3 Rules to Follow for Beautiful Bookshelf Styling

The ins and outs of bookshelf styling in minutes.

Plants, vases, and books styling on wooden bookshelf with three open shelves

Bookshelf styling can feel tricky. But there are a few easy hacks that will make styling your shelves WAY easier. And faster too. 

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’ll spend hours styling a bookshelf and still feel like it’s not quite right. BUT once I started following these 3 rules, I’ve cut the time I spend on styling by more than half.

In fact, the most recent styling job I did for my mom’s sitting area makeover only took 15 minutes.

Wanna those 3 rules I’ve following? Click through for the full breakdown…

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Easy Spiked Apple Cider Batch Cocktail Recipe

It’s that spiked apple cider time of year! By far, one of my go-to fall cocktails. Have you ever tried it?

Overhead white table with apple cider cocktails in coupe glasses with cinnamon sticks

I’ve been making this spiked apple cider for the last couple of years and it never fails! It’s the perfect fall cocktail to warm you up and get you in the cozy spirit.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved (non-alcoholic) homemade apple cider as well. But then I tried the spiked version at some holiday party years ago and I just can’t go back.  

It tastes oh-so-good AND warms you up like nobody’s business.

So I’m sharing the easy recipe, in case anyone needs a holiday cocktail idea that can be made in a large batch, like this one. AND because it can be batched, its perfect for fall parties. 

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How to Color Concrete + Make a Concrete Vase

Ever wondered how to color concrete? Read this!

Two concrete vases with colorful floral bouquets, sitting on a desk in a loft space

Ever wondered how to color concrete and wanted to share the results. You can use this technique to create any concrete DIY imaginable, even colored concrete, but to make things easy, let’s start with concrete vases!

Which, let’s face it, is just an excuse for me to buy fresh flowers and do a little arranging. 

Click through for the step by step process of making your own concrete vases AND learn how to color concrete ANY custom colors you dream up.

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Easy DIY Wall Sconce Hack your Wallet will Love

DIY wall sconce or home decor hack? Whatever you want to call it, this simple DIY project looks cute and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Simple modern wall sconce hanging over bedroom headboard in organic modern bedroom

Sure, this is a DIY wall sconce, but it’s also a wireless wall sconce. Which in my opinion is so much better – no hardwiring or electrical wires needed. So that means…this would be a great beginner DIY and/or weekend project for anyone that needs tackle lighting on a budget.

I found a simple wall lamp online (for a good price) that I thought I’d use as a place holder until I found what I really wanted.

But after a simple tweak, I ended up liking how these turned out more than I thought. So I stopped looking…at least for now.

Click through for the simple tutorial in 3 easy steps – for less than $65 per sconce!

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Make a Modern DIY Coffee Table (Easy Upcycle How To)

Made a new DIY coffee table by up cycling what I already had.

round wooden coffee table on a striped rug in organic modern living room

When I did the living room makeover for my mom, I got a round coffee table for the room. But then for Christmas, my brother and I bought her a nicer one, that better fit the space.

So, I took the old coffee table to use at my house for a while. I didn’t love the style of the legs, but it worked well for us in the interim and I liked having a round table to use.

We previously had a skinny rectangular coffee table that didn’t really work very well in the space.

The table has mostly held up, but the wood top was pretty destroyed from constant use. There were water stains, coffee mug rings, pen and crayon marks – all the things. It just didn’t look very good in person anymore.

So, I started looking for a new coffee table and I found one that I loved, but of course, it was also over $4,000! Which definitely did not work for our budget.

Beautiful modern coffee table though – it’s this one.Read More →

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Play Kitchens for Every Budget

21 play kitchens for every budget!

wooden play kitchen in kids room with wood kitchen accessories and baskets

When it’s summertime, I’m constantly trying to think of ways to keep my kid entertained. And one of the things that works pretty well (that we use almost daily) is his play kitchen. 

So, I spent hours rounding up every cute play kitchen I could find, so you don’t have to spend more than a few minutes.

And I made sure to touch on every budget as well. One of my favorite kitchens on the list is only $51.99! So there’s something for everyone.

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How to Carve a Wood Bowl – when you’ve never carved one before

Wood carving for beginners (like me)…

small wooden bowl on dresser with vase and beauty products

About 6 months ago, I got really into the idea of making small things with wood – spoons, bowls, trays, cutting boards. But never actually committed to buying the tools to get started.

So my brother gifted me a few wood gouges and spoon blanks, which was so nice. But I lost motivation and felt kind of intimidated to try something new, even though I have some experience with wood. Until yesterday! I finally had some time and felt like making something small, so I jumped in and made this tiny little wood bowl. It’s very simple and nothing crazy. But I was excited to finally carve something and start learning a new skill.

The process of wood carving was fun and pretty easy. Nothing to be intimidated by, especially when using a soft wood like balsa or basswood. I would not suggest using a hardwood for your first ever project. Much more difficult to carve, at least for a beginner like me. 

Anyway! I thought I’d share my little wood bowl DIY, in case wood carving sounds like something you’d want to try. Here’s what you’ll need and how to carve a wood bowl.

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