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DIY Paper Goods Ideas

With Easter and Mother’s Day coming up soon and a whole lot of thank you cards to write, I thought it would be fun to come up with some DIY ideas for cards. So I teamed up with The Paper Mill Store to bring you 5 do-it-yourself ideas for decorating and making cards for any occasion. Use them for holidays, birthdays, thank you cards, etc.

Supplies and Other Info: The main supplies I used consisted of standard sheets of paper, in various thicknesses and colors. All from The Paper Mill Store. If you don’t know about this online paper shop yet, they offer a huge variety of papers, card stock, envelopes, and more. Be sure to check out the site when you get a minute.

As far as folding techniques, for the most part, I used a combination of folding my paper once in half, like a hamburger, and folding it a second time in the opposite direction for the smaller cards (unless otherwise noted).

Tip: I’ve been using samples that I ordered so I could try out the papers in smaller quantities before buying a larger package for printing and craft projects. But if you want to buy more than a sample size right off the bat, my favorite from the ones I’ve tried is the Eames paper, it’s like canvas in a paper (and basically awesome).

Here are 5 DIY ideas for embellishing notecards and greeting cards in a hurry…

DIY // Hand Lettered Hello Card

Hand Lettered Greeting Card DIY

DIY Idea // Hand Lettered Greeting Card

1. Hand Lettered DIY Cards: Grab a marker and some colorful paper, like BrightHue sea blue paper and Astrobrights purple paper. Then, hand letter a message on the front of your card and you’re done.

If you like the look of calligraphy, check out this tutorial for the quick and easy way to fake it.

ombre spray paint greeting card DIY

DIY Greeting Card #3 // Ombre Spraypaint

2. DIY Ombre Spray Paint Cards: Create this set of ombre cards for any occasion with a can of spray paint and this Eames white paper (which has a little texture to it).

Fold the paper in half and focus your spray paint toward the bottom of the card. Continue building up the color at the bottom, while occasionally misting upward to bring more of the color upward. Wait for it to dry and you’re good to go.


3. Spotted + Dotted DIY Cards: Using basic circle stickers from an office supply store, you can create a fun card like what you see above with a simple peel and stick technique. So easy!

I used a thicker 160 lb Astrolite paper for these cards and just folded the paper in half, like a hamburger, and cut it down to a standard notecard size.

DIY Embossed Notecards

DIY // Embossed notecards and greeting cards

4. Gold Embossed DIY Cards: This one is super fun. I love embossing. The process is actually really easy. You can follow this tutorial from my embossed party bags for an in depth tutorial.

The only thing I did different was use a VersaMarker instead of a stamp. So I hand drew the elements that eventually became embossed. Other than that, it’s exactly the same process. I used a combination of royal fiber kraft paper, BrightHue sea blue paper, and 160 lb Astrolite paper for this set.

DIY // washi tape greeting card

Easy DIY // Washi Tape Color Blocked Cards

5. DIY Color Blocked Washi Tape Cards: And finally, color block a set of playful cards with a little bit of washi tape, applied in strips.

Next to #3, this is the easiest one of the five. I used the BrightHue sea blue paper and Astrobrights purple paper for this project.

So, that’s it! All five greeting card decorating projects.

Which one is your favorite? I’m curious to know which one you’d most like to try, if any.

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff


the paper mill storeThis post is sponsored by The Paper Mill Store.  All opinions and ideas are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.


Free Printables // Halloween Gift Tags

We are only one day away from Halloween, but I couldn’t resist squeaking in one more last-minute idea for the spookiest holiday of the year. DIYs are great, but with less than 24 hours left before Halloween, you might not have time to tackle a craft project at this point (if you do, check out this list of Halloween DIYs).

So I worked with designer Jordan Brantley again and she created this set of Trick or Treat Halloween candy and bottle label printables for you. Just print them out, cut ‘em out and glue or tape them to bottles, gift boxes, wine & beer (or soda) bottles, etc. They’d be great for a Halloween party or attached to candy for Trick or Treaters.

Halloween Printables // Bottle Label

Candy Halloween Printables (free download)

Halloween Wine Labels (free printables)

Candy Printables for Halloween Halloween Printables

Click here to download these Halloween printables.

Design by Jordan Brantley for Paper & Stitch // Styling & photography by Brittni Mehlhoff // Modeling by Amanda Toman


DIY // watercolor + resist postcards

I recently found blank watercolor postcards at a local art supply shop. I bought a few packs immediately, because I knew they would be fun to play around with, and have come up with a couple of ways to use them for notes to friends and family. I shared one of these ideas on Project Wedding recently: watercolor DIY save the dates.

