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Have you ever been to Europe?

I haven't.

Is that kind of sad?

I feel sort of strange about it, I guess, because I don't think of myself as a person who hasn't traveled (I have a few stamps on my passport and a whole lot of miles on the car from our cross-country road trip), but I am not going to pout about it because Jeff and I are getting our butts in gear... I've been looking up travel info and wandering around the bookstore a lot more than usual lately, which is a sign that we will finally be traveling overseas this year.

I have no idea what we'll be doing once we get there (well Jeff will be at a conference but other than that it's up in the air), but right now we're planning for a trip to Paris and Portugal, and maybe London too, around my birthday in May.

My Dad recommended a few places we should visit while we're there, and I am sure my mom will too, so I am getting pretty excited - looking up stuff for the trip and day dreaming about how much fun it will be to hit up some awesome shopping explore a new place for a week or two.

Which brings me to what today's post is really about..a shop called Mercantile Mill. Jamison Hiner makes these black and white hand painted bus scrolls from various cities around the world (Paris and London included). And each one is just lovely! Look at the detail on these things...

They look like antique works of art, but they are actually brand spanking new and painted by hand on thick, handcut canvas. And oh yeah, they're really big too! So if you can't travel this year, at least you can make your home feel more worldly, right?

I love it when I find shops like this. You'll have to check it out.


aaliciaShop of the Day: These accessories from A Alicia are as unique as they are beautiful. They're like mini-wearable sculptures, and each is handmade by London-based designer Anna Johnson.

Visit A Alicia's etsy shop for more.