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If you read any other design blogs, I imagine  you have seen these “A Cup” notebooks from Bold Ideas already. But I couldn’t resist posting them here. You can never have too many notebooks. And they make great gifts too. What I love most about these is that they work for men and women alike.

Visit Bold Ideas on bigcartel and papernstitch to view more of these notebooks and more (like totebags and pouches).


Anything pocket-sized is cool with me. Grab it and go types of things. And of course, letterpress is always a plus. So I combined a couple of my favorite things for today’s diy: a pocket size letterpress sketchbook. Its similar to a project I did for 100 Layer Cake a while back, but I switched some things around to accommodate for a more practical everyday item…

What do I need to make this?

Materials: Needle and thread (or embroidery floss), scissors, blank sheets of paper (consider using a thicker weight than standard printer paper) and blank letterpress cards. Optional: bookbinding awl and paper cutter. The most important materials though are the letterpress cards that you choose. I chose a blind embossed eyelet lace set from Pistachio Press. Look for letterpress sets with multiple cards to save even more money, and use an A2 size card (4.25 x 5.5 inches).

How do I make this?

Steps (above for images): 1. Measure the letterpress cards you are using, and then with a paper cutter or a pair of scissors, cut the sheet in half horizontally.  Now you have two halves of paper that are of equal size.

2. Trim about 1/4 inch off of your newly cut sheets all the way around the edges. Then fold sheets in half (hamburger style this time) and stick the pages inside your letterpress card.

3. Trim any excess so that it fits neatly into your letterpress card. There shouldn’t be too many problems with that though since we already trimmed the pages before folding them in half.

4. Next, turn to the middle section of your newly formed booklet. Using a stab or bookbinding awl, create three evenly spaced holes down the spine of your booklet.

5. Use your needle and thread or embroidery floss to go through the three holes as if you are binding a book. Then tie the thread or embroidery floss off and cut off any excess. Thats it- all done. Here’s the finished product…

Looking for more ideas for quick and easy projects? Click here to visit the tutorials page filled with almost 30 diy’s.


New notebooks from Pinkerton Designs. Love the colors and designs. Reminds me of our wedding.

Each notebook is printed on thick recycled stock. And they come in two different sizes, with coordinating boxed note cards available for most of the designs.

Visit Pinkerton Designs online to get yours.


olivemannaShop of the Day: I have written about the talented Natalie Jost of Olive Manna before on the blog. And with Renegade Chicago  kicking off this weekend, I thought it best to end the week with a shop that is sure to tickle any crafters fancy. Natalie stocks her shop, Olive Manna, full of wonderful supplies, paper goods, and more. AND on top of all this (and of course being a loving mother and wife), Natalie has also authored a very sweet children’s book entitled Whose Dollar?

Special Offer: Every Friday ONLY… free shipping at Olive Manna with discount code FREESHIPPINGFRIDAY

For more from Olive Manna, visit Natalie’s blog, website, and shop.


blackbirdletterpressShop of the Day: Blackbird Letterpress has such a great collection of original letterpress cards, screen printed, letterpress flags, and printed notebooks. My favorite is the Boat Ride Notepad.

Visit Blackbird Letterpress’ etsy shop and website for more.