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I think that this toast soap would be a pretty surefire way to startle guests at your next dinner party.  Can you imagine walking into your hostess’ bathroom and seeing a piece of toast with jam lying on the counter?  I spotted Soapopotamus’ Strawberry Jam Goats Milk Soap bar over on Seesaw Designs.  Then I spent a good five minutes staring at her Etsy shop confirming that these were in fact soaps – not a delicious looking snack.  The jam has real strawberry seeds and the bread is creamy goat’s milk soap that smells like freshly baked bread.

Seriously, this shop is blowing my mind.  Rice Krispie soaps, frosted donutscinnamon rollssunny side up eggs?

And they all smell like the real thing. It’s too much.

Who knew handwashing could be such a tasty pastime?

Happy Tuesday!


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Oh yes, goodness these are too much! So real.


Wow Kathryn. I can’t believe how real these look. Before I started reading the post, I was thinking…oh that toast looks really good. Totally fooled me.


Fantastic!! These are some of the most realistic soaps I have ever seen. There are some truly creative soap-makers out there.


These are hilarious! I love them!!!!

Cheryl @ House of Shine

I can’t believe how real these look – crazy!! I really thought those were cinammon rolls. Wow! That would be great to have them in your bathroom for guests…definitely a conversation starter.

Piper aka one sydney road

Wow, those look so real. I think i’ll give the egg as a gag gift. Too cute.


Rice Krispie soap!? I could not have that laying around my house – then I would just crave rice krispies every time I washed my hands!

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