it's a perfect time to ramp up our product presentations because don't we all love to receive gifts even when we know what's inside. So here are some gift wrapping + packaging ideas that won't hurt your budget that will have your customers coming back to shop again + again + telling their friends + family to shop from you too:

1. Make it handmade. Why buy mass produced materials when you can make your own? Choose handmade touches whenever possible. It makes your package much more special that the average store bought factory derived presentation.

2. When buying materials, don't forget about your lovely planet. Be as green as you can be. I personally love to receive packages that are made from eco-friendly + sustainable materials. Kraft is totally the new white.

3. Be creative when wrapping. Reuse + recycle what you have readily available. You can use old magazines + book pages + newspapers + maps + menus + music sheets + vintage paper + graph paper + repurposed fabric. A found key + vintage ribbon + pine cones + acorns + dried leafs + fluffy yarn + fun tape also make divine adornments. The possibilities are endless really.

4. Add your personal touch. It can be a short + sweet handwritten note. This is a great opportunity to give thanks to your client for their business + include care instructions + provide any additional info about the product(s) packaged.

5. Think outside the box. Not all packages have to come in a box. Why not in a jar or a tin can? Be unconventional.

6. Add some swag. By swag I mean: branded freebies + promotional material that help you promote your shop. I recommend a free shipping or discount coupon + a functional promotional item with your shop logo. For my boutique, I insert a lovely pencil that has my URL engraved + my clients love it. I also would advice not include the following: candy + confetti + glitter + anything really expensive + a cheaply mass produced item + anything with a strong scent.

7. Brand it. Every detail about your package should tell a story about who you are + what your company is all about. Branding is very very powerful + you should use it as your ally everywhere you can. I like to include my logo on your thank you card + invoice + business card.

I hope these tips can help you turn your packages from good to extraordinary.

I'm dying to know how you package your products + looking forward to hearing your best packaging practices + advice for providing outstanding packaging.


Mayi Carles


Thanks so much Mayi for sharing your business tips with us again this week. You can check out Mayis next guest post with even more tips for your business in a couple weeks.

More about Mayi: Mayi Carles is a Panamanian multi-passionate artist + avid eco-friendly designer + the heart behind heartmade blog + fun indie coach. To connect with Mayi, follow her tweets at @mayicarles.


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