5 Modern DIY Projects for Your Weekend (and your Home)

You feel comfortable with scissors and glue and maybe even a sewing machine, but it’s time to break out of your comfort zone and explore the great unknown (or at least the lesser-used supplies in your diy arsenal).

What do you say? Let’s crawl to the back of your closet and dust off those supplies you haven’t used in a while. It’s diy time! And this week it’s all about your modern home.

Here are your projects and the supplies you’ll need…

1. DIY Supply: house paint

(above) Turn a dingy planter into a diy project full of sunshine on Old Brand New.

2. DIY Supply: electric drill and drill bits

Create a modern birdhouse for your feathery friends.

3. DIY Supply: slow cooker (yep the one typically used for food)

Make your own set of dip-dyed candles from Martha Stewart.

4. DIY Supply: dremel tool

Bring plants indoors with a diy wall garden made of magnetic metal tins.

5. DIY Supply: glass etching cream

And finally, quench your thirst for design with this tutorial from Curbly to make your own Eames-inspired drinking glass.

What DIY supplies will you be dusting off this weekend?

One last thing before I go… Next week is officially Reader Appreciation Week! So, I’ll be hosting some amazing giveaways, sharing some fun tutorials, and a whole lot more to say thanks for the last three years! Get excited. It’s going to be fun.

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Great projects and ideas. Thanks for sharing these DIYs. I’m sure it will look good in any home.


Wow those are all cool projects
the drinking glass looks very interesting to me
Thanks for the ideas

Armand Scheiffele

hmm, never thought that you can do those things yourself. I’ll try the glass cream myself.

Andrei (the renovator) Chpak

good information, maybe I must learning again with your blog. I also frequently discussed on this niche in my blog. thanks

Deddy Anwari

Ooh! I’ll definitely try the glass! That should be simple enough for me to do while my babies nap. Thanks for the link!


Aw, you’re sweet Chisa. I am looking forward to Reader Appreciation Week too. Check back Monday!


Wow, the drinking glasses are so great. Need to try that!
I’m totally looking forward to Reader Appreciation Week. Thanx a lot for this great blog of yours!



Me too Tina! Such a clever idea, huh? Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!


I love the Eames-inspired drinking glass. So classy.


i love that one too DREW. Have a great weekend (and you too blythe).


these are awesome ideas! thanks for posting them! 🙂

blythe hill

love all of these! especially dabito’s drippy plant container!

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