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A Colorful DIY Christmas Party

I am ALL about non-traditional color schemes when it comes to the holidays, so when Astrobrights Papers contacted me about colorizing a party with their papers, I knew exactly what I wanted to do… Something that had a Christmas flair to it, but was also modern, fun, and out of the box.

So, I put together this non-traditional Christmas party, filled with DIY projects and crazy colors.

I landed on a color scheme of cobalt, neon orange, turquoise, and neon green and used Astrobrights Papers to execute all of the DIY projects. The official Astrobrights Papers colors I used are as follows, in case you want to recreate this exact look on your own: blast-off blue, cosmic orange, terrestrial teal, and vulcan green. And there are 22 other colors to choose from if none of these tickle your fancy. They have THE best selection of colored papers.

A Colorful DIY Christmas Party

As for the DIYs… I am now head over heels in love with paper projects, after this shoot. They’re fast to recreate, easy to experiment with, and super versatile. Bonus points for the fact that it’s way cheaper to use paper, for DIYs, than pretty much any other supply you can think of. So basically, expect more paper projects from me in the future. Haha.

To create any of the DIY projects below, you’ll just need tape and scissors. And if you don’t have these 2 supplies at home, we can no longer be friends. JK. But seriously though, who doesn’t have tape and scissors at their house?

Alright, so let’s get down it, with the DIYs…

DIY Photo Booth Backdrop Made of Paper

Fold + Cut Paper to Create a Unique Photo Booth Backdrop

How to make an awesome photo booth backdrop with paper

DIY Folded Wall Art / Photo Booth Backdrop

I created a giant wall art piece, that doubles as a photo booth backdrop, using regular 8.5×11 sheets of colored paper. And though it may look complex, it’s really super easy to recreate. In fact, I’m going to make another one for our house in the new year, to keep up as an art piece.

To make your own folded paper wall art, all you do is fold a piece of paper at random, in various directions. I folded every piece a little differently, so no two pieces are exactly the same, kind of like a snowflake. Then cut off a couple of the edges at an angle, so it no longer looks like a rectangular sheet of paper. Then attach to the wall with tape. You’ll need quite a few pieces to create a piece that is as large as mine, but it goes by super fast because each piece of paper takes only 30-60 seconds to fold and cut.

DIY // 3D Paper Drink Markers

DIY // 3D Paper Drink Markers

DIY 3D Paper Drink Markers

Instead of drink stirrers, I decided to create drink markers that rest right on the rim of the glass, to save time and the extra expense. All you have to do to create your own is cut and fold small pieces of paper into different shapes (like a triangle or a four pointed star). Then cut a small slit in the bottom of each shape, that is about an 1/8 of an inch wide. Then rest the shape on the rim of a glass, inserting the rim through the slit.

You can write names on each one to claim drinks amongst guests or use a different color and shape combo for each person instead.

Recipe for Mint Chocolate Minglers

DIY Recipe for Mint Chocolate Minglers 

This was so good. Jeff and I ate our fill of it after the shoot was over. If you like chocolate and minty things, this is a can’t lose situation. Both this recipe and the ice cream sandwich recipe are from Kellogg’s Snacks. Get the recipe here.

DIY Patterned Wrapping Paper

DIY Patterned Wrapping Paper

At each place setting, there was a wrapped gift, which works as both a party favor and a place card, if you customize each present with a guest’s name. I just let the patterns take center stage for these though. To create the color blocked base, wrap a box in one color, just as you normally would, then wrap a second contrasting color over the first and secure the ends that are covered with tape. To add the pattern, cut out various shapes from colorful pieces of paper and glue onto of the already wrapped gift. Easy, right?

By the way, the pattern I created for these presents was inspired by an old print from the designer behind Dusen Dusen. They should totally make wrapping paper, don’t you think?

Ice Cream Sandwiches

DIY Recipe for Chips Deluxe Ice Cream Sandwiches

And ice cream sandwiches! Who doesn’t love those?! The rainbow sprinkles and M&Ms on the cookies themselves made for a colorful treat to go alongside all of the decor. Get the super quick Kellogg’s Snacks recipe for these ice cream sandwiches here.

DIY // Geo Christmas Trees Made of Paper

How to make geo folded Christmas trees for the holidays

DIY Geo Paper Christmas Trees

The geo trees on the table were created very similarly to the folded wall art. Just fold a piece of paper in various widths, all folded toward one corner of the paper. Then, tape or glue the two ends together and cut off excess at the bottom to create an even bottom for the tree to stand on.

Side Note: Be sure to keep those geo Christmas trees for the new year, because they make great party hats after the Christmas holiday is over. Just attach an elastic string on each side and you’re good to go.

