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The innocent little cyclamen plant that I desperately tried to keep alive at work has finally met a sad and disastrous end. When I got to my cubicle this morning it was a withered brown shell of it’s former self.  Alas. Perhaps I should stick with cut flowers in pretty vases from now on. And first up – the Love is Blind Vase by Jessica Marie Lertvilai, available on Supermarket.  Apparently M-Dashing is to vases, as I am to lighting – and the lady has some nice taste in vases.

Jessica collected love letters, transcribed them into Braille, and then transferred them in relief pattern onto the surface of the vase.  Aka – wow.  ”The Love is Blind project is both a coded pattern and an abstract pixilated painting. The attempt is to show the crossing of boundaries that exists between language, art and design.”

I love when design merges with a deeper meaning.

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I’ve seen some of Coulson Macleod’s art prints floating around Blog Land before, but I just fell in love with “Nobody put’s Baby in a corner” via Her Name Was Lola.

I’ve always been a fan of typographic art, and am always a sucker for good love quotes.  That makes these simple and stylish prints a perfect combination of my favorite things.

Maybe it’s the English major in me, but I just love the idea of hanging words on my walls. Language can be so beautiful, and when it’s presented so nicely, it makes a perfect addition to a room, don’t you think?

Have a great week!
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{What is Love? and Love Makes the Ride Worthwhile}


When I saw this very stylish chair over on Design Milk, and then realized it was made primarily of recycled Coca-Cola bottles, I knew I had to pass it on.  You see, I am engaged to a serious Coke Classic addict.  Addict.  In fact, he has recently pledged to cut down on his consumption, and when I sent him a link to this Coke chair, he cried (as much as one can cry or exclaim anything on Gchat) “Why did you put coca cola in my mind? I can taste ittttttttt.”  Really.  Just like that.

So, I’m happy to know that the 8 zillion bottles my fiance has consumed and diligently recycled over the years are being put to good (and very stylish) use.

Coca-Cola partnered with Emeco to create the 111 Navy Chair, made of exactly 111 Coke bottles, and a mix of pigment and glass fiber.  Coke wanted to prove that things other than more plastic bottles could be made using recycled plastic. The chair will be sold through Design Within Reach.

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Thanks to Automatism for posting about a fun new blog called They Draw and Cook, which features beautiful illustrated recipes by artists, designers and illustrators with a passion for cooking.  In the mood for Faux Puttanesca?  Need a good recipe for vegetable stock?  Want to whip up a Simple Smoothie?

Somehow cooking seems a lot more appealing when you’re looking at a colorful, print-worthy recipe.  I’d love to hang some of these recipes directly on my kitchen walls!  (click on these images to appreciate the artwork in its full-size glory!)

Happy Tuesday!


Honestly, let’s just go ahead and call this column by it’s rightful name:  Lighting-Obsessed.  I saw these odd ceiling fan/antler-esque lighting fixtures (“Mycoligic”) on Poppytalk and found myself delving into yet another brilliant design team.

Environmentally-friendly and hand-crafted, the pieces produced by Vancouver-based Propellor Designs also happen to just be very very cool.  Browse their site to see more of the goodness – way too many to post here.  Some of their lighting is available to purchase on Supermarket.

Wishing you all the same magical 80 degree weather we’re having here in NJ.