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I’m on a plane to Salt Lake City as we speak, so I asked Mariah from Everything Golden to stop by and share a (super awesome) DIY with you today. I’ll be back tomorrow with some sneak peeks for Alt – hint: that secret thing I’ve been working on & a look at my new letterpress business cards.

Anyway, I’ll let Mariah take it away…

I usually always remember to bring my canvas bags to the grocery store or farmers market. However, when I reach the fruit and vegetable section, I resort to using plastic. So I thought I’d solve this issue with making some cool re-usable bags. I found these great vintage flour bags at a local antique store and they make for the perfect material: they’re recycled, durable and a great alternative to plastic! I also love the visual quality.

What you’ll need:

  1. 1 large flour bag (found at antique stores) makes 4 – 11.5 x 8.5 bags
  2. A sewing machine or needle and thread
  3. Small rope
  4. Scissors and pins


  1. Cut the large flour bag into 4 sections.
  2. Then open one section and measure a piece of rope to be about 10 inches longer than the width.
  3. Lay the rope on the top of the fabric and fold about 1/5 inch over the rope and pin down and sew.
  4. You’ll then tie the ends of the rope to secure it.
  5. Lastly, fold rights sides together and sew edges, turn right side out and wallah!

Mariah is the creator of Everything Golden, a blog about independently crafted art, design, style, wild places and animals and anything that inspires. She’s a graphic designer, stylist and photographer living in and loving Montana with her laser physicist husband and a very smart and crafty border collie named Indie. Check out her blog for more DIY ideas and inspiration.



Inspired by a craft technique that I (unfortunately) have no talent in, today’s post revolves around sewn project. Whether its by hand or at the machine, these DIYs will have you getting out a needle and thread. Enjoy!

1. travel sewing kit from Sew 4 Home

2. leather pocket tee diy from In Honor of Design

3. make a color block shower curtain from Martha

4. and sew a stripes + color tote from Prudent Baby

5. crochet a beaded necklace from Olive Manna on Oh, Hello Friend

6. ginormous button pillow diy from Instructables

7. how to sew a leather + fabric clutch from A Beautiful Mess

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Have a great weekend!


If you can’t find what you are looking for online or at a local shop, make it yourself! Right?

I am sure that’s a motto that you already live by, but just in case, here’s your reminder: Awesome fashion and wearables DIYs to dive  into this weekend…

1. how to make lace shorts (so cute!)

2. diy dip dyed ombre ballet flats

3. make your own high low skirt

4. make an ombre seed bead necklace

5. tote / backpack diy

6. diy blouse makeover (the back of this top is so cool)

7. rewired bracelet diy

8. sewing a tank dress

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Hope you have a great weekend! Catch you next week.


This contributor post was written by Michael Ann of Michael Ann Made.

Springtime has been trying to poke its sunny little head out here in Portland, and I couldn’t be more excited! This simple Spring Time Tea Towel DIY should help to bring a little bit of color and sunshine into cold and dark kitchens while we wait for spring to officially arrive. And the best part is that it seriously only takes a couple minutes and some materials already on hand!

Here are the materials you’ll need:

1. Kitchen towels that need sprucing! I used plain 100% cotton towels I found at the thrift for $1. You could also use towels that already have a print for extra color.

2. Colorful fabric bits. This is a perfect project for using up precious tiny scraps.

3. Coordinating thread. The applique will look the best if you try to match the thread color with the fabric. But contrasting on purpose can be fun too.

4. Sewing machine or Embroidery needle, depending on your desired approach.

Here’s how you make it:

1. Find a springtime pattern that you like and cut out your pieces. I knew I wanted a vintage look, so I searched for inspiration on flickr and pinterest by searching for “vintage tea towels”. I found a little 60′s flower power motif I liked and drew out a simple pattern. This is the creative part, so let your imagination run wild! Keep in mind that simple and bold images work best with busy patterned fabric.

2.Pin and sew your pieces.

If you are using a sewing machine, like I did, use either a small and very close together zig-zag stitch or your buttonhole stitch, and stitch all around the raw outer edges of your pieces. Pull the thread tails through to the back, tie them together, and cut them off instead of back stitching to finish.

If you prefer a hand embroidered look, then get out your hoop and stitch away! I found some gorgeous towels in my searching that used hand embroidery.

3. Finish off with any final touches! I was originally planning to keep it simple, but then I found this scrap of pink rick rack… Just the kitschy icing on the cake this little retro towel needed! Depending on your mood, you could also add fun bias tape, lace, ribbon, whatever your crafty heart craves.

Now you can make yourself a cup of tea and admire your work! This project was so quick, I’m planning on using it for last minute spring birthday or shower gifts. Happy Spring Crafting!

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turquoise desk

I love the turquoise walls and empty picture frames in Erika’s workspace. And how about those suitcases? Great storage solutions. You can find more images from her workspace, or creative space, as she calls it, visit Crafty Hues.