Also, those cut outs from the patterned wrapping paper double as party confetti!

DIY New Year's Confetti + Geo Hat

Serious Business

And a few more photos for good measure…

A Colorful (DIY) Christmas Party

DIY wall art made of folded paper

Holiday Paper Party

DIY Wrapping Paper

A Colorful DIY Christmas Party

Photography Kimberly Murray // Assisted by Linda Jednaszewski // Concept and Styling Brittni Mehlhoff

Have any ideas for how to colorize your own party, for the holidays and beyond? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Or share how you bring color to parties with the hashtag #ColorizeYourParty.

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7 DIY Dinner Party Hacks

I’m excited to be partnering with Seven Daughters wine to bring you a series of posts in the coming months that revolve around my favorite subject: DIY. And today marks the first post in the series.

Much to my dismay, summer is almost over. But before we say goodbye to those long days in the sun, I thought it was only fitting to give this season one last farewell. While also giving a little shout out to the upcoming season. Kind of a transition party… Summer, meet fall. Fall, meet summer.

And what better way to do that than with a little dinner party. Right?

Summer Meets Fall Dinner Party

7 DIY Entertaining Hacks to Get You Through Your Next Dinner Party in Style

So, today I’m sharing my 7 DIY entertaining hacks for throwing a great dinner party, in partnership with Seven Daughters wine. Think DIY decor, clever custom touches, (super) quick recipes, and plenty of drinks. All with the summer to fall transition in mind. Sound good? Let’s jump in.

Here are 7 DIY entertaining hacks to get you through your next dinner party in style. 

Entertaining Hacks for your Next Dinner Party

1. Make it Comfortable. I used an irregular size table for the party, which means my tablecloth hung quite low, over the chairs. To make things comfortable for guests when they sit down, I duct taped the tablecloth underneath to be the proper height (tucked up and away so guests can scoot their chairs in comfortably. Don’t worry! You can’t see the duct tape at all, its completely hidden. Ah, the power of duct tape.

Also, it might be a good idea to remove unnecessary / excess items from the table. Feel free to use the entire room, to keep things from feeling too crowded or overwhelming. I used a bar cart to keep appetizers handy (it’s on wheels, so I could roll it over to the table when necessary). And I kept desserts on display over on the buffet credenza to add to the decor.

2. Improvise. Use a large pattern blanket as a rug underneath the table at dinner for a pop of pattern that grounds the space. Bonus! After guests go home, you can pop the blanket into the washer and clean up any spills or stains from the party. It’s a lot easier than trying to clean an expensive rug (or floors with carpet).

7 DIY Entertaining Hacks to Get You Through Your Next Dinner Party in Style

Easy DIY Floral Centerpieces

3. Create a focal point with a simple centerpiece. Using fresh flowers or succulents, you can create a simple DIY centerpiece to add interest to the table, without being too formal. Use short vases and vessels from around the house or try this DIY concrete planter idea for something more modern and minimal. And don’t forget this tutorial for a simple fresh flower centerpiece as well, if you need some inspiration.

Hand painted striped napkins + edible place cards made from pie crust

Let's Party!

4. Quirky details. A few out of the box details are always memorable for guest. So, I made DIY edible name plates out of pie crust for each person. I used store bought pie crust (that you bake yourself), to make things easy, and cut out the letters with one inch alphabet cookie cutters. Pop them in the oven for a few minutes (these will cook fast because they’re so small) and add them to each place setting after they’ve cooled. Viola. Edible place cards. Yum.

I also added leftover pie crust letters to the tiny petit four treats that guests took home with them as a late night snack. Just leave a stack of glassine bags next to the tray and guests can take them on the go.

DIY Knotted Rope Garland

Easy DIY Knotted Rope Garland

Edible Place Cards Made of Pie Crust

5. All about texture. I love incorporating different textures and textiles, so I used a simple linen tablecloth and contrasting DIY painted napkins. The grey napkins I wanted to use were a little too plain, so I painted stripes on them with white fabric paint to add interest. Each one has a slightly different pattern and I’ll reuse them again and again.

The knotted DIY garland that hung over the table adds a little bit of height and it’s a little playful. To get the look, just knot a long strand of thick yarn every 1-2 feet, and hang. Similar to the knotted garland DIY I made a while back.

Easy Appetizer // Goat Cheese, Fig and Honey Crostinis

Floral + Geometric Menu Idea

Apple Layer Cake with Fig and Champagne Grape Topper

6. Keep the menu easy. I like to do heavy appetizers and a lighter meal because it’s easier to prepare ahead of time and you can spend more time with guests, and less time in the kitchen. My go-to appetizer lately is a fig and honey goat cheese crostini. So good!

