A Little Reminder

Just wanted to remind anyone who is interested that there are only two days left to submit your shop for the autumn papernstitch exhibition. This exhibition will run from September 27th through October 24th. And all the details can be found here. You can read over our testimonials and press mentions to help you decide. Please note there is a small fee to participate and not all shops who submit are chosen.

Sound good? Submit now (must be logged in to submit).

Already been an exhibitor on papernstitch before? No need to fill out the form again. Just email me at brittni(at)papernstitch(dot)com and we will go from there.

Submission deadline is this Friday, September 24th.

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Hi Anastajia. The deadline is 12:00am Friday night/Saturday morning. Looking forward to receiving your submission. Thanks so much for your kind words.

Brittni: papernstitch

Hey there Brittni! I am REALLY excited to apply for this upcoming exhibition! Quick quick question, does the deadline of the 24th mean 12:00 am Thursday night/Friday morning or 12:00am Friday night/Saturday morning? I’m launching my shop early to try and meet the deadline but it won’t be up until Friday afternoon… Hopefully I make it!
P.s. LOVE your blog! You are such an inspiration!
xo – Anastajia

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