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This guest post was written by Stephanie Gerber of Henry Happened.

You know what's fun to play with? Oven bake clay. I know, you're probably thinking, not more clay! But you're only saying that if you haven't tried it. The rest of us are addicted. Yep, just call me the crazy clay lady. And what's even more fun? Clay and nail polish. That's a match made in DIY heaven.

I was thinking of giving these colorful bowls to friends for Mother's Day gifts. But they are looking so pretty on my new office desk. Maybe I'll just call it a gift to myself?

To make your own nail polish dipped clay bowls you will need:

  1. Oven bake clay.
  2. Lots of pretty nail polish colors.
  3. A disposable cup or bowl to dip in.
  4. A toothpick to swirl the colors.
  5. Masking tape.


Instructions: 1. First you need to make a clay bowl. To do that, start by rolling out the clay between sheets of wax paper until the clay is a uniform thickness of about 1/4 inch. Use an oven safe bowl, like small Pyrex one, to shape the clay. Flip the bowl over and mold the clay to the bottom. Trim the clay to the height you want and smooth the edges. Really short bowls are excellent ring bowls while taller ones are good for corralling change or paper clips.

2. Bake the clay and let it cool. Ease it off of the bowl base and tape off the area that you don't want to dip. This is where it's fun to experiment. Dip one side, just the bottom, or even the inside. Or do the whole thing!

3. Fill a cup or bowl with room temperature water. Then drip in nail polish. The first couple of drops should spread across the top of the water. If it doesn't, check the temperature of your water and try again. It's fun to mix 2-3 colors and swirl them around with a toothpick.

4. Then dip! Straight down into the polish works best. But you can roll it around in the water too if you want to cover more of the bowl.

5. Let the polish dry, remove the tape and fill with the jewelry you'll be getting for Mother's Day. Now is definitely a good time to start dropping hints!


mini clay bowls diy

cool mother's day diy project


henry-happenedStephanie Gerber spends her days chasing 3 little kiddos in Nashville, TN, and her nights blogging about DIY and style. Check out more handmade chic ideas to look your best and style your nest on her blog Henry Happened.

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Today, I have a super cute guest post/ tutorial to share from Caitlin of the blog Packagery. Caitlin also runs an adorable packaging supply shop by the same name; and she created this fun diy with just a handful of materials. Its a mini library card notepad tutorial. These notebooks are perfect for jotting down short little notes or lists. And is a great way to recycle some of those paper scraps you may have lying around. So, let's get to it. Here's Caitlin's project...

items needed

Materials: 1. a stapler (make sure it has staples) 2. scrap paper (graph paper, handwriting paper, etc.) 3. cardstock (library cards, index cards, old postcards, etc.) 4. paper trimmer (or scissors, x-acto knife, etc.) 5. bone folder (or a spoon) optional extras: 6. embellishments such as stamps, stickers, labels 7. corner rounder

step 1 image

Step by Step Instructions: 1. Trim your paper the same size as your card. I used a 3"³ x 5"³ card, with 6 sheets of scrap paper cut down to 3"³ x 5"³. This will give you 12 sheets/24 pages per notebook. You can also tear your paper down to size, for a different look. To do this, lay a ruler on top of your sheets and tear along the edge of the ruler.

step 2 image

2. Fold paper in half and crease with a bone folder. Do the same to your card. Place the folded paper inside the folded card, and crease again.

step 3 image

3. Make sure everything is lined up and folded nicely. Then carefully unfold your notebook and staple once or twice along the outside folded edge.

step 4 image

4. Done! You can round the corners of your notebook for a neater look, or add some cute stamped images.

*If youre looking for library cards, you can find them for sale in my shop here.

Tips: To make your notebooks flatter, stick them under a pile of heavy books for a day or two. Where the heck do you get a corner rounder? I got mine here from amazon. Its a Zutter Round-It-All and its a pretty neat tool. You cant trim a ton of paper at once like you can with a (very expensive) commercial rounder, but it handles these notebooks just fine.


Thanks so much Caitlin for sharing this tutorial with us! For more inspiration, visit the Packagery blog and Caitlin's packaging supply shop.

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Shelf City from Weeds and Wild Things

If you know me personally, you know that I use the word city to describe things when there is a lot of something. Example: A pile of books from the floor to the ceiling would be "book city", or the table at Thanksgiving dinner might be called "Food City". I am not saying it makes sense, but its just something immature that I do. 


Anyway, over the weekend I was browsing Etsy, as usual, and I found the above work: a made to order miniature clay city. The actual name of the work is Shelf City No. 2 because it was intended to be displayed on a shelf or bookcase. It's made by Weeds and Wild Things. Check it out.