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A while back, I saw this wall installation at Anthropologie and muttered something on Instagram about how I should make something similar. Months later, I finally did. And actually, it’s my newest DIY for Curbly (full tutorial + more photos here).

Ultimately, I changed a lot of things about the original piece that I saw, to make it a more practical in-home design and give it more of a ‘cloud’ feeling, which I love. Overall, I was happy with how it came out and the possibilities for future projects (like a full scale photo booth backdrop). Anyway, you can view more photos and catch the full tutorial here on Curbly if you’re interested.

DIY // neon cloud wall art

Concept, photography and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff for Curbly

P.S. Have you ever seen a window display or in-store installation that made you think, ‘Woah. I should DIY that!’? If so, I’d love to hear what it was.


Today, I’m sharing a colorful DIY I just finished up for Curbly.

I found this old, brown lamp base at a thrift store for $5 (‘before’ photos here) and gave it a new look. It looks like a pretty straight forward project, and it was for the most part. But I spent way more time on it than I normally would have – making sure everything was done the ‘right’ way so I can put it to good use in a high traffic area of the house.

Follow this link for the full step by step instructions and photo tutorial. P.S. I added geometric washi tape accents to the lampshade too (not shown here) if you want to take a look. I’d love to know which version you like better.

I also wrote a couple of other posts this week for Curbly… 

1. A modern before and after kitchen remodel (love the ‘after’ on this one, but some people prefer the ‘before’)

2. And a second before and after (are you sensing a theme this week?) that involves an old Seattle garage and a new, minimal living space.

That’s it for me this week. Have a great weekend!



There are a few birthdays coming up in my family, so I have gifting on the brain. BUT I have a very limited supply of gift wrapping supplies right now since most of our stuff is still in storage. So I rummaged around in my backpack and found a few things to play around with and I came up with these hand painted color block gift tags.


Step by Step Instructions:

1. Painted color block technique – This one is pretty straight forward. Just grab you paint pen and get to work, drawing stripes or other designs. Make sure you think about your color scheme before you get started. I tried a few colors before I landed on hot pink paint for the tags.

2. Polka dot technique – Grab your adhesive circle labels and stick them where ever you want on your tag. Then paint over the entire gift tag with your paint pen and let it dry. Carefully remove the stickers and touch up if necessary.

Here are the finished tags…

I used a stamp on a few of the tags as well. I don’t use my stamps enough. I really need to start using them more.

So what do you think?

Will you try these color block gift tags the next time you are wrapping a pressie?


I’m diving into neon this morning with 7 noteworthy handmade (and vintage) pieces from around the web. Enjoy!

1.  Vintage Yellow Mod Lamp from Earth Sea Warrior

2. Gold Square Neon Cord Necklace by Cyclical industry

3. Kiss My Neon Poster by RK DESIGN

4. Riso Print Triangle Notepad by Nancy Straughan

5. Beige and Coral Red Stockings by ZIBtextile

6. Neon Pink Mixed Bead Necklace by A Merry Mishap

7. Yellow Fade Vessel by Up in the Air Somewhere

For even more neon, check out this brand new gift guide from the exhibition site: summer neon.


We are getting ready to move (again) and Jeff and I have been going through piles of clothes + shoes to decide whether they are keep, toss, or donate. But as we started to go through everything, I realized I needed to create a forth pile: things to DIY with before we leave. This pair of shoes is the first of those DIYs. I found them in the back of our closet and I don’t think I’ve worn them more than once or twice because they are a little too plain. I like fun flats!

So I found a couple of neon paint pens in my craft cabinet and did a little makeover. Here’s how you can recreate this look with your own pair of shoes.


  1. old pair of shoes (mine are Ecote – got ‘em on sale for $19.99 from Urban Outfitters)
  2. neon paint pens (I used these exact ones from Amazon) that can used on textiles

Here’s How to Make Them:

  1. Find a pair of shoes that you want to makeover and make sure they are clean from debris. If they’re in the back of your closet, they may have accumulated a little dust. Just be sure to wipe them down first.
  2. Grab one of your paint pens and get to work!
  3. I had a semi-complicated leather detail on my shoes that I wanted to paint and the leather pieces overlapped one another. So I painted the “under” areas first and let them dry before painting the “over” areas.
  4. Move onto the other shoe. And then circle back and give the first shoes another coat of paint if necessary. I did two coats for my pair.
  5. Finish up with coat number two on the second shoes. Let them dry. And you are ready to hit the streets!

I am so glad I did this mini-makeover. Now I’ll wear these flats all the time.

Here are a couple of photos of the finished shoes…

What do you think?

Will you be trying a neon project like this on an old pair of kicks?

Let me know in the comments section below.