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Pastel Half Painted Wall

The painted half wall trend seems to be sticking around...and I'm definitely not mad at it. Especially since I recently painted my office with this same technique, and can confidently say that I know exactly why it's so popular....

1) It looks great in every room, with pretty much any color.

2) It's WAY easier than painting the whole wall from top to bottom (especially if you have high ceilings).

But don't take my word for it. Check out these 6 half painted walls and let me know if you think this trend is in it for the long haul or on its way out.

1. (above) I've got the blues! In a good way. (via A Beautiful Mess)

High Contrast Half Painted Wall

2. A high contrast half wall. Love this one! (via A Merry Mishap)

Blue Painted Half Wall Office Space

3. My office makeover  / paint job.

Messy Half Painted Wall

4. A messy version of this trend. I kind of like this. What about you? (via Vtwonen)

Pink Painted Half Wall

5. Thinking pink with this three-quarters paint job. (via Home Life)

Charcoal Painted Half Wall in the Dining Room

6. Charcoal grey days. (via Vtwonen)

What do you think of this trend? Is it here to stay or on it's way out?


Cozy Modern Seating Area

Remember my hunt for the perfect piece of furniture to make over, from a couple of weeks ago?

Well, it's all painted and ready to go, for the final reveal, and it's looking pretty good, if I do say so myself.

In case you don't quite remember what this is all about, here's a quick recap...Last month, I participated in the Valspar Flea Market Fixer Challenge, to find an awesome piece of furniture to makeover for my home. I drove around town hunting for a piece that was screaming for a makeover and ended up finding a small(ish) side table that I thought would be a great fit. See more photos from my flea market trip here.

The simple shape mixed with a cool detail at the legs sold me. And I took it home to give it a couple of coats of chalky finish paint from Valspar's newest line. It just launched this month - find it at your nearest Lowe's.

Here's how you can give a piece of furniture a face lift with a few items...

Valspar Chalky Finish Paint


To makeover this table, I used Valspar's chalky finish paint in Woolen Stockings, which is a really pretty grey color. Highly recommend that one! It's one of my faves. I also experimented with a vintage satin finish (which I ended up nixing - more on that later), so I used sealing wax as well, along with a paint brush and a lint-free rag.

How To:

1. There is no priming or sanding necessary with this particular kind of paint, which is awesome (a time saver and budget-friendly), but you will want to wipe down your furniture first, so that it's free of dirt and debris.

2. Grab your paint (I bought a quart for this project and ended up using about 1/5 of the can, if that) and a paint brush and get to painting. I did one solid coat on the top, sides, and legs.

3. Then let it dry for 4 hours before tackling the underside with a coat of paint.

4. Flip the table back over and do a second coat on the top, sides, and legs. Let it dry according to the label, which is about 4 hours.

4. Once the paint has had ample time to dry, apply the sealing wax with a paint brush and let that sit for 1-2 minutes before removing any excess with a lint-free rag. Apply in small sections, brushing on a thin, even coat, before removing excess.

5. Let the table dry overnight and you're good to go.

How to Refinish a Side Table

Now, this is the part where I went a little off the rails and repainted the table to have a flat matte finish. I liked the satin finish just fine, but once I figured out where it was going to go, I knew I had to change it. Probably should have figured that out ahead of time, right? Whoops.

I had initially thought this table would either land in our bedroom as a nightstand or as a plant stand in another part of the house. Well, I was wrong because once I finished it, I realized that it was almost the exact same color as a concrete wall nook that we have downstairs. So bata bing bata boom...I now have a mini seating area / reading nook instead.

As a refresher, here is my inspiration board that I shared in the last post...

Inspiration Board for Side Table Makeover

And here's how the finished piece turned out...

Cozy Seating Area

Reading Nook

Side Table Details

I love, love, love the monochromatic look happening between the wall and the side table.

Because I chose a pretty subdued / neutral color, it works well to have the color blend into the wall, and the matte finish of the wall was the number one reason I decided to repaint the side table sans the satin finish. The flat finish works really well with the space and doesn't compete with the texture of the wall.

Leaves in a lilac vase

DIY Side Table Makeover Reveal

It's kind of a tight space, so I couldn't get back very far for photos, but hopefully you can get an idea of the vibe of this little landing area / nook. case you're wondering, I found that Nakashima-esque chair at a local antique store (Highland Row Antiques, if you're in ATL) for a steal. It's my new favorite chair. You know I have a chair addiction, right?

DIY Side Table Makeover

DIY Side Table Makeover Reveal

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

Alright. So that's the makeover in a nutshell. What do you think? Do you like the monochromatic color? Would love to hear your thoughts.


valspar_logo_pms4311This post is in partnership with Valspar... I'm really excited to be working on a series of paint posts with them throughout the year. So expect to see more makeover stories (big and small), DIYs, and more. Can't wait to share what I'm working on. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Paper & Stitch running.


How to Make a Concrete Vase with a Mailing Tube

I feel a concrete kick coming on again, after this concrete bookend project and this candle votive DIY. And I'm kind of loving it. Apparently...

Because I have another concrete DIY to share today and this one is my favorite yet. Might have something to do with the fact that it involves flowers.

I made this super easy DIY concrete vase (remember the sneak peek on IG last week?) and had to share the tutorial because it's so freakin' easy. Also, spring! And flowers!

How to Make a Concrete Vase with a Mailing Tube


mailing tube // small juice glass // cooking spray // plastic bucket // bucket (that is okay to get messed up) // rapid setting cement mix // water // trowel or wooden spoon for mixing

How To:

1. Add the cement mix to a bucket, and stir in water. Youll need 4 parts cement to 1 part water. Mix well.

2. Spray the inside of a mailing tube with cooking spray.

3. Then, start pouring the concrete mixture into the mailing tube. Only fill about halfway.

4. Place the juice glass inside the mailing tube, pressing down so that the concrete starts to push upwards, surrounding the sides of the glass. If more concrete mixture is needed, spoon it into the mailing tube, in between the sides and the juice glass.

5. Wait for the concrete to dry. If you're using a rapid setting concrete, it should be completely dry in 3-5 hours (depending on the temperature, etc).

6. Once dry, rip the container away to reveal your new vase.

How to Make a Concrete Vase with a Mailing Tube

How to Make a Concrete Vase with a Mailing Tube

Fill with water and add flowers. Done!

Here's what the finished vase looks like...

DIY // Easy Concrete Vase

DIY // Easy Concrete Vase

How to Make a Concrete Vase with a Mailing Tube

Spring Bouquet

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

I'd love to hear what you think of this project, in the comments below. But also, I'm super curious to know what your absolute favorite flower is?