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Just popping in to let you know that I'm on Laura Roeder today sharing my top five tips for successfully working from home. Something I happen to know a lot about, since I've been working from home full-time for almost two years now. I'll give you a little taste of my post with part of tip number one...

1. Establish a space in your home that is solely for your business. This could be as dedicated as a whole room, or as small as a tiny nook (just make sure it has a door). It doesnt matter what the size, as long as it is large enough for you to get your work done, and you feel comfortable working there routinely. *Bonus Tip: Dont be afraid to test out various areas until you get it right. Read more...

If you want the full scoop, you'll have to head over to to read my post about working from home. And be sure to leave me a comment over there, if you don't mind, so I know you stopped by. See you tomorrow.


So excited to finally show you all the Track This worksheet I've been working on for tracking your goals in the new year. To get your free copy, just type in your email address below and you'll get your free Track This worksheet right away.

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So let me tell you a little back story on this project. Months ago, I was listening to a video from Laura Roeder (who you may remember me mentioning in this recent video I did) and she recommended drawing a thermometer and putting it by your desk, as a fun, visual, way to track your financial goals. I thought this made a lot of sense. I am a visual person after all. So, I decided to create my own and test it out. The results have been great. I can quickly + easily see how close I am to meeting my months goals just by glancing at the chart, which helps me stay on track.

So, if you are interested in getting this goal tracking worksheet above (completely free), just type your email address below and click the sign up button. And you'll get the chart right away. Just download and print and you're ready to go!

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We all have fears when it comes to our business. Some are rational and some are completely irrational. So today,  I am sharing my story of the biggest fear I had when I was teaching high school art students, just a few short years ago. And how it rolled over in to a business fear as well. Watch the video to find out what my fear was, what happened when it came true, and what happened next.

After you've watched the video, here's a little "school work" for you. Don't worry it's not too terribly hard. Here's the assignment... Now its your turn to confront your "worst fear" for your business. Share it in the comments below. Who knows. It might not even seem all that bad anymore once you face it head on. So go ahead and say it...


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