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There are a few birthdays coming up in my family, so I have gifting on the brain. BUT I have a very limited supply of gift wrapping supplies right now since most of our stuff is still in storage. So I rummaged around in my backpack and found a few things to play around with and I came up with these hand painted color block gift tags.


Step by Step Instructions:

1. Painted color block technique - This one is pretty straight forward. Just grab you paint pen and get to work, drawing stripes or other designs. Make sure you think about your color scheme before you get started. I tried a few colors before I landed on hot pink paint for the tags.

2. Polka dot technique - Grab your adhesive circle labels and stick them where ever you want on your tag. Then paint over the entire gift tag with your paint pen and let it dry. Carefully remove the stickers and touch up if necessary.

Here are the finished tags...

I used a stamp on a few of the tags as well. I don't use my stamps enough. I really need to start using them more.

So what do you think?

Will you try these color block gift tags the next time you are wrapping a pressie?


1. Hover photograph 2. Pirita Chunky Cubes Necklace 3. Glass Reflections photograph 4. Sterling Dot Earrings 5. Reaching Out-Day 5-original drawing 6. Red Slouchy Hat 7. Screenprinted Hopsack Tote Bag


At less than a month old, The shop at No. 144 already has loads of potential, with a beautiful collection of one-of-a-kind fashion and wedding accessories: headbands, belts, shoes clips, ring pillows, and more.

But these accessories aren't just for walking down the aisle. Bold colors and modern shapes make these handmade pieces a great addition to any wardrobe, especially one that needs a little spiffing up. Here are my picks...

1. Fabric Flower Headband - Royal Blue Chiffon Ruffle : For an afternoon lunch with friends.

2. Nautical Fabric Flower Accessory Pin - Blue Stripe Chiffon Rose : Add it too your favorite belt or purse strap for a little more fun.

3. Ruffle Grosgrain Ribbon Wrap Belt - Red and Royal Blue : Dress up a plan dress or t-shirt with one of these brightly colored belts.

4. Fabric Flower Hair Clip Fascinator - Yellow Chiffon and Pink Tulle : For a special occasion.

Visit The shop at No. 144 to view more of the collection.