Wrap This: 5 DIY Ways to Wrap Gifts for Guys

5 DIY Ways to Wrap Gifts for Guys

There are plenty of DIY ideas out there for wrapping presents thoughtfully (and beautiful) for the holidays. But almost everything I’ve seen this year is best suited for a woman. So what about the guys? I know those giant yarn pom pom toppers are pretty, but is it a good match for those macho men you know? Maybe not. 

So keeping the opposite sex in mind, I came up with 5 semi-manly DIY wrapping ideas for you to try with your holidays presents this year. And honestly, I wouldn’t mind receiving a few packages wrapped up like this myself. So I’d say they’re pretty unisex, if you want to get technical about it.

Here are 5 DIY ways to wrap packages for the men in your life…

DIY wrapping idea // leather bow

1. Letterpress + Leather: Wrap small gifts in tissue paper, loosely (it doesn’t have to be super neat – the messiness makes it kind of cool). Then wrap a leather cord around the entire present twice and double knot. Add a letterpress gift tag (mine is from a card from last year that I cut into a smaller tag shape). Done.

DIY wrapping idea //  newspaper with neon string and pinecone

2. Newspaper + Neon: Use a black and white newspaper page to wrap, just as you would normal wrapping paper. Add a neon string, wrapped around several times and before tying into a bow or double knotting, add a pinecone, to ‘man it up’ a little bit.

DIY wrapping idea //  guys gifts

3. Calendar Boy: If you already have your calendar for 2014 or have saved any old ones, use the first page (that doesn’t have a month on it) as wrapping paper. These are great for wrapping presents, especially if your calendar was a big one, like mine. This is the calendar I used one of the pages from, in case you’re wondering.

DIY wrapping idea // simple wrapping with pine sprig

4. Spotted + Dotted: Wrapped in dotted kraft paper, add a tree sprig, tag, and black tape. This one if probably the most feminine of the five, but I still think it works in the man category. I mean come on, there is a black X on it.

DIY wrapping idea // hand drawn designs

5. Drawn Out: Using a metallic paint pen, draw simples lines (or something more complicated) on a large piece of scrap paper. Wrap it up and tape on a tag. Good to go.

And here are a few more photos, just for fun…

closeup of wrapping ideas for guys

5 DIY wrapping idea for men

gifts for guys: Christmas wrapping paper DIYs

a basket full of (holiday) goodies

Photography by Sarah Eddy // Concept and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

Do you have a favorite? How will you be wrapping your man’s gifts this year? I’m curious.

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