A long overdue Workspace Wednesday

Three cheers for Workspace Wednesday. I’ve been slacking on workspace inspirations lately, but hey..I’m back up to speed now.

I’ve previously shared lots of clean, modern office and studio spaces, that are mostly white. But this week, I wanted to share a workspace that I found on House to Home that is both sleek + modern AND colorful + cheerful. No “cold” feeling here!

What do you think? Love or hate this different take on a modern workspace?

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Well, I try. 🙂 Glad you enjoy reading the blog IAm_Artisan. Have a great weekend.


Oh that was a quick reply… I really appreciate blog authors who still have time to reply to their readers… thank you… love reading your blog… =)


I don’t know what that is. It’s actually not my space…I found it on the site I linked to in the post. 🙂


what’s that blue/white thing below the lamp? is that a printer or something else? hahaha sorry I so have a thing with equipment/gadget. I love your table.


Great office space, and I love the colors!

Tali Schiffer

This is _gorgeous_. Ahh, someday soon I will have my workspace set up just right…


i love the pool blue color.(I am all about color ,so..) I love the clear containers on the top. I love the bold calendar . Love the drawers and especially love the roll of kraft paper under the shelves..how awesome is that ?! Now I better do something about reworking my workspace…


Being a colour person, I love it. Ditto on being that organised!


Rachel, I am pretty sure that piece is from IKEA. I found something that looked identical to what is in the picture there a while back. It’s pretty cheap too!


Wishing I had that white under desk drawer unit. And all the colorful bits up above.


Rachel Anne

Yeah, the light blue color is not something I would normally like. But it seems to work really well in this room somehow. Thanks for the comment Victoria.


I love the light blue and all the cute little boxes

Victoria (Batzy)

this is totally spectacular! my obsessive compulsive disorder kicks in every time I see it 🙂

Mayi Carles @ Heartmade

This was meant to inspire, not upset you ladies. 🙂 My office is disorganized too. Don’t worry about it!


Yep, me too! This beautifully organized space makes me long for a better storage system…everything is piling up around me 🙁


Hmmn, I feel like I should probably go organize my studio 🙂


How come everyone workspace’s are so neat and organised! I have things everywhere even when its tidy it not minimalist! love the photo, especially like the little clear boxes at the top.


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Haha. Me too Lou. 🙂


big love!! the colors and how things are arranged… i wish i was that organized!!

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