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How to make DIY office organizers with sheets of cork

Let the games begin! After yesterday's announcement, I'm hitting the ground running with today's DIY office organizer. Because if there is one thing we need to get a handle on around here, it's organization. There are still lots of boxes to unpack and bags upon bags of craft supplies to go through. But I can't tackle everything at once, so I'm starting small and working my way up to the big stuff. Who's with me?

These geometric cork containers can be used for keeping pens, paper clips, and paint brushes tidy. Or pop a plant in one and you have a geo planter. You can hang these on the wall or keep them on your desk. Lots of options for this one. I keep picturing a ton of these (like 15-20) hanging on the wall with plants inside. What do you think?

cork office caddies


- cork sheets (mine have little flecks of color in them, if you like that sort of thing)
- scissors
- hot glue gun
- pen or pencil for marking
- ruler* or straightedge

*You can definitely create these cork containers without a ruler if you prefer. I did mine without one. BUT it's a lot easier to get the measurements right the first time if you have one (which I realized after the fact). Just FYI.

How To:

1. Start by creating a triangle (any size) and marking off the line to cut on, using a ruler or straightedge.

2. Cut the triangle out with scissors. This will be the bottom of your container.

3. Next, measure and cut each side of your triangle and cut a rectangle for each side of the triangle from the cork. *Make sure all of the rectangles are the same height. These will be the sides of your container.

If you're not using a ruler, just trace one side of the triangle base to get the correct width, then cut a rectangle that is that width. Repeat this process with the other two sides of the triangle. Again, making sure that all of the sides are the same height.

4. (optional step) To create a container that is lower in the front than it is in the back, determine the severity of the angle you want and, using a straightedge or ruler, mark those lines. I found it easiest, to put the two front pieces together (without glueing), like how they'll be when they're connected to the base, and drew an angle on each one that lined up with the other. See photo.

5. Next, it's time to glue all of the pieces together. Run a bead of hot glue along all three edges of the base triangle and attach the side walls. Then glue the side walls together.

6. (optional step) If you decide to create a hanging wall container, you'll want to cut out a small hole in the back of the container that can rest on a nail in the wall. OR add a wall hook to the back, if you prefer.

How to make hanging DIY office organizers with sheets of cork

Add pens, pencils, or plants and you're good to go. Geometric cork containers for office organization and beyond.

Hanging DIY office organizers made of sheets of cork

DIY office organizer made of cork sheets

DIY office organizer (and planter) made of cork sheets

Photography by Amelia Tatnall
Concept and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

Think you'll give this DIY a try? How do you keep your office supplies organized?


Living room source list from Paper & Stitch

Earlier this week, I shared my living room reveal, but there was so much to cover with that post (a DIY project for leather wrapped frames + the actual living room photos, in case you missed it), I figured I'd split the source list off into another post to make it easier. And today is source list day.

I tried to link to everything in the space that I could, but if I somehow forgot something, please feel free to let me know in the comments. Deal? Alright, so let's just jump right in...

Living room source list from Paper & Stitch

We've had this LAXseries entertainment stand for years and years and it's looked good in every place we've taken it so far (which is a total of 5 houses / apartments and 3 states so far). I really want to get a gold or copper front plate to replace the white metal at some point. But for now, it still works.

Living room source list from Paper & Stitch

This bullet planter is one of my faves. Its from DWR and was a Christmas present from my mom last year. Thanks Mom!

Living room source list from Paper & Stitch

One of Gertie's favorite spots in the house is the living room rug. No idea why, but she really loves it (and gets her claws stuck in it pretty much every single day).

I bought the rug on mega sale (floor sample) at CB2 and they don't sell it anymore, but this one is similar in color if you're looking for something semi-geometric.

Living room source list from Paper & Stitch

All the colorful prints were printed and framed by Mpix. Leather wrapped frames DIYed by me. Tutorial here.

The vases and vessels are pieces that I've collected overtime...I bought the tall triangle print vase in Palm Springs (and lugged it back home in my suitcase because I'm dedicated like that, apparently). The golden eye bowl is from Pour Porter (no longer available) and my favorite right now...the face vase is from Group Partner.

Living room source list from Paper & Stitch

And I think that about wraps it up. Here's the full source list...

bullet planter from DWR // LAXseries entertainment unit from MASH studios // mauve fiberglass chair is vintage //  linear black and white pillow DIYed // leather couch from Crate and Barrel (similar style at a lower price point available at West Elm) // white plaid blanket from West Elm (which you might remember from this DIY embroidered blanket project) // fiberglass rocker from Modernica // pillows on the rocker are from Ferm Living and Alyson Fox for West Elm // George Nelson bench (that we use as a coffee table) from Herman Miller // blue rug from CB2 (similar) // face vase is from Group Partner // ceramic beaver is vintage (you might you may remember from this post) // grey chunky knit basket from TJ Maxx (no longer available) // case study storage unit from Modernica

Photography by Amelia Tatnall
Styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

Let me know if I forgot anything!


Potted plants in the window

Whenever Jeff and I move to a new place, the number one priority on our list of must-haves is great natural light. And the same has been true in my search for the 'perfect' studio space (which has more recently become a little bit of a nightmare, but thats a whole other story).

So, today, in the spirit of inspiration (we're currently trying to decide if we should move from our current place when our lease is up at the end of October), I've rounded up some of my favorite interiors with gorgeous natural light.

1. (above) A spot for ALL the plants (via The Transcontinental Affair)

Living Room. Natural Light Inspiration.

2. A living room with plenty of natural elements/ textiles AND natural light (via Studio McGee)

Pale blue workspace inspiration

3. The workspace of Lucile Sciallano (via The Design Files)

Wall to wall bookcase

4. Love that bookcase! And the perfectly even natural light. (via Boligliv)

Kitchen / Living Room Combo

5. Light-drenched kitchen / living room combo (via This Is Paper)

That Perfect Natural Light

6. Oh yes! (via At Home In Love)

Office inspiration

7. My color blocked office area

Mint cabinets in the kitchen

8. The picture perfect kitchen of Sarah Sherman Samuel (via Smitten Studio)

Perfect Natural Light

9. Vaulted ceilings and insanely awesome natural light (via Camille Styles)

Love this dining room

10. This dining room! (via Amber Interiors)

Bedroom makeover inspiration

11. The DIY bedroom makeover I did for a friend (via Curbly)

Amazing kitchen with great natural light

12. Great kitchen with plenty of light (via Studio McGee)

Corner bedroom with amazing natural light

13. This corner bedroom! (via KK Living)

I'd be pretty happy to live (or work) in any of these amazing spaces. What about you?