But if you’re not getting married anytime soon, you can still use this exact same technique to create cool personalized postcards to send to blog buddies, etc. I’ve been using them a lot lately!

DIY // watercolor postcards and resist technique

watercolor postcard diy

watercolor and resist postcard DIY

The full tutorial can be found right here on Project Wedding. But before you head over there, I’m curious to know…

What color combo would you use if you were making your own set of postcards like this? I’m making a batch of ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ postcards soon and could use some color inspiration.


DIY // paper flower hair accessories

I am busy with offline projects today, so Ally from Now That’s Pretty has kindly offered to share a colorful paper flower hair accessory DIY with you. And let me tell you…I am totally in love with this idea. Definitely a must-try. Take it away Ally…

A sure sign that it’s summer is when every girl in every magazine suddenly has flowers in her hair. For us girls without a styling team watching our every flyaway, there has been a dozen amazing flower crown tutorials floating about the web, all ready to transform us into summery flower fairies. However! Flower crowns can be a little awkward to wear; firstly, they are not very adaptable, you’re pretty much going to have to settle with hair down. And secondly they can sometimes skirt around the edges of simply looking like you’ve plonked some flowers on top of your head. I wanted to create a little hair accessory which was totally adaptable to different hairstyles and still looked delicate and pretty.

The best part is also how much potential you have with these little spirals; for my prom up-do I replaced flowers with pearls for a sophisticated look and in the future I fully intend to try out some bows. If you try out any be sure to share!

DIY // paper flower step by step

To make your flower you will need: Some good quality card // Scissors // Two knitting needles of different thicknesses // A glue gun

Steps: 1. First cut out your petals. You will need one tear drop shape for the centre and then about five rounded heart shapes. 2. Take a small knitting needle and roll the tear drop to make the centre of your rose. 3. Now take your heart shape and pinch the base around a large knitting needle. 4. With a small knitting needle curl the tops of your petals backwards. 5. Curl all of your petals in this way. 6. To assemble your rose start by gluing the tear drop shape into the centre of one of your petals. 7. Continue to build up your rose in this way adding petals diagonally opposite. 8. When you’re finished your rose should look like this!

DIY // paper flowers hair accessories steps

To make your spiral fitting you will need: Wire (I used 20 gauge) // Some round nose pliers // Some flat nose pliers // Wire cutters // A glue gun

Steps: 1. Using the very base of your round nosed pliers make a large circle. This will be the centre of your spiral and where you will be gluing your flower. 2. Using your flat nosed pliers hold your wire and keep rotating and twisting round until you have a wire spiral. 3. Cut off your spiral leaving a short tail. 4. Using the smallest part of your round nosed pliers make a small loop at the end or the tail. This is just to round off the edges so it doesn’t hurt your head. 5. Now holding the centre circle gentle pull out your spiral. 6. Add a big blob of glue gun to the centre of your spiral and glue on your paper flower.


DIY // paper flowers hair tutorial


And you’re done! To wind in your flowers simply thread the end of your spiral into your hair and twist. The spirals work best when applied into tight hairstyles or up dos but can also be reasonably secure in loose hair.

smallThis guest post was written by Ally Ebdon. Ally  is currently based in Edinburgh, UK. She splits her time between writing for her DIY blog Now That’s Pretty, running her custom ukulele business and ensuring that the entire house is covered with confetti.


garden collection with actual vegetable seeds embedded

I try to send out cards to friends and fellow bloggers whenever I can. Everyone likes snail mail, right? But sometimes I struggle with what to send with a card if it’s a thank you note or something along the lines of ‘you are so dang awesome’. Not much else will fit a card envelope. Open to your ideas if you have any suggestions.

But then I was introduced to this greeting card collection from Ruff House Art and it’s kind of perfect for what I am looking for, especially since spring is right around the corner. So what’s so special about these cards, aside from the fact that they’re letterpress and 100% handmade (yep, even the paper)? When you send one of these guys out, you’re sending more than a greeting card. You are sending a tiny, snail mail garden!?

I am totally in love with this idea. How it works… The handmade paper that the cards are printed on is embedded with vegetable seeds that will eventually grow into a plant. Just moisten the card and plant just under the surface of soil in a sunny spot and water regularly. Sprouts will form in 10-14 days. There are plenty of vegetable seeds to choose from: carrots, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and more.

garden collection from ruff house art

Wouldn’t these be perfect for a foodie or cook? You can find all the available cards in the garden seeds collection over on Ruff House Art now and while you’re there be sure to check out the other lines of cards, prints, and wrapping paper that Jill has created. Lots of awesome letterpress to explore.

This post is brought to you by Ruff House Art. All opinions and ideas are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. Interested in partnering with Paper & Stitch on a future campaign? Visit this page for more info.