Just cut up a baguette into half inch slices and pop them in the oven at 350 for a few minutes (you want them to be toasty but not too hard). Wait for them to cool, add a soft goat cheese and a couple of figs and then a little bit of honey. This is a super easy one for guests to make themselves, right at the table, if you run out of time before people start arriving. Tip: If you don’t have a honeycomb stick, dip the handle of a spoon or fork into the jar instead. It works just as well.

I also created a DIY menu display, that I propped up on the buffet, next to a piece of art. I typed out all of the menu items and arranged them into a triangle. Then printed it, cut it out, and attached it to decorative paper that was then framed.

When it came time for dessert, there were a few choices…an apple layer cake (which was so good) and two mini pies. I decorated the cake with an edible DIY cake topper: champagne grapes and leftover figs. This is a super easy, and delicious, way to dress up a store-bought cake.

Cheers! 7 DIY Dinner Party Hacks

Cake, pie, and a bottle of wine

7. Plenty of drinks. I think the key to a good party is  having lots of options in the food and drink category. I already touched on food, so as far as drinks are concerned, I like wine for a laid back meal with friends. Seven Daughters has a great selection, so I had all of their varietals available for guests. We mostly sipped on the Rich Red Winemaker’s Blend and Chardonnay.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to pair wines with the food menu. So, keep that in mind. Be sure to have non-alcoholic beverages as well, for those that don’t drink.

So those are my DIY dinner party hacks. Now that you’re prepared for your next get-together, here are a few more photos from the shoot…

Goat Cheese, Fig and Honey Crostinis

Pour another glass

A DIY Summer to Fall Dinner Party

Fig and Goat Cheese Crostinis with Drizzled Honey

Goat Cheese + Champagne Grapes

7 DIY Dinner Party Hacks

Apple Layer Cake with Fig + Champagne Grape Topper

Photography by Sarah Eddy
Models Jordan Brantley and Amber Hoadley
Concept, projects, and styling Brittni Mehlhoff

What are some of your tips (or tricks) for entertaining? Any DIY hacks to share?

This post is in partnership with Seven Daughters Wine. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this site possible.


Mini Donut Shaped Candy DIY

Over the weekend, I made these tiny candy donuts and I thought I would share the tutorial this morning to kick off the week.

They’re really easy to make and look just like mini donuts, but they’re not the real deal… They’re made of of chocolate (and peanut butter chips) instead. Fun, huh?

These little candies would be great party favors for birthday parties and other special occasions. Or on a dessert table, just as they are. Want to make your own? Here’s how…

Mini Donut Candy

Supplies + Ingredients:

mini donut silicone mold (available right here on Amazon) // microwave safe bowls in various sizes (for melting chocolate) // small spoon // bamboo skewers (optional) // 1 bag of white chocolate chips + 1 bag of peanut butter or butterscotch chips // food coloring (gel or liquid) // sprinkles

How to Make Mini Donut Chocolate Candy


1. Start by creating your donut base. Melt peanut butter and white chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl, in 20-30 second intervals (stirring in between) until melted.

You can play around with the chips ratio here…I made some donuts strictly from peanut butter chips (for a darker donut base) and some that were a half and half mixture of white chocolate chips and peanut butter chips (for a lighter donut base).

2. Next, pour or scoop the melted chips into the mini donut mold. Then, pop the mold into the freezer for about an hour to harden.

3. Remove the donuts from the mold and let them warm to room temperature again.

4. Next, in three separate bowls, begin melting white chocolate chips the same way you did in step one. Once melted, add a small amount of food coloring to each one (I used pink, purple, and green) and stir, to create the donut icing. Then, using a small spoon, pour the chocolate over the donuts to create an iced donut look. *Work fast for this part – if the chocolate cools to much before pouring, it won’t look like donut icing. If you’re having trouble, you can add a little bit of vegetable shortening to thin out the chocolate a bit more.

5. Add sprinkles, then place the finished candy donuts back into the fridge or freezer to harden. Once hardening, pull the candies out and poke through the center of each donut shape with a bamboo skewer if any chocolate has covered up the hole. If you’re using a cooling rack, that probably won’t be an issue. But if you’ve set your donuts on a plate, like I did, you have a few holes to re-poke.

Note: If you use the same mold that I have, you’ll be able to make roughly three batches of mini donuts with two bags of chocolate chips. Which is 54 candy donuts.

DIY // Teeny Tiny Donut Shaped Chocolate Candies

Make mini donut chocolate candies

Teeny Tiny Donut Shaped Chocolate Candies

Mini donut candies made of chocolate

Mini Donut Candy Ice Cream Sandwiches

Other ideas for these candy donuts… Decorate a plain cake or turn them into the mini version of my donut ice cream sandwiches.

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff