Pillow Talk: 12 Pillows to Cheer up your Couch

Pillow Talk: 12 Cool Pillows to Cheer Up Your Couch

Pillow time! We have a ton of pillows at the house, that somehow migrated over from the studio at one point or another. And now that we’re moving, we’re bringing everything back to the studio that we can, before moving day. Which gave me a chance to take a little inventory of the pillows that I already have…and a handful more that I don’t have, but would love to!

I put them all into a little roundup to kick off the week. Here are 12 cool pillows to cheer up your modern sofa

1. scribbles embroidered pillow from Leif
2. seaweed pillow from Leif
3. zig zag trim pillow from Leif
4. Dusen Dusen slash pillow from Need Supply
5. festival fireworks kilim pillow from Leif
6. wild confetti pillow from Leif
7. brushstroke pillow from Need Supply
8. twist a twill pillow from Neighborly
9. Minna shag pillow from Need Supply
10. Meow pillow from Etsy
11. folks embroidered pillow from Leif
12. hills and valleys pillow from Need Supply

Have a favorite? I’m curious to know which one(s) you like most. Let me know!

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They are so beautiful, good picks! I love number 5!


All of those pillows are so cute and would fit into almost any style so easily.



Thanks Michelle and Stephanie.


I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to pillows that I want. I think I’m going to need another bed or couch just to have somewhere to put them all! 😂

Indya | TheSmallAdventurer

Haha. Sounds like a plan, Indya.


LOVE these designs 🙂 but i’m not allowed to buy any more pillows lol the husband has put his foot down 🙂

Rachael xx.


Hahahaha. I’m probably pretty close to my limit too, Rachael. 🙂


I love No. 7 and No. 9. Why did I think No. 12 was a pillow with different boobies?! LOL.


Now that you say that Kimberly, #12 totally does!


I want all of these now! All together on my bed in a big mishmash of cushions

– Natalie


That would be fun, Natalie.


Number 5 is my absolute fav😍😍

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