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I am not exactly a model hostess. I always forget to ask guests that visit if I can get them a drink and that kind of stuff.

BUT I would consider throwing a garden party, bad hostess and all, if it meant I could wear one of these dresses from Mrs. Pomeranz. Dasha, the designer behind the brand, has such a great eye for flirty, feminine styling. And the fit looks absolutely perfect. Here's a little more info about the new collection...

There is nothing like spring and summer - nothing like that overwhelming feeling of life everywhere; the wind that is blowing gently is warm and fragrant, and the smells of freshly cut grass and gardens and even rain are magical and heady. There is hardly anything that makes women look better than spring - it comes with falling in love that brings the color to the face and sparkles in the eyes, and it comes with flowers. The idea of that feeling - being feminine and a little bit light-headed, being a little bit dreamy and charming, being fresh and in love - is the ground on which the collection "Garden Party Dress" by Mrs. Pomeranz stands on. 

So what do you say... Will you come to my garden party? I already have a dress picked out. :)


I'm in the mood to shop today. So let's talk about Sew Moe - a unique women's clothing line featuring custom-crafted designs from Moe Erin Donnelly.

I am almost embarrassed to admit that have but a few handmade clothing pieces in my closet. Clothes are tough for me to buy online, which is where the majority of cute handmade clothes are always hiding (and many don't offer returns). Luckily, Moe does allow for returns, which is so awesome! You have to be able to try on clothes to know how they fit and all that , right?

Do you ever have trouble finding clothes on Etsy with the option to return if it doesn't fit? Or am I a lone ranger on this one?

And because there is no smooth way to transition into this...

Sew Moe has a special offer for the month of February: Buy any Sew Moe cardigan, and get any additional item from the shop 40% off! Message Moe the details (a cardigan plus...what?), and she'll set up a bundled listing for you.

Visit Sew Moe now to take advantage of that special offer and browse the rest of the collection.


P.S. I am happy to announce the winner of the most recent giveaway here on the blog is Kay W. who said "Id do something simple and neutral, but with just a hint of color "“ my choices would be grey, white and an orange-hued salmon." Congrats Kay. Please email me at brittni(at)papernstitch(dot)com to collect your prize. And thank you to all that entered.


It is so hard to find clothes locally (well in my old place in Jacksonville anyway), that you won't find on every other girl in town. Which is probably why vintage clothing shops are so appealing to me. There is something about (good) vintage clothing shops that just make my mouth water.

So, if you are always hunting for the perfect polka dot top or warn in pair of pants that no on else will have, its time to start scouring your town and/or the internet for vintage.

What shop(s) do I recommend? If you're shopping online, try COLLECT.

They have a great selection of vintage dresses, tops, jackets, skirts, sweaters, and more. So check 'em out. And while you are there, be sure to use this discount code to receive 15% off your entire purchase...

Discount Code: Get 15% off your entire order when you use code "papernstitch" at checkout.

Visit COLLECT on Etsy now.