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Amy Lowry simply “can’t tell us” how much she loves designing stationery. Her passion is obvious when you look at her collection of work in the Thank You Cards Shop. She got her start designing stationery for her own wedding almost 6 years ago, and from there, she was hooked!

As a graphic designer with a love of DIY, her work in the Thank You Cards Shop has all the charm and high quality you associate with handmade stationery. Cards are fully customizable and the selection is ample, making these cards the perfect option for any occasion.

Use the code 10paper at checkout for 10% off your Thank You Cards Shop order. AND bonus! Get a free printable from Amy’s shop from How About Orange right now (its that set above to the left. pretty cool, huh?). Get the free download for airmail thank you notes now.

Vanessa wrote this post. She is a full time copywriter and webmarketer with a passion for art, creativity, and thrift. She writes about thrifting, creating, and saving money every weekday on her blog, Thrift Core.


Prolific graphic designer and artist Jenna Graviss generously spreads the creative wealth with her Etsy shop, Tucker Reece. Her artwork is filled with inspiring images and words. Her goal: “To promote and encourage a beautifully inspired creative life.”

The Tucker Reece shop was named after the maiden names of Jenna’s two grandmothers, who were artists themselves. These women always encouraged and inspired her talents. The shop is a beautiful memento to that creative spirit. Prints like My Cup Runneth Over and My Umbrella showcase the shop’s clean, graphic style and optimistic messages.

Tucker Reece artwork is perfect to hang in your office to keep inspired throughout the day- or to gift to a friend so you can spread the positive vibes.

Explore the large selection in the Tucker Reece Etsy shop.

Vanessa wrote this post. She is a full time copywriter and webmarketer with a passion for art, creativity, and thrift. She writes about thrifting, creating, and saving money every weekday on her blog, Thrift Core.


Literally. They really are works of art. These paper garlands are actually made of recycled prints from artist Belinda Kemp’s stockpile of ‘seconds’. If you love the artwork typically found in Belinda’s shop, Gretchen Mist, you are going to love these handmade paper garlands.

I keep thinking they would be great for a party: birthdays, holidays, bridal showers. Basically any excuse to display these babies, I’m all for!

By the way, how was everyone’s weekend?

I spent my time baking holiday cookies with my husband’s family. We made more than 400 cookies and other sweets in all to split between the four households. Seriously. I am not kidding. It was crazy. And awesome!

What did you do?


Illustrator Stacie Bloomfield creates quirky characters for her prints and accessories shop, Gingiber, using bold colors and a pinch of charisma.  Her work has so much personality, its hard not to smile when you come across it.

And speaking of smiles, here are my four picks to keep you grinning from ear to ear:

1. Winter Reindeer Christmas Card in Green $3

2. Handmade Reindeer Christmas Stocking in Pink $30

3. 2011 Illustrated Owl Calendar $21

4. Quilted Fox Print $15

View more from Gingiber on etsy. Have your own favorites from Gingiber? Let me know in the comments.


Today, I have a super cute guest post/ tutorial to share from Caitlin of the blog Packagery. Caitlin also runs an adorable packaging supply shop by the same name; and she created this fun diy with just a handful of materials. Its a mini library card notepad tutorial. These notebooks are perfect for jotting down short little notes or lists. And is a great way to recycle some of those paper scraps you may have lying around. So, let’s get to it. Here’s Caitlin’s project…

items needed

Materials: 1. a stapler (make sure it has staples) 2. scrap paper (graph paper, handwriting paper, etc.) 3. cardstock (library cards, index cards, old postcards, etc.) 4. paper trimmer (or scissors, x-acto knife, etc.) 5. bone folder (or a spoon) optional extras: 6. embellishments such as stamps, stickers, labels 7. corner rounder

step 1 image

Step by Step Instructions: 1. Trim your paper the same size as your card. I used a 3″ x 5″ card, with 6 sheets of scrap paper cut down to 3″ x 5″. This will give you 12 sheets/24 pages per notebook. You can also tear your paper down to size, for a different look. To do this, lay a ruler on top of your sheets and tear along the edge of the ruler.

step 2 image

2. Fold paper in half and crease with a bone folder. Do the same to your card. Place the folded paper inside the folded card, and crease again.

step 3 image

3. Make sure everything is lined up and folded nicely. Then carefully unfold your notebook and staple once or twice along the outside folded edge.

step 4 image

4. Done! You can round the corners of your notebook for a neater look, or add some cute stamped images.

*If you’re looking for library cards, you can find them for sale in my shop here.

Tips: To make your notebooks flatter, stick them under a pile of heavy books for a day or two. Where the heck do you get a corner rounder? I got mine here from amazon. It’s a Zutter Round-It-All and it’s a pretty neat tool. You can’t trim a ton of paper at once like you can with a (very expensive) commercial rounder, but it handles these notebooks just fine.


Thanks so much Caitlin for sharing this tutorial with us! For more inspiration, visit the Packagery blog and Caitlin’s packaging supply shop.

And for more quick and easy project ideas, click here to visit the tutorials page.