5 under $25: Kitchen

5 under 25 kitchen

1. Plenty of Pots 2. Charming Trio 3. Mosaic Recycled Placemat 4. Slender Budvase 5. Linen Tea Towel


5 under $25 is back with some budget friendly items to dress up your kitchen without spending a fortune. Painting is a cheap way to transform a room, but if your not in the mood for a weekend warrior project, try a piece of artwork instead. Its even easier on your wallet if you buy a print and you can cover up any cracks or imperfections at the same time. Bonus! Add a special touch to a kitchen table or open air shelving by displaying your favorites dishes out in the open. And of course, don’t forget a simple vase or two for a single stem to brighten your day. Put a trio in the window sill and daydream about that rose garden you have always wanted, while doing the afternoon dishes.

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Love the plates and the tea towel. So pretty!

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