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I've had a really busy day so far, so it's time to slow things down with some photographs from Solhful Print Shop. I think I need to live inside these photographs for a few days.

Wanna join me?

(above) Purple Carnation + Calming Tree

Roof + Lace

Visit Solhful Print Shop on Etsy now for more dreamy photographs from Anahita (don't you love that name? so pretty).


After a long day, sometimes I like to wind down by spending a few minutes just sitting still with my eyes closed. It helps to get me out of work mode, even if its just temporary.

So to end the day today, I thought I would share some serene photographs from Natalie French of The Shabby Photographer. Her photographs have a very tranquil quality to them and I hope you'll enjoy 'em as much as I do...

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See you tomorrow!