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I typically gravitate towards one or two necklaces and rings and wear ‘em with nearly everything, BUT I also happen to think that jewelry is a lot like a pair of shoes – you can never have enough. A pair of earrings and a necklace can really transform the look of an outfit, so it doesn’t hurt to have a lot of options on hand if you can swing it. Right?

With that in mind, I rounded up five of my absolute favorite places to shop for jewelry. And in return, I’d love to hear your suggestions too. I always have room to bookmark another.

1. Kate Miss Jewelry

You may know Kate’s brand under it’s previous name, For Me, For You jewelry. The name has since changed but the seasonal jewelry collections you’ll find in her shop are as hip as ever. All necklaces are handmade by Kate in Los Angeles, California.

2. Poketo

Everything at Poketo feels like a tiny work of art, whether it’s wearables or accessories for people and their homes. But lately, I’ve been going to there for jewelry more often than not, to browse the newest pieces from independent designers they carry. Definitely worth a look if you want something unique and fun.

3. Pour Porter

This shop is amazing! Tightly curated, Pour Porter (pronounced Pour Por-tay) is run by a husband and wife in the Denver, Colorado (love that) that work day jobs while running their online boutique. I don’t know how they find the time to do both, but I am so glad they make it happen because I adore this shop. Lots of other cool goods here too, aside from jewelry.

4. Catbird

Okay, okay. Many of the pieces at Catbird are out of my price range, BUT I have so many pieces from this Williamsburg shop on my wishlist I had to include them. The rings are my fave, especially this one.


SHIP & SHAPE has a great mix of handmade finds from designers and makers you know and ones that you soon will.  The founders invite their favorite artists to contribute exclusive items to seasonal collections to freshen things up at the start of each season. P.S. I have had this necklace in my cart for way too long. I need to just but it already!

Where do you like to shop for jewelry?



I did a little shopping this weekend and picked up a super comfy dress (that I am totally planning on wearing nearly everyday). But I think I caught the shopping bug because I came home and started prepping/writing this week’s 5 Faves and somehow came away with a wish list the size of Miami.

I don’t want to overwhelm you, or even begin to think about all the shops I just bookmarked, so let’s just start with five…


I am kind of obesessed with the small batch collection of Minneapolis-based bag shop MATINE. Aside from the cognac and gold one above , this scallop clutch is definitely on my wishlist.


If I could, I would buy every single piece in the Young Frankk shop. Every necklace, ring, and bracelet is handmade in Richmond, VA and I love all of them (but this one is my fave if I can only choose one).

3. LumiStyle

Fall is coming! And depending on where we’ll soon be moving (I still don’t know believe it or not), I may have to stock up on knitwear. These boot cuffs would have been a life saver when I was living in Seattle. BONUS: Receive a 10% discount when you enter coupon code LUMIPNS at the checkout.

4. Leah Goren

You probably already know about Leah Goren from Etsy or her Made In Kind collection for Anthropologie. But just in case you don’t, let me be the first to introduce you.

5. Mrs.Pomeranz

Mrs.Pomeranz will always be on my list of faves, creating unique “new look” silhouettes for dresses and skirts using sewing techniques from the 50s. The ‘mini’ collection is my favorite.

That’s it for today’s shopping list.

Did you have a good weekend?



I went to bed last night thinking about pretty little things and woke up and wrote this post. Here are the things that I’m finding oh so pretty this week…

1. Georgianna Lane Photography:

I wish I could travel to half the places that Georgianna has captured with her camera lens. Her travel photography shop has pages of romantic imagery from across the globe (lots of photos in Europe).

(above) paris peonies print

2. Fruition:

The jewelry from Fruition is a little bit modern. And even though I would put these into more of a classic-vibe category as opposed to just pretty, the product shots are dreamy – wrangling Frutition into the ‘Oh So Pretty’ roundup.

stacking initial rings + gold hoop earrings

3. Posh Peanut Kids:

The girlie, vintage-inspired rompers and accessories at Posh Peanut Kids are embellished by hand (all handmade). The lace is lovely.

ivory lace baby romper

4. Jenny Present:

I really like the classic / feminine edge pieces from jewelry designer, Jenny Present. And again, the product shots are beautiful.  Get 10% off anything at with coupon code PNS10 at checkout.

tiffany initial necklace + gold christian earrings

5. Melissa Lund Photography:

And finally, I see a little bit of whimsy peeking through in all of Melissa’s photographs. The lighting is always gorgeous and she manages to make things like cupcake liners look pretty! Receive 20% off at Melissa Lund with coupon code PNS20 at checkout.

the sweetest thing

What shop(s) do you think is oh so pretty this week?


Today, lets celebrate the small…because tiny things can pack a big punch!

1. Marblellous

This shop is so cool. Pass miniature sweets and yummy treats on handcrafted, marble plates and platters from Marblellous at your next dinner party.

(above) handcrafted marble platter + handcrafted small marble cloud plate

handcrafted marble serving platter

2. Michelle Starbuck Designs

Balancing organic and geometric design, Michelle Starbuck makes some really interesting and unique jewelry. I want that tassel necklace…

tassel necklace + tetris necklace

curved bar earrings + metal lace necklace

3. Urban Bird & Co.

Browse screen printed pillowcases, kitchen towels, market totes, prints, and brooches at Urban Bird & Co. I really like the new totes and pouches for back to school.

gift wrap set

mountain canvas tote + arrows pencil pouch

4. Callaloo Soup Vintage

Shop the France flea markets without leaving the house. Callaloo Soup Vintage features carefully selected vintage collectibles, craft supplies, and more. Enter code PAPERNSTITCH15 for 15% off your entire order. Code will be valid until August 30, 2012.

vintage green alarm clock

french vintage tin

5. 3 Girls + a Goat

And finally, pick up limited edition paper goods from 3 Girls + a Goat: cards, tags, postcards and paper garlands made of new and recycled materials. Use the coupon code PNS2012 to receive 20% of your order at the checkout.

paper garlands

metallic gift tags

How will you celebrate small things today?



If you can’t find what you are looking for online or at a local shop, make it yourself! Right?

I am sure that’s a motto that you already live by, but just in case, here’s your reminder: Awesome fashion and wearables DIYs to dive  into this weekend…

1. how to make lace shorts (so cute!)

2. diy dip dyed ombre ballet flats

3. make your own high low skirt

4. make an ombre seed bead necklace

5. tote / backpack diy

6. diy blouse makeover (the back of this top is so cool)

7. rewired bracelet diy

8. sewing a tank dress

P.S. I also write for Curbly and Momtastic. Here are my posts from the week.

Hope you have a great weekend! Catch you next week.