9 Cool Things you to Make with Concrete / Cement

Cement and concrete are not typically my go-to materials for DIYs, but these projects are so neat, they have me convinced I need to make a trip to Home Depot.

By the way… In preparing this post, I discovered that there is a difference between concrete and cement (the words cannot be used interchangeably). Did you know that? So this roundup is actually a combination of cement and concrete projects.

1. (above) How to make a concrete vase with a mailing tube!

2. How to add color to concrete (from me)

3. Knotted cement rope idea from Craft Berry Bush

4. Ikea hack concrete table lamp DIY (from me)

5. DIY cement ring holders from We Love Handmade

6. DIY desk accessory made of concrete

7. Copper and concrete plant stand from Camille Styles

8. DIY concrete lamp idea from Instructables

9. Concrete Cinderblock Centerpieces

And as a little bonus project, this colored plaster DIY I created is similar to concrete and can be recreated using either material. What project do you think would be the easiest to try?

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Cool! I want to try the no 3. Concrete Number Plaque DIY. And then I will put it on our garden.

Cement Manufacturer Philippines

This is awesome! I never really thought of these applications for cement. Do they sell small enough bags so that I don’t end up with a bunch left over?

Richard Thompson

These are some original ideas. I never thought about using cement to make a pot or a bowl. I love the look. It’s very modern


Hi Cindy…If you want to make a super basic bird bath, you could use a large cup or small pail for the base and pour cement in. And then for the ‘bath’ part, you could use a very large bowl – pour in the cement and then place a smaller bowl on top to sandwich the cement in between. Break away the bowls from the concrete once dry (and do the same for the base) and you have a simple bird bath. It’s kind of hard to explain without photos, but I hope that helps. Good luck!


Cool projects. I want to make a bird bath with wavy edge and a print inside. I have one in plastic . Any suggestions on making a mold . Thanks


Here is a list of 9 cool DIY ideas you can try this weekend using cement! http://t.co/lgIeIzCp73 http://t.co/0QHsuwnq7e


I just love the feel of concrete. It’s so cute and yet its so dirty and grimy. Love the work.

Michelle McKane

Are you using a quick-setting concrete mix (“Quick-crete” I think it may be called) or regular concrete/cement/mortar mix … which takes longer. Just want to be sure I get the right product. Love the instructions, thanks!

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