7 DIY Herbin’ Living Ideas

This contributor post was written by Beth of Parsimonia.

I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t exactly born with a green thumb. In my house, I have almost all succulents since they are the most difficult to kill (or so I’m told). So far it has served me well, but about this time each year I get the itch to grow something a little more useful, a little more…edible. Last weekend I scratched this itch with a trip to the local nursery to pick up some herbs for the kitchen. I got the basics (basil, rosemary and cilantro), and even though they’re pretty on their own, I can’t resist an opportunity to style them up a bit. Luckily, I’ve rounded up some DIYs for just such an occasion.

1. (above) DIY Tea Tin Herbs by Canadian House & Home


2. Mason Jar Herb Garden by Camille Styles

3. Chalkboard Herb Pots by Ellinée

4. Grow herbs in an old cup by House to Home

Labels + Markers

5. Clay Plant Labels by Fellow Fellow for Say Yes to Hoboken

6. DIY Herb Markers by EAB Designs

7. DIY Garden Markers by Wit & Whistle

Have a great weekend!

Beth is the writer behind Parsimonia: Secondhand With Style, where she blogs about her first love (thrifting) and her second love (cooking), as well as DIY projects, sustainable style and other bits of inspiration. She lives in St. Louis with one husband, one fuzzy dog and lots of dreams, and recently launched an online vintage store.

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Looking 4 a way to spice up your indoor herbs? Got just the roundup for you :: 7 DIY Herbin’ Living Ideas http://t.co/YigiojLH @papernstitch

(@SecondHandStyle) (@SecondHandStyle)

Love all these DIY projects! I just love adding green inside my home and now i have a lot of different ways to do it 🙂

Danielle Hardy

Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve a small herb garden at home, but it looks a little bit too boring and I’m going to try some of these ideas.

Little empty room

7 DIY Herbin’ Living Ideas http://t.co/GL8PyPcC

Ruby Roost (@rubyroost)

7 DIY Herbin’ Living Ideas http://t.co/MTT8ibgc via @sharethis

Puan Dinar (@puandinar)

RT @clairezinnecker: Thanks to @papernstitch and @secondhandstyle for my herb garden feature today! http://t.co/u5OjgvsY @camillestyles

(@SecondHandStyle) (@SecondHandStyle)

Awesome Mayi! Yeah, I am even tempted to try these (not much of a plant person – but I’ll give it a try). And thanks for stopping by Mandy. Have a great weekend both of you.


Thanks to @papernstitch and @secondhandstyle for my herb garden feature today! http://t.co/u5OjgvsY @camillestyles

Claire Zinnecker (@clairezinnecker)

I love them ALL!


@PinchOfOregano you will love this – 7 DIY Herbin’ Living Ideas http://t.co/MorkyWWc via @papernstich

(@mayicarles) (@mayicarles)

This is SOOO perfect. I’ve been meaning to do a herb garden at home. Thank you so much for the inspiration 🙂

Mayi Carles
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