5 Faves: Modern Shops for Fashion Wearables + Accessories

I did a little shopping this weekend and picked up a super comfy dress (that I am totally planning on wearing nearly everyday). But I think I caught the shopping bug because I came home and started prepping/writing this week’s 5 Faves and somehow came away with a wish list the size of Miami.

I don’t want to overwhelm you, or even begin to think about all the shops I just bookmarked, so let’s just start with five…


I am kind of obesessed with the small batch collection of Minneapolis-based bag shop MATINE. Aside from the cognac and gold one above , this scallop clutch is definitely on my wishlist.


If I could, I would buy every single piece in the Young Frankk shop. Every necklace, ring, and bracelet is handmade in Richmond, VA and I love all of them (but this one is my fave if I can only choose one).

3. LumiStyle

Fall is coming! And depending on where we’ll soon be moving (I still don’t know believe it or not), I may have to stock up on knitwear. These boot cuffs would have been a life saver when I was living in Seattle. BONUS: Receive a 10% discount when you enter coupon code LUMIPNS at the checkout.

4. Leah Goren

You probably already know about Leah Goren from Etsy or her Made In Kind collection for Anthropologie. But just in case you don’t, let me be the first to introduce you.

5. Mrs.Pomeranz

Mrs.Pomeranz will always be on my list of faves, creating unique “new look” silhouettes for dresses and skirts using sewing techniques from the 50s. The ‘mini’ collection is my favorite.

That’s it for today’s shopping list.

Did you have a good weekend?


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