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Do you ever feel pressure to make sure that everything is perfect? Perfect hair, perfect outfit, perfect house?

If I’m being honest, I feel that sometimes too, but today I am here to remind you that perfect doesn’t exist. And if it did, is that something that really matters to you, deep down inside? No! Of course not.

What does matter? Well, happiness for one. Right? Probably first and foremost.

So today, lets focus on bringing happy into your home with fun and playful housewares that are guaranteed to make you smile.

Clockwise from top left. Crystals Sculpture by Brett Freund // For Like Ever Wood Sign // By Wasted Rita // Knit Inspired Watercolor Pillowcase // Small Glazed Jewel in Rainbow // Rainy Day Throw

And next time you are worried about whether that art cluster you hung in the entryway looks perfectly random, remind yourself that decorating is suppose to be fun! And playful is better than perfect.


Ah, the joys of moving. We’ve been in our apartment for about a month now and it’s still unfinished. We’re trying to get artwork hung and books on the shelves in the next week or so. Of course, we didn’t do any of those things over the weekend, but we did set a deadline. Mainly because we’re having a pizza party at our place in a couple of weeks and we want to have everything done by then. Nothing like the pressure of having people over to get your decorating done, right?

Here are a few pieces I’d love to nestle into our home (handmade and otherwise)…

1. (above) This white striped vase from Pigeon Toe Ceramics (and the beautiful flowers too).

2. This beaded plant hanger from AMradio.

3. This hairy pillow at Totokaelo’s Art – Object.

4. This vintage ‘keep off the grass’ sign from Ethanollie.

5. These bowls from Julia Paul Pottery.

6. This clock from House Doctor (found via Ez).

7. This geometric serving platter from Asleep From Day.

P.S. I also put together a gift guide for Curbly this morning that features 15 awesome gifts to give from Etsy this year. See you tomorrow with a new secrets to success.


I am counting down the days until our things arrive from Seattle (we are currently sitting on two lonely folding chairs in an empty apartment right now). 5 days left to go! But when our furniture and the rest of our things do arrive, they might be competing for space with these home DIYs I want to try over the weekend. Which one should I tackle first? Any thoughts?

1. DIY leather planter hanger from Design Sponge (by Steven Soria)

2. geometric mobile how-to from Hope Helms

3. painted votive holders from Ruffled (by Gather Events)

4. barnyard candleholders DIY from Country Living (adapted from The Sweetest Occasion)

5. how to make a modern geometric mousepad from Curbly (by Capree)

6. image transfer salt and pepper shakers from Say Yes to Hoboken (by Rachael)

I also write for Curbly and Project Wedding. Here are my articles elsewhere for the week…

1. 10 DIY Decorating Ideas for Fall

2. Make It: DIY Halloween Cross Stitch

3. Before and After: IKEA Lampshade Hack

4. How to make DIY mini florals

Have a great weekend!



Since last Monday was a holiday, there wasn’t a 5 Faves post. So I thought I would bump this week’s up a notch to include 15 favorites instead of the normal five. And (bonus) it looks like we’ve finally figured out where we’ll be moving. Yay! A new place to call home. So why not make this faves roundup all about housewares. Here are 15 modern home accessories I am loving right now…

1. fog linen tray from Alder & Co.

2. hand screen printed lampshades from Forest London (found via Design Milk)

3. plywood trivet from RK DESIGN

4. ena wooden hanging lamp from Envelamp

5. 4 drop porcelain and leather planter from FASHIONED by

6. shelving from Mokkasin

7. abate slated mirror from Anthropologie

8. mustard yellow ‘scribble’ tea towel from Knife in the Water

9. planters and terrariums from Score + Solder

10. vintage industrial storage box tray from Ethanollie

11. limestone dish from Olive Manna

12. welcome home wall sticker from Harmonie-interieure

13. aura lights from Ladies and Gentlemen

14. vintage stoneware crock from BeeJayKay

15. graphic tea towel from Mengly

Have a place you love to go for housewares?

Don’t be shy. Share it in the comments below.


I’ve (Christina) historically been pretty shy about using gold in our home. I suppose you could say I’m more of a burnished bronze or an aged brass kind of girl, but glitzy gold is very accessible in small doses. An accessory here and an accessory there and I’m feeling richer already. Ok, maybe not richer, but a little sassier perhaps. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite gold accessories from the independent design community to share with you today. See anything you like?

1// tassel garlands by confetti system 2// the midas gold lion by white faux taxidermy 3// 23k gold mug by bailey doesn’t bark available at orange and pear 4// regency salt and pepper shakers available at leif 5// succulent sculpture by waterstone succulents 6// flawed gold-plated set of cups by studiomake  available at gretel 7// crystal pinata by confetti system 8// stripes thank you card by rifle paper co. 9// resin deer head by white faux taxidermy 10// gold love print by jennifer ramos

Christina is the writer behind the design blog, Down and Out Chic. She’s a budget-friendly design huntress that’s passionate about art and the handmade movement. She adores all things striped and polka dotted and would spend most of her afternoons vintage shopping if her closet were big enough. Find her on Twitter or at D&OC.