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When I saw this very stylish chair over on Design Milk, and then realized it was made primarily of recycled Coca-Cola bottles, I knew I had to pass it on.  You see, I am engaged to a serious Coke Classic addict.  Addict.  In fact, he has recently pledged to cut down on his consumption, and when I sent him a link to this Coke chair, he cried (as much as one can cry or exclaim anything on Gchat) “Why did you put coca cola in my mind? I can taste ittttttttt.”  Really.  Just like that.

So, I’m happy to know that the 8 zillion bottles my fiance has consumed and diligently recycled over the years are being put to good (and very stylish) use.

Coca-Cola partnered with Emeco to create the 111 Navy Chair, made of exactly 111 Coke bottles, and a mix of pigment and glass fiber.  Coke wanted to prove that things other than more plastic bottles could be made using recycled plastic. The chair will be sold through Design Within Reach.

Happy Tuesday,


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I love these!!!! I might just have to invest.

Jennifer Mullin

They are so pretty and I love that they are made of recycled materials! Good find!


woohoo – another recycled design that enables us to not feel too guilty about using platic. keep those creative minds producing!!!

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