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Halloween Snail Mail with Free Printable + Translucent Envelopes

Halloween is just a few days away, so I thought this would be a good time to share one last DIY printable idea before we all get wrapped up in last-minute Halloween to-dos. So, I’ve partnered with The Paper Mill Store to bring you this super quick and easy idea. All you have to do is print out the free download, write a note to a friend on the back, fold it up, and mail it out. Done!

You could also skip the postage and use these as greeting cards for local friends and family. Fill them with candy and/or confetti and you’re in business.

Halloween Snail Mail Printable Idea

By using translucent envelopes, you can create a graphic message, without having to go through the headache of trying to print directly onto envelopes. Easy as (creepy spider) pie. You can get the same translucent vellum envelopes that I used for this project over at The Paper Mill Store. There are plenty of additional colors available too, if you prefer to use a different color palette.

If you want to use the same colors and sizes that I used, I’ve rounded up the links for you, to make it easy… turquoise no. 10 // orange square // kiwi mini-lope // violet A7 // blush A2.

DIY Halloween Snail Mail Printable

DIY // Halloween Snail Mail Printable Idea

DIY Printable Idea // Halloween Snail Mail

Download Halloween printable (option 1) here
Download Halloween printable (option 2) here

Think you’ll be sending out a little Halloween snail mail this year?

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Halloween Printable // Trick or Treat Geometric Gift Tags

At this point, I think we are all pretty comfortable with the idea that Halloween isn’t just for kids. Adults should totally be getting in on the fun too! And we will!

Though you may want to skip the traditional orange pumpkins and green goblins that are typically reserved for the kiddos. If you’re thinking about throwing a grown up Halloween party (Any excuse to wear a costume, I’m in!), my recommendation would be to play up deep blacks and geometrics in an interesting color scheme. Maybe even throw in a golden eye or two for good measure.

And with that in mind, I created a set of modern gift tags for just the occasion, and I partnered with Avery to bring you the free printable. So, all you have to do is download the printable PDF, grab a pack of Avery printable tags, and print! The tags are perforated, so you won’t even need scissors. Doesn’t get much easier that that, does it?

Halloween Printable // Trick or Treat Geometric Gift Tags

Halloween is almost here!

Need some DIY ideas for how to use these gift tags? Here are a couple of suggestions…

1. Fill a vintage box, like mine, or a plain gift box, with grown up candies…like wasabi peanuts. Then wrap the box in a thin layer of cheesecloth that has been dyed black. Tie on your printable gift tag and you are good to go.

2. OR skip the box idea and make a small bouquet of flowers in a dramatic color (deep plum, vibrant orange, etc) for the occasion. Add some string and a gift tag and you have a unique Halloween gift idea / party favor.

Halloween Printable // Trick or Treat Geometric Gift Tags

Dahlias for Halloween

P.S. After you’ve printed a set or two of these gift tags, if you’re feeling inspired, you can design your own set of tags too, using Avery’s Design and Print software.

Halloween DIY Bouquet + Free Printable

Halloween Printable // Trick or Treat Geometric Gift Tags

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

Click here to download the Halloween gift tag printable.

How do you like to celebrate Halloween? Do you make little gifts for friends and family or skip the gifting and get right to the costumes?

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I found this long roll of thin(ish) kraft paper at a paint store a couple of months ago and started using it to write little notes, along with my weekly to-do list. But since graduation is coming up (and Father’s Day), I thought I would turn the paper into long message scrolls for any occasion.

As you can probably guess, they’re beyond easy to make and more unexpected than a traditional greeting card. Plus, if you had a lot to say, you could make a SUPER lengthy scroll for someone special, which I’m thinking would be pretty fun. I know I’d like receiving a scroll like that, anyway.

Here’s how you can make your own paper scrolls in about five minutes…

How to make a paper scroll

Materials: roll of kraft paper (you can find it right here on Amazon or at a local paint supply store), pastel crayons or white charcoal pencil, string or ribbon

How-To: Measure and cut (or rip for a more organic look) a long piece of kraft banner paper that ranges from 2-4 feet long. Grab a crayon, pencil, or marker and pour your heart out. It is a scroll after all, so don’t be afraid to get longwinded on this one. Wrap it up and tie a ribbon or string around it to keep it tight. Give to recipient, along with a small gift, and you are good to go. Create scrolls for any occasion you can think of – graduation, birthdays, Father’s day, etc. I made a scroll for Mother’s Day too, but didn’t get it posted in time. Whoops.

Easy gift ideas to go with these scrolls for graduation might include a nice journal or notebook or money rolled up inside the scroll. For Father’s Day, one of these scrolls would fit perfectly inside a tool box for Dad or nestled next to a nice set of hand tools. And for birthdays, you could attach a scroll to a few round helium balloons.






Another idea…It would be cool to write several different scrolls for a friend who needs a pick me up, along the lines of the DIY mailable messages I sent, only scrolls instead of greeting cards. And if you don’t have a special occasion coming up, you could make super inexpensive artwork, by writing out some of your favorite inspirational quotes. Hang them on the wall with a little bit of washi tape and you’re all set.

P.S. I’m doing my best Vanna White impression in the photo above. Can you tell?

Photography by Sarah Eddy // Concept and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff