5 Faves: shopping for gifts $50 and under on Etsy

It feels like I am searching for the perfect gift nearly every other week – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, whatever. So this morning I am rounding up a few of my favorite gift shops on Etsy….

This might sound a little strange, but my favorite gift to give and receive is artwork, which is why a photography shop is the first on my list this week.

1. Ooh Pretty Shiny: And if you’re not a fan of giving art as a gift, Photographer, Laura Evans will keep your own house looking good and your art budget in check with her beautiful prints.

(above) Assorted Prints $15-50 (from Ooh Pretty Shiny)

14×11 Strawberry Print $40 (from Ooh Pretty Shiny)

10×8 Ferris Wheel Print $30 (from Ooh Pretty Shiny)

Along the lines of gifts for the home, shop number 2 is one to keep in mind for friends and family who aren’t afraid of a little color, or A LOT.

2. SewZinskiAffordable hand painted housewares for your playful home. 15% off! Save 15% off any purchase at SewZinski by entering coupon code ‘letsdothis’ at checkout.

Ceramic Hand Painted Containers $30-40 (from SewZinski)

Hand Painted Travel Coffee Mugs $25-45 (from SewZinski)

Now, this next one is a little more specific…but it is high on my list for my boho chic buddies.

3. Banjo and Bone: Get in touch with your inner free-spirit with jewelry and clothing from this vintage (and vintage-inspired) shop. 30% off: Get 30% off your Banjo and Bone purchase now through May 31st. Woah! Just enter the coupon code 30DOWN at checkout.

The Randi Necklace $23 (from Banjo and Bone)

Goddess Chain Headband $30 (from Banjo and Bone)

It’s hard to go wrong with a simple t-shirt.Whether it is running out for some quick errands or getting cozy for bed, one of your friends could totally wear the hell out of these tops from this next shop.

4. An Li Liu: Colorful tees for everyday life. Free shipping! Enjoy free shipping at An Li Liu until the end of May! US orders only. Use code Freeshipmay at checkout.

Assorted Tees $24-28 (from An Li Liu)

Owl Tee $28 (from An Li Liu)

I have a major sweet tooth and nearly everyone I know is the same way (well, at the very least they like chocolate), so giving homemade sweets is ALWAYS a good idea in my house.

5. Nicole’s Treats: Go ahead and indulge, as the tagline says. Nicole’s sweets look so yummy, I might just spend more than $50 in this shop. P.S. She also makes Vegan Granola if you don’t have a sweet tooth. 15% off! Use the coupon code 15OFF10 for 15% off your order of $10 or more.

More Sweet Treats $10-11 (from Nicole’s Treats)

Yum! Caramel + Chocolate. $20 (from Nicole’s Treats)

Where is your favorite place to shop for gifts?

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What a lovely gift lists! 🙂
Oh the coffee cup with flowers is so pretty, and what to say about those caramel chocolates…! Yum 🙂


Amazing finds 🙂 I love the wheel from Ooh pretty shiny…



Nice picks! I agree with all the ‘overwhelming’ comments above about Etsy. So I’ve found a better and wonderful place to shop for that unique something… HandmadeArtists.com. This site doesn’t allow anything that’s NOT handmade, and the owners seem to be very diligent in watching it! Check it out!


I always forget people sell food on etsy! Nice selection!

Monica Lee

5 Faves: shopping for gifts $50 and under on Etsy | papernstitch http://t.co/IFOg53Pr

EZ Living Furniture (@EZLivingFurn)

5 Faves: shopping for gifts and under on Etsy http://t.co/KR5WsUjl via @sharethis

EZ Living Furniture (@EZLivingFurn)

what a brilliantly helpful idea! I must spend hours browsing every time I go on etsy. It’s total overload! I love that you included the art prints, and I’m totally in love with what you’re doing here at papernstitch! looking forward to reading more 🙂


thank you to papernstitch for including my prints in your wonderful blog post … some gorgeous Etsy finds under $50. http://t.co/HgpDqrGM

(@levansphoto) (@levansphoto)

Oooh . . . love the goddess chain headband! The chocolate caramels look awesome too but I’m ignoring those :).

Leanne Chesser

Thanks for the lovely comments ladies! Hope you all are having a great day!


Great post, I love shopping for unique gifts on etsy! I love the coffee mugs!


Thank you for these! While I have my own poster shop on Esty, I too get overwhelmed with the amount of choices! So many talented people, these are all great finds.


This is awesome because I get so overwhelmed when I hop onto the etsy site! There are SO many vendors and its hard to find the right one sometimes. Thanks for these leads!

Heather B

5 Faves: shopping for gifts and under on Etsy http://t.co/9t0iN6e3 via @sharethis

An Li Liu (@AnLiLiu1)

LOVE THIS – gonna go buy myself some presents now 🙂 That hand colored poppy travel mug has my name on it. Etsy always feels a little overwhelming to me, but I love supporting amazing artists – I find the quality and creativity is better here than what I can find in person, but it still feels overwhelming to me. This post is a great jumping off point – THANKS bschool babe!


Omg those caramel and chocolate candies look amaaaazing!! I’m taking weight just looking at them but I like it! 😛

Great blog post! If you want some news on advertising/design/marketing/web, come and see me! 🙂


chocolate covered twizzlers, are you kidding?? O_O

I LOVE the color pallet of the Oh Pretty Shiny prints.


5 Faves: shopping for gifts and under on Etsy http://t.co/u8cfGdSa via @sharethis

Amelia Design (@BedeliasSpot)
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