A Handful of Collections

The idea of collecting like objects has been around for centuries: stamps, sewing notions, and postcards are amongst the most popular. But what about those others things that we collect that are just as beautiful, but not as praised?

A handful of talented photographers and artists out there are documenting these more atypical collections, which are spurting up all over the internet now, with projects like A Collection A Day, flickr groups with the collections theme, and even on image bookmarking sites like Pinterest.

Here’s to hoping this idea begins to catch on with more people soon because the photographs coming out of these unusual collections are gorgeous.

Do you collect anything?

Image Sources: Flores; via DanskeAutumn CollectionSewing Collection

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I love collections. I collect crown pins and old bird cages. Love seeing what other people collect!


collections. please don’t get me started, lol 🙂

my new addiction is collecting magnets from all the places I visit with my boyfriend. the fridge is looking prettier + prettier.

i also love collecting vintage typewriters + keys 🙂

Mayi Carles @ Heartmade

I collect elephants – not live ones of course, who has room for them? Elephant figurines, paintings of elephants, pictures of elephants, stuffed elephants. They’re my spirit animal, hehe.


what wonderful things to collect karin, especially love the bird cage idea.

mayi- i always love a good fridge magnet. too bad our fridge is not magnetic. 🙁

and meaghan-i adore elephants. i like you’ve branched out and collect lots of different elephant things.


I love these photos. Maybe I’ll photograph a few of my own collections. 🙂

Lindsay Jewell

it seems i collect a little vintage everything …. but i started a collection of momiji friendship dolls a few years ago – they’re so sweet and cute!

alexandra keller

Can a person collect color? If so, then I suppose that’s what I do! More often than not, color combination is the main driving force in why I snap so many photos.


I love the little muffin cups! What a random thing to collect 🙂

The closest thing I have to a collection, I think, is books. I have TONS of books but I’ve never thought of them as a collection because ‘collection’ implies to me something to be stared at and not touch. But I keep my books to read!


I collect vintage plastic dinosaurs!


please do lindsay. i for one, would love to see your collection on photographs.

michelle- you bring up an interesting point about collections. why do you think many of us typically think of collections as unusable and strictly decorative?

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