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I was determined to start celebrating the holidays earlier this year than last. So, this weekend, my husband and I went and picked out a tree, set it up (and decorated), and hung some lights outside. I was even able to wrap a few packages, so I am feeling pretty good and definitely in the spirit of the season.


But if you are not quite in the holiday spirit yet, maybe Melangerie will help get you there. I found this shop last night and discovered these printables, along with a slew of other paper goods, like these scratch and sniff cards and these DIY gift packaging kits.

So, are you ready for the holidays yet?




nice package

Shop of the Day: Many of you may already be familiar with today’s SOTD because your probably read the owner’s blogs already. Today’s shop is Nice Package, and it is run by Ez of Creature Comforts and Marichele, previously of Heart Handmade (Marichele now has a peronal blog called Life Flix).

nice package

Everything you need to make your packages look great this holiday season can be found at Nice Package, without breaking the bank. Everything is reasonably priced and each photo gives great ideas on how to use the supplies offered.

What I love most about this shop is that everything can be used in conjunction with very simple papers (i.e. no fancy wrapping paper required)…Use a brown paper bag, from the grocery, cut flat or newspaper as wrapping paper to save money (and to reuse) and wrap some simple baker’s twine, add a tag, and you’re all set! An adorably packaged gift, that barely cost you a thing.

nice package

Personally, I would much rather spend the money I would normally buy on wrapping paper at a small shop like Nice Package that has simple, beautiful supplies that I can use to customize presents. And now through December 1st, receive a free gift with purchase with any purchase over $10 and free shipping on orders of $150 or more.

Visit Nice Package for more: websitebig cartel shop …  etsy shop

nice package

nice package

nice package


Well, I know how much everyone has been LOVING Laura’s guest posts here on papernstitch and I have another one from Laura for you today! This time she is using wallpaper to help us wrap our special gifts. I love this idea. For more from Laura’s work, click here to visit her shop (Lupin) and her blog, Bugs and Fishes.


With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve been wrapping some more presents… this time making use of a roll of leftover wallpaper I bought in a charity shop.The wallpaper I’ve used is a “paintable textured vinyl”, a fantastic combination of super-plain and simple (that crisp white) and really ornate and detailed (the textured pattern). It’s especially great for wrapping large boxes – your parcels end up looking a bit like big slabs of Christmas cake! I added some red yarn and a tag for a bit of contrasting colour.
I made the tag by sticking some red wrapping paper to a bit of spare card, and then cutting out and applying a small detail of the wallpaper pattern with ordinary prittstick. As the wallpaper is quite thick you can cut out quite intricate patterns without the paper ripping or becoming too fragile to handle.
If you’ve got a bit of time – say, when you’re relaxing watching the telly in the evening – you can use this decorative idea for your parcels themselves for a very bespoke look.


This week is off to a great start, with the giveaway already started, bunches of great shops to talk about (did some research over the weekend), and of course another guest post from Laura of Lupin! Remember to check out her shop and or blog after reading this great tutorial.


For a modern luxe look, try wrapping your parcels with brown paper and paper cake-decorating ribbon!
The full-on bling of foil ribbons makes for a gorgeous contrast with matte brown parcel paper (or kraft paper and its subtle stripes). The result is simultaneously simple and highly detailed, clean and crisp but also recalling the decorative lace and doilie look that’s been popping up everywhere this year.
Start off with a simple brown paper parcel – the neater and crisper you can make your corners the better and square packages work best (put your present in a box if necessary). Use wider ribbon for larger parcels in a simple strip, securing the ends with double sided tape for extra neatness:Two pieces of narrower ribbon works great as a twist on the traditional ribbon-tied parcel and would be great for parcels sent through the post as there’s nothing to get squished in transit:
You can’t tie a standard tag to the paper ribbon, but you could tuck one under it or maybe just write your recipient’s name directly onto the brown paper?

Smaller sections – any pieces left over from your parcel wrapping, for example – can be used to make tags and cards… I stuck three small strips to a luggage tag (I’m loving large tags this Christmas!) using double sided tape:
The end result will be a great addition to any parcel tied up with gold ribbon – be sure to stick your ribbon strips slightly off-centre and to cut a little more than you need, trimming it once it’s stuck down to make sure the whole width of the tag is covered and your edges are super-neat.

I also used pieces of the wide silver ribbon to decorate some blank white cards, again sticking the ribbon off-centre using double-sided tape:
They’re quick and simple to make and would make fantastic Christmas party invites…

Where can you buy this sort of ribbon?  It’s traditionally made for cakes so cake decorating supply shops are your best bet – it may be called paper lace or cake bands / cake banding – if you’re in the UK and want a large roll of it you can buy some here.


If you haven’t noticed, I am completely obsessed with the gift wrapping tutorial guest posts from Laura of Lupin. Here’s another one for you to enjoy. And as always, please make sure you check out the Lupin shop and Laura’s blog.


If you’re attracted to the “brown paper packages tied up with string” look because you yearn for an old-fashioned Christmas, you can add an extra special retro feel to your parcels with some vintage stamps…

The simplest option, as always, is just to decorate your tags – you could use luggage tags or make your own like I did by sticking brown paper to scrap pieces of card:

A single special stamp (I adore those little birds!) can be enough for a smaller parcel, but for larger tags try repeating the same stamp or using matching sets.

For some real crafty fun though, transform your plain brown paper package into a vintage-looking parcel:

Essential ingredients of this look are:
- lots of stamps, with added postmarks
- a piece of string, the older and more well used the better
- and a nice fake Agatha Christie style address written with a fountain pen. All your friends can be Lords, Ladies, Colonels, Majors, etc living in an assortment of invented English villages!

When you wrap your parcel, use double-sided tape if you can to give the illusion that it is the string alone which is holding your parcel together:

You can easily scale down this idea and make fake letter tags instead:

I used a small brown envelope with the flap glued down, but you could make your own using a small template like this one.

I’m a total stamp nerd so I had plenty of stamps on hand for this project, but you should be able to pick up a mixed bag of stamps pretty cheaply or you could just be very nice to any stamp collectors you know! (they usually have an abundance of Christmas stamps simply because of the sheer volume of Christmas cards people send).

Oh, and whatever you do don’t try and actually post your parcels! Not without wrapping them in another layer and putting valid stamps on them first, anyway