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Awesome Color Block Door

When it comes to interiors, I love, love, love pops of color, especially when it’s unexpected and flanked with white. It feels so fresh to me.

And it doesn’t have to be all about paint either. You can accomplish the same things with accessories and furniture if you aren’t into painting the walls or doors (or you can’t paint because you’re renting).

Here are a handful of my favorite ways color is being incorporating into interiors at the moment…

(above) How amazing is this aqua and lime color blocked door?

Yellow and Royal Blue Interior

Sunshine yellow and royal blue is officially an awesome combo.

Turquoise Hallway

Love this turquoise hallway.

yellow couch in a white loft

Yellow couch.

turquoise chair railing

More turquoise.

colorful furniture in interiors

Colorful furniture in an otherwise neutral space.

Orange Eames Chair + Green Tablecloth

A pop of orange with a little green.

Yellow Furniture from Weekday Carnival

Yellow with black and white.

For even more color inspiration, check out these past interior obsession posts: Bold Use of Color + Color Pop.


Interior Obsessions // all about the dining chairs

This week, I’m completely obsessed with dining room chairs. And I literally have no idea why. We’re not looking for new chairs at the moment. In fact, I really like the ones we have. BUT I cannot shake the fact that dining rooms with amazing chairs have been popping up a lot lately, especially on my interiors board.

So, I might as well embrace it. Right?

Here are some dining rooms I’m crushing on right now, that just so happen to have awesome chairs…

(above) This combo of chairs makes me happy.

pastel chairs in the a rustic modern dining room

Love all the pastel colors and variations in chair shapes happening here.

a beautiful dining room with lots of windows

Well, this is a great space, huh? And so are the chairs. Feels pretty effortless.

Dowel Leg Dining Chairs

Everybody loves dowel legs. Right?

mismatched dining chairs in a modern farmhouse

Every chair is different. And it total works in this modern farmhouse dining room.

dining room table with mismatched chairs + blue wall

Another good example.

pastel dipped dining room chairs

And my favorite chairs of all!

What has been inspiring you lately, as far an interiors go? Anything specific?


black and white room with colorful artwork

So, I’m just going to admit that there’s no particular theme to today’s Interior Obsessions post. Except for the fact that they’re all pretty awesome. Is that a theme? I’m thinking that might be a theme.

Either way, I think you’ll enjoy these spaces. My absolute favorite is this first one, above (and that staircase below).

(above) Black and white with a little color.

what a great staircase

An inviting staircase.

a white kitchen with colorful accessories

How great is this kitchen? I really like that it’s filled to the brim with stuff. Sometimes, clutter is a good thing.

a well appointed living room

Those pillows and that artwork. Yes!

a workspace with a great inspiration board

A workspace wall that is exploding with inspiration.

beautiful kitchen with blue vintage stove

Love the blue antique stove in this interior. Has a great farmhouse feel.

love this white living room with colorful accents and accessories

And this is a fun one.

Which space is your favorite? Curious to know what style best suits your home.


loving these six things

This morning, I have butterflies in my stomach, from all the excitement…because today is the first full day of Meet/Make/Do activities. Chelsea, Kelly, and I got everything set up yesterday morning/ afternoon, and everyone started arriving mid-day. Then we headed out to dinner (which was delicious). I can’t wait to share the details from this event. For now though, you can follow along here. And on my Instagram. #meetmakebing

I was so looking forward to doing it all over again today, I woke up super early, like it was Christmas morning or something.

The vibe here is light, airy, and all kinds of calming/relaxing. So, I thought it would be appropriate to round up some of my favorite things right now that fit that description: light, airy, and completely calming…

Top. house plants 101 // a beautiful bedroom (found via)

Middle. a lovely kitchen (found via// a vintage Cy Twombly exhibition poster (one of my absolute favorite artists)

Bottom. cacti and air plants // tiny vessels and a geometric wall

What is inspiring you lately? Anything in particular that you’re absolutely loving?


pretty + modern / geometric painted wall

This morning I’m feeling especially drawn to pattern. So I thought I would roundup some of my favorite ways to use pattern for this week’s Interior Obsessions

(above) Everything that comes from Weekday Carnival is amazing. Including this geometric wall.

great patterned couch

How great is this couch? And those pillows too.

pattern in storage shelves

Love the variation in colors and patterns in each cubby of this storage shelf.

great tile pattern on the floor

This black and white tile floor is amazing.

great patterned rug and dining room

Cool rug with a great pattern in this eclectic dining room.

pattern in the bedroom

Love the repetition of stripes in this cheerful bedroom.

hot pink and mint green wall patterns

And this wall pattern?! Yes.

Do you incorporate patterns into your decor at home?