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How To Make DIY Leather Bound Notepads in Ten Minutes

Do you ever compulsively buy craft supplies without a single clue as to what you are going to do with said supplies?!? Because it happens to me all the time. Insert blushing, embarrassed emoji here.

It usually all works out in the end. But sometimes it takes an awful long time to figure out why exactly I felt compelled to buy tiny plastic baby hands in the gardening section at the store down the street. OR 5 yards of upholstery cording when I absolutely do not sew. As it turns out, the answer to the latter is... make a no sew hot pad / trivet.

Take today's DIY for example... I've been trying to come up with something to use these rose gold rivets for, since I left Houston (almost 2 months ago). Luckily, while Linda and I were organizing my supplies last week, I rediscovered these guys and we came up with these little leather bound notepads. Phew.

How To Make DIY Leather Bound Notepads in Ten Minutes

Anyway, long story short, if nothing else, this project is a great way to feed any rose gold addiction you may currently be harboring. And bonus... will also soothe any notebook / notepad obsessions.

Here's how to make a leather bound notepad in 10 minutes...


- leather scraps
- mallet
- leather hole punch
- paper scraps
- tubular rivet peening tool
- tubular rivets

How To Make DIY Leather Bound Notepads in Ten Minutes

How To:

1. Using anywhere from 25-200 sheets of paper that are all the same size, begin poking holes (evenly spaced) at the top or along the side of the paper. I used my leather hole punch to punch the holes through the paper. It wasn't perfect, but it worked...I could only poke through 25-50 sheets at a time.

2. Then, cut a piece of scrap leather the same length of the side to be bound and twice the width (as shown). I painted my leather with textile paint and let it dry before using it to add a pop of color. 

How To Make DIY Leather Bound Notepads in Ten Minutes


3. Next, punch holes in the leather in the same spots as the holes in the paper. You can do this easily by placing the paper over the leather and marking the holes. Fold the leather over, line up the holes and poke the bread through the holes. Be sure to go through the leather, the paper, and then the leather again.

How To Make DIY Leather Bound Notepads in Ten Minutes


4. Flip the notepad over and use the rivet tool to flatten and secure the rivets with a mallet. To do this, lay the notepad on a flat hard surface, put the rivet tool on the part of the rivet poking through and hammer it several times with the mallet. This will split / flower the metal to secure it, which you can see in the photo above.

5. Repeat this process for the remaining holes. Then flip back over and your notepad is ready to use.

How To Make DIY Leather Bound Notepads in Ten Minutes

Assisted by Linda Jednaszewski
Styling and Photography by Brittni Mehlhoff

What supplies have you been hoarding lately? Think you'll give this 10 minutes DIY a try?


I picked up a new washi tape set a while back and have been trying to come up with ways to use it ever since. This stuff is addictive. So I grabbed a few blank notebooks that I was planning on using for another project and went to town. I realize this is rocket science here, but hey - they only took one minute to make, so I thought I would share the process in case you want to make your own...


  1. Washi tape - slim set (lots of colors here)
  2. Scissors
  3. Moleskine cashier notebooks (set of 3)


  1. Choose an interesting color combo and start rolling out strips of tape into any pattern you'd like. I went with stripes - it's quick and easy.
  2. After attaching each strip of tape, cut off excess, but leave room to wrap the tape around the back so it won't come undone easily.
  3. Fold the excess tape over to the back and attach. All done!

Here's the photo version of this step by step...

Take it further!

Take this simple project one step further, and stamp your own custom message into the front cover, with a wooden mallet and a set of leather stamps (like this one)...

That's it! So simple.

What do you think? Will you be making a few of these for yourself or buddies?

P.S.  I'm becoming obsessed with the leather stamp kit I used for this project, so prepare yourself for more DIYs that involve indented messages soon.


This contributor post was written by Patty of P.S. it's in the details.

I love making matchbook notebooks. They are very simple to make (especially since I will be giving you a template to use) and you can use all sorts of pretty papers to create them. Their simplicity and cuteness make them perfect for whipping up a quick gift. Make a whole batch for party favors!

Here are the materials you will need:

  1. template
  2. cardstock
  3. printer
  4. paper for matchbook cover
  5. paper for pages
  6. paper trimmer with scoring blade
  7. stapler
  8. embellishments, if desired

Here is how you make it:

1. Print out the template provided.

2. Cut out the template.

3. Trace the template onto the back of the pretty paper you want to use for the cover. Cut out the pretty paper cover and then use the scoring blade to score the folds along the lines indicated on the template.

4. Fold the cover into the matchbook shape.

5. Cut the paper for the inside into 3 1/2" squares. Twenty sheets is a good amount - you don't want it too thick or you will have a hard time stapling the book together. Staple the matchbook together on the short flap using two staples, one on each end.

6. Add any embellishments that you would like to use. I used Washi tape across the flap on my purple glittery matchbook notebook. I also used it on the double-sided patterned paper matchbook notebook. I did a little experiment on one of the notebooks and I'm pleased with the results. I used a page from a recycled catalog and adhered it to my cardstock template. I folded the notebook along the score lines. I then laminated the cover. It folded well along the score lines, which is the result I was curious about with the lamination.

There are so many ways to make these cute little notebooks. Have fun creating yours!

About Patty: Patty Schaffer is the owner of P.S. it's in the details, an Etsy shop where you can find creative paper things that will make you ooooo and ahhh! Her shop specializes in paper accents for scrapbooking, card making, gift giving and home decor. Patty also shares DIY and craft projects, news on upcoming shop releases and other fun things on her blog, Capture the Details.

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