5 under $25: Paper Goods


1. Ruffles Note Set 2. Class Notebooks  3. Rewrite Mini Notebook 4. Letterpress Card Set- Spruce Branch 5. Letterpress Tags 6 pk


This is the second installment of 5 under $25, and this week we’re looking at paper goods. I have to admit that the sole reason for making this post all about paper goods is #2. I love those $5 notepads and would take them with me where ever I go. Considering both Jeff and myself have an obsession with notebooks, that’s probably no surprise. But I also love cards and stationery.

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Definitely Rachel! I agree.


thats funny- before i read the description i was going to say the $5 notebooks are my fav. Great minds think alike i see. I love the flower design. cute!

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