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Rooftop entertaining

One of the things that I love most about our home right now is sadly something that has been underutilized up to this point. And as we near the halfway point of summer, I couldn't bear to let it go unused any longer.

So what is this space that I'm talking about? Our rooftop patio.

It's on the top level, right next to my office, and is sort of perfect for entertaining. So why the heck haven't we used it yet? I have absolutely no idea. Other than the crazy weather (it's been either excessively cold or insanely hot since we've been in ATL). Which now that I think about, I can and will blame for this one. Because otherwise, I have no excuse.

4 DIY Tips for Summer Entertaining Outdoors

So to remedy this little issue, I partnered with Lulu & Georgia to share my top tips for entertaining this summer, along with how I brightened up our rooftop patio for dinner parties and beyond. To make things super simple, I put together a shop this look section toward the bottom of this post too. So you can recreate this vibe on your own! Ready?

Here are my top 4 tips for easy summer entertaining...

Cherry Limeade Summer Cocktails

Cherry Limeade Cocktail

1. Have a signature drink. This one is especially important for hot summer days. I like to make a big batch of cherry limeade because it's so easy. And kinda screams summer drink. Don't you think?

To make your own cherry limeade, mix one part 100% cherry juice with two parts limeade. Squeeze in some fresh lime and add ice. ***To make this drink boozy, just add a large shot of vodka or white rum to an individual glass, over ice. Then pour the cherry limeade on top. Stir and you're good to go.

Rooftop entertaining

4 DIY Tips for Summer Entertaining Outdoors

2. Add varying colors! Our patio space is great and all, but was a whole lot of grey going on. Especially when you factor in the table. And I'm guessing your patio may look similar with a monochromatic situation that could use some tending to.

So, to break up the grey, I added some bold pops of color with textiles, furniture, and accessories. Hello red arm chairs!

On the table, I set up some white, sculptural items (like the Octave storage containers), and added hand-cut DIY placemats from watercolor wrapping paper. So easy!

4 DIY Tips for Summer Entertaining Outdoors

Outdoor Entertaining

3. Play up textures. This kind of goes along with the color tip, but bringing in various textures is a great way to add coziness to a space too. For the most part, this means plants, which I added to one of the corners to soften that end of the patio and another area to define seating a little bit more. But you can also include colorful throws and rugs in this section too.

And if you don't have an outdoor rug that works for the space, no worries. Grab a few thick blankets or a hearty indoor rug or two and bring them out, just for the day. As long as there's no rain in sight and you've given the ground a good sweeping beforehand, there's no reason why you can't try this. The only stipulation? You probably don't want to bring an insanely pricey rug outdoors. So, grab the moderately priced high-traffic withstanding rug instead of the fancy Persian. K?

Patterns also help to create visual texture, like the printed Streamlet napkins I used at each place setting, if you're looking for a smaller way to incorporate texture.

Summer Entertaining Outdoors

Primary colors!

4. Musical chairs. Seating is an obvious must for a dinner party, right? But aside from just having basic seating for guests, think about creating multiple seating options to keep the conversation going after everyone leaves the dinner table.

This Thistle knit pouf is a good example of that. Just pull up an extra chair or two and you have another seating area that takes the focus away from food. Not that you necessarily want to draw attention away from food....I mean there's a coconut key lime cake! C'mon!

Coconut Key Lime Cake


Alright, so now that I've shared my tips for summer entertaining outdoors, here's how you can get a similar look to my rooftop patio on your own...

Get The Look // Summer Entertaining

1. lisette tower arm chairs in red

2. streamlet napkins in black

3. Trina Turk indio needlepoint pillow in blue

4. octave storage containers small / medium

5. gia italian herringbone throw in canary

6. sachet removable wallpaper (to make DIY placemats)

7. ombre wrapping sheets (again, to make DIY placemats)

8. square block pillow in sunflower

9. Kate Spade polka dot salad plates

10. mod block pillow in lemon

11. thistle pouf in cobalt

That Trina Turk pillow and the thistle pouf are my new fave, by the way. Cobalt is my jam! What about you? Have a favorite from this collection?

4 DIY Tips for Summer Entertaining Outdoors

4 DIY Tips for Summer Entertaining Outdoors

Photography and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff
Assisted by Linda Jednaszewski

Have you down tips to share for summer entertaining? I'd love to hear!


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DIY Sunprint Party Favor Bags

Have you ever tried making Sunprints before? I think I probably made a couple when I was a kid, but in my adult life I had never tried it until recently. So, of course, now that I've had a little taste of this crazy cool (kid's) pastime, I'm completely addicted. In a really strange way. Once I bought the kit, it was pretty much on. 

SO, I made these sunprint party favor bags for candy and little gifts. And, if you're into it, I'm sharing the tutorial for how you can make your own...using the natural light of the sun! Yay nature.

DIY Sunprint Party Favor Bags


- frame with  glass
- sunprint kit (which you can buy on Amazon)
- objects to use for printing (I used balloons, candy, and toothpicks)
- cardboard or stiff book
- scissors
- craft glue

DIY Sunprint Party Favor Bags


1. Start by laying out one sheet of the sunprint paper, over a piece of stiff cardboard or a book. Then, arrange objects on top of the piece of paper (in my case balloons). Place plexiglass on top (as shown in the photo) to secure objects so they don't roll around. Plexi comes with the sunprint kit, just FYI.

2. Place the entire thing (cardboard, paper, objects, and plexi) outside in direct sunlight for 5 minutes (or until the paper turns white).

3. Then bring everything back inside. Remove the plexi and the objects from the paper, then submerge the paper in water for 1 minute or run under a faucet. Remove from the water and let the paper dry flat.

How to Make DIY Sunprint Party Favor Bags

4. Once the paper is dry, its time to start making the gift bags. Start by folding the paper so that the two ends slightly overlap (as shown in photo).

How to Make DIY Sunprint Party Favor Bags

5. Then cut a triangle in the center panel, at the top and a flap at the bottom of the middle panel.

How to Make DIY Sunprint Party Favor Bags

6. Lastly, fold up the bottom flap and the sides and glue them together with a glue stick or craft glue. Let the glue dry and fill with candy or other party favors.

Some thoughts on printing.... I thought the balloons worked really well for the sunprinting process. But I also really like using toothpicks, which creates almost a laser inspired pattern in the bags...kind of 80s / 90s yearbook photo backdrop style. And gummy fruit rings created a cool pattern too. So, you may want to experiment with some different objects. Its really fun to test out different stuff to see what works the best for creating patterns.

That said though, they're not all winners...I tried lollipops and they did not work very well at all because they're weren't even heights, so you couldn't really see what was going on when the sunprint was finished. Thumbs down there.

Flowers and leaves work great though...I used those on another project (that I haven't shared yet) and the prints were pretty interesting. So if you like the botanical vibe, that would be a good option.

DIY Sunprint Party Favor Bags

DIY Sunprint Party Favor Bags

DIY Sunprint Party Favor Bags

Photography by Kimberly Murray
Assisted by Linda Jednaszewski
Styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

Think you'll give this DIY a try? Do you remember playing around with sunprint art when you were a kid?


Colorful Modern Birthday Party

Lately, my color palette has been leaning toward the pastel side. But I love bright, bold colors too and they haven't been getting enough love around here lately. So, I partnered with HP to share a bold party post inspired by the bold colors of the brand new HP Pavilion 17.3” notebook that will be airing on HSN’s Today’s Special segment on July 18th (this Saturday).

To celebrate the “birth” of Windows 10, which come with the new 17 inch notebooks, this party's theme is birthday. Which means there are plenty of cakes, party hats, and a giant photobooth backdrop. Be sure to tune in to HSN's live segment later this week for even more colorful party ideas. 

'Happy' DIY Printable. Click through to download.

Colorful HP Pavillon Notebook

More about the HP Pavilion 17 notebook.... It's available exclusively on HSN and comes in 5 colors (blue, red, purple, white, and silver), fully loaded with Windows 10! And just FYI, if money is a little tight, its also available on Flex Pay, so you don't have to break the bank to get a new laptop. Yay! More info on specs here.

Colorful HP Birthday Party

'Happy' DIY Printable. Click through to download.


Inspired by 3 of the 5 notebook colors (red, purple, and blue), I created 3 printables, one in each color. I wanted to create something that would work for birthdays AND beyond, so I kept the message simple...I actually just hung the blue version of this print in my hallway yesterday. No occasion needed.

To make the printables (which can downloaded at the bottom of this post), I photographed some colorful rock candy up close, then played around with the design a little with different fonts, etc. I had mine printed at FedEx Office, in case you're wondering how I printed mine so large. The file size is 16x20 but you can have it printed smaller as well.

Printable Party Hats DIY

Printable DIY Party Hats

HAPPY Party Hats DIY

And what birthday celebration is complete without a party hat, right?

With a couple of the extra prints, we whipped up some party hats. They're super easy to make! Just use one of the printables from this post, and trace a party hat template over the print. Cut it out, roll it into a cone and glue it together. We used hot glue, but you can use regular craft glue or a stapler instead, if you prefer. Add an elastic string or hot glue it to a headband and you're good to go.

Colorful Photo Booth Backdrop

Colorful DIY Party Ideas

DIY Naked Cakes for Parties and Beyond

A Colorful Modern (DIY) Party

Confetti, fun glassware, and a seriously colorful backdrop (that doubles as a photobooth) always help to play up the party factor. Naked cakes and some little treat bags were another addition that brought in a playful vibe. I'll be posting the tutorials for the cakes and the bags in the coming weeks, in case you're interested in making either of those.

DIY Printable Party Hats

Blah Blah Blah Glassware

Colorful (DIY) Photo Booth Backdrop

Photography Kimberly Murray
Craft and styling assistant Linda Jednaszewski
Concept and styling Brittni Mehlhoff

Click here for BLUE 'happy happy happy' printable

Click here for PURPLE 'happy happy happy' printable

Click here for RED 'happy happy happy' printable

So that's it for this bold birthday inspired party. What colors have you been inspired by lately?


This post is in partnership with HP. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Paper & Stitch running.