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Last week, I interviewed full-time artist, illustrator, and surface pattern designer Jessica Swift about her uber-successful rain boots project that you have seen on KickStarter recently. And today, I am sharing the podcast version of our interview. Excited!

I had watched her project take off from the very start and was really impressed with the way she was able to make it happen (and so quickly too)... At the time of our interview, Jessica had already raised  more than $19,000 to fund her project (her goal was $18,000) and she still had almost two weeks left to go to raise more. Now the project is at more than $20,000 with a week left to raise additional funds before the rain boots are actually made.

If you are thinking about trying to get a project funded via KickStarter, you really need to listen to this interview with Jessica. She shared a lot.

Heres what we discussed in the 25 minute podcast:

-How Jess started the rain boots project and what the process was like raising funds on KickStarter (I also explained what KickStarter if you are unfamiliar with the site).

-How Jess was able to navigate through the world of manufacturing to make her project a reality.

-The work that went into raising more than $18,000 in funds in a matter of weeks. And how you can do it too.

-And more.


Reference links mentioned in the podcast:

-Mark Pound at Blosma (helped Jessica put the puzzle pieces together for get her product manufactured). Find Mark at

-Jessica's email address: jess(at)jessicaswift(dot)com


You can visit Jessica Swift on Visit her Etsy shop: Jessica Swift Etsy shop. Or you can also follow Jessica on twitter @jessicagswift.

AND To pledge funds (pledges start at just $1) to Jessica's KickStarter Rain Boots Project, visit this link: Rain Boots with Secret Messages.

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