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DIY Stamped Metal Jewelry

DIY Stamped Metal Jewelry

I don't know how it happened, but I'm strangely addicted to metal stamping right now.

Have you ever tried it? It's kind of awesome.

And now that I discovered it, I'm stamping things like crazy - necklaces, earrings, little bracelets...everything. The process is a whole lot like leather stamping, which I remember having a similar reaction to when I first tried it. There's something about using a hammer that makes me feel super official.

So, today, I thought I would share a tutorial for how to make your own DIY stamped message metal bracelets. And to make things super easy, I also designed a new DIY kit for Darby Smart (that launched yesterday) that has all the materials you need to make your own. So you won't need to go searching for all the jewelry making and metal stamping supplies on your own. Yay. Super easy!

Want to make your own stamped bracelets? Here's how...

Stamped Metal Jewelry DIY Kit


This Darby Smart DIY kit that I designed has all the supplies you need to make your own set of bracelets. You get to choose which metal you want too...copper, silver, or brass. Copper and brass are my faves.


1. Start by placing a metal strip onto the metal block. Then gather all of the letters that you'll need to create your message.

2. Once you have the letters, you can start stamping. Turn the first alphabet stamp upside-down, so that the letter is touching the metal. Position the letter where you want it and then hit the top of the metal stamp with the hammer included in the kit. It took me a couple of tries to get the hang of this, but here are a few tips to make this easier right from the start...

Make sure the stamp is straight up and down on the metal plate, so the letter will be stamped evenly (if it's at an angle some areas of the letter may not get stamped). And hit the top of stamp fairly hard with the hammer, so you get a nice deep impression.

3. Once you've completed your stamped message, it's time to form it into a bracelet shape. Using the bracelet bending bar provided in the kit, place one end of the stamped metal in the slit / holder area and bend the other side down, creating a curve. Repeat this process with the other end of the stamped metal bar. Now, you have the basic bracelet shape.

4. As a finishing touch, run a permanent marker over each letter indention and then wipe away any excess. The color from the marker will remain in the indention, so you can more easily read your stamped message or phrase. Just be sure to wipe off the excess marker immediately before it becomes permanent on the top part of the bracelet. It worked really well for me and I had no problems removing the marker from the top, non-indented areas. But I thought it was worth the reminder to mention it.

And that's it. Now it's ready to wear.

How To Make Stamped Metal Jewelry

If you can read any of the messages and phrases on the finished bracelets, you'll see that I got a little creative with some of the bracelets.

My favorite bracelet message was 'Cat Lady', but I had a few inspirational phrases in there for good measure as well. And after photographing the bracelets shown in the photos, I made a couple more with old song lyrics ('Baby Got Back', anyone?) and the obligatory 'Haters Gonna Hate'.

DIY Stamped Metal Jewelry

DIY Stamped Metal Jewelry

DIY Stamped Metal Jewelry

You could also stamp your name or an important date, etc. Or even turn these into friendship bracelets.

They would be a great gift for a friend's birthday, or even when the holidays start to roll around. The way this year is flying by, December will be here before you know it.

DIY Stamped Metal Jewelry

DIY Stamped Metal Jewelry

DIY Stamped Metal Jewelry

Model Amanda Toman
Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

You can check out my new Darby Smart DIY kit here and all of my past kits right here, if you're interested.

Have any phrases or words that you think would be fun for these bracelets? I'd love to hear your suggestions...I do have a few more bracelet blanks, after all.


DIY // Unique Geometric Flower Bracelet How-To

If I go too long without doing a flower DIY, I start to twitch a little bit. So, I thought it was about time for another...

Since summer is basically here, I wanted to create something colorful and fun that you can wear to the pool (though I wouldn't wear it in the pool) or to an unconventional dinner party (the wine and donuts kind).

So, I put together a geometric flower bracelet that you can make in almost no time at all. 15 minutes max. Bonus! No one else at the party will have anything like it.

Want to make one? Let's get to it...

Supplies for a flower bracelet DIY

Here's what you'll need to make a geometric flower bracelet:

Floral Wire // Floral Tape // Scissors + Wire Cutters // Fresh Flowers (I used Solidago, Delphinium, and Dianthus)

How to Make a DIY Flower Bracelet


1. Start by cutting a piece of wire slightly longer than the shape you plan to create. I made a triangle, but you could just as easily make a traditional circle shaped bracelet if you prefer.

2. Create the desired shape and twist the ends of the wire together. Cut off any excess wire with wire cutters.

3. Next, start cutting flowers, leaving about 1/2 to an inch of stem, before wrapping floral tape around the stem and wire several times to secure it. I started with Solidago (the yellow filler) to create an even base. Then added in additional flowers.

4. Then, cover over your previous taped flower stem with a new flower using the same process in step #3. Continue this all the way around the wire bracelet until all of the wire is covered. Wear your new bracelet to a dinner party later in the evening or a meal out with friends.

Geometric Flower Jewelry // Styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

Make a statement with this DIY flower bracelet

Donuts + a DIY Flower Idea

DIY Statement Jewelry with Fresh Flowers

Eating Donuts + Sipping Wine

DIY // Geometric Flower Bracelet

Donuts for Dinner

Depending on the flowers that you select, your bracelet will last about 8 hours. You can prolong that timeframe though by placing the finished bracelet in the fridge.

This would be a fun accessory for a wedding too - maybe as an alternative to bridesmaid bouquets or something simple for the flower girl to wear, instead of a floral crown.

Photography by Sarah Eddy // Concept + Styling by Brittni Mehlhoff


Looking for more DIY flower projects to try? Check out the flowers tag on Paper & Stitch.


DIY Clay Ring Project

It's been a while since I've worked with clay, so I thought it was time to give it another go. I ended up making these super simple kidney shaped clay rings and the minimalist in me is jumping for joy right now. Of course, the other side of me is screaming, "Add a tiny painted pattern or do a color block kidney ring". But I do like the simplicity of these guys. Maybe next time on the patterns and color blocking? What do you think?

Here's how to make your own clay jewelry...

Jewelry DIY // Clay Kidney Shaped Ring

Materials: Sculpey Oven Bake Clay // Ring Blanks // Craft Glue

How To: Warm up a small ball of clay in your hands and break off a small piece about the size of a dime. Roll it out with your finger to a cylindrical shape. Bend over the ring blank to get the proper curve. Bake in the oven according to instructions on the packaging. Glue the clay pieces to ring blanks. And enjoy! Super easy.

How to Make Minimal Clay Rings

Take it Further: If you're looking to make a version of these a little less plain, here are some ideas...Mix several different colors of clay together for a super easy marbleized look. Or paint patterns, like polka dots or stripes, on the finished kidney shapes before glueing them onto the rings blanks.

Clay Kidney Shaped Ring DIY

DIY // Kidney Shaped Ring made of Clay

Concept, styling, and photography by Brittni Mehlhoff // Modeling by Jordan Brantley

What do you think? Will you be making any of these little bean